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Please make sure that the images that you're uploading are either in jpg, .png, & .gif formats and are under 15MB. If your image does meet these requirements, please click here for further troubleshooting instructions.


You can find more information about images here.

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  • crawfish9

    Replied by crawfish9 May 28, 2014

    I can't upload image, the error message is "Storage service could not be reached"

    Please help




  • tani85

    Replied by tani85 May 28, 2014

    Web 28th May - I'm having issues uploading images to my wix website also.

    Using Firefox / png files

    tried using giff files and Chrome - but it's giving me the same problem.

    I've closed my wix pages and started again - still not working

    Have tried uploading different images, this does not work either, even files I've previously uploaded, I've tried again - to no avail - I think this is a Wix problem, as I was able to upload earlier today.

  • mutawildlifesafari

    Replied by mutawildlifesafari May 28, 2014

    Having the same problems too, Yesterday everything worked fine, but today it's impossible to upload any pictures, even the pictures I've correctly uploaded yesterday :-(

  • jamietowning

    Replied by jamietowning May 28, 2014



    Im having the same problem, I even tried uploading pictures that worked last night and still doing the same thing file corrupt? please help asap

  • miekebaaijens

    Replied by miekebaaijens May 28, 2014

    Also having troubles with uploading images, getting the 'upload failure / file corrupted notification' when I add new pictures from my computer. 

  • laurenrimmer

    Replied by laurenrimmer May 28, 2014

    Having the same problem, can't upload any images. Yes I've checked that it's jpeg and under 15 mb etc etc, there is nothing abnormal about what I'm trying to upload but it just says could not upload and when I hover over the (!) it says 'file corrupted'.Ii've tried all kinds of other pictures swell to see if the error is on my side but even a random jpeg downloaded from the internet got the same results when trying to upload.

    I have restarted my mac and every other usual method of making sure the problem is not on this side...

  • louise-brooke

    Replied by louise-brooke May 28, 2014

    I'm having the same problems too - I was able to upload images successfully yesterday but they are all failing today. I've tried different image types from different sources and followed all of the troubleshooting advice listed here. 


  • inventicas

    Replied by inventicas May 28, 2014

    Hi all,

    I have tried everything in the troubleshooting, switched the browser, connection, image, etc.

    But the image upload failed "Uploaded file is corrupted"

  • marcodannerfjord

    Replied by marcodannerfjord May 28, 2014

    Having same problem. Pls fix this asap! Tried everything and had no problems yesterday, and as it seems everyone suddenly having the same problem i think it is you that need to look into it pls.

  • emmacuthbert702

    Replied by emmacuthbert702 May 28, 2014

    Hi Wix,

    I am having the same issue as everyone else with uploading images to my site when adding products.

    I have tried the trouble shooting and the image i upload are only 8KB so not exceeding the limit of size of files to upload.

    Please could you help or address this issue please and sort asap?


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