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This thread was locked as you can now use the site history feature to restore a prior version of your Wix site. 

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  • DooxieJo

    Replied by DooxieJo February 11, 2013

    See above....3. should read - all written content (and pictures) on the home page (our style, we do, stylish couples, blog & connect). There is a big gaping space in the centre of the site - the content that I wrote there is gone and I pray that I don't have to re-write it all!!! The only thing that is working is the twitter feed, on the left, social media feed on the right and header...also the logo in the top left corner. Everything that I've selected to appear on all pages is there, everything that I only wanted on single pages is gone.

    6. Also, the last change I made was finally got my domain host to connect to wix.

  • DooxieJo

    Replied by DooxieJo February 11, 2013

    1.      www.idoweddingstyle.com
    2.      Feb 11 2013
    3.      Exactly which master-page in your site is missing content? What exactly is missing?
    4.      Content is missing at URL AND in editor!!!!
    5.      The last actions I performed was update/add text to the "Stylish Couples" page - I also renamed my site on the accounts page and was adding a description for searching in google etc - then I hit save and it sat idle for a couple hours 
    6.      I would like Wix to restore my site to an earlier version if possible

  • nedjusb

    Replied by nedjusb February 11, 2013


    For the account www.wix.com/nedjusb/jusb

    This website has yet to be published, I was editing a photo in it and my browser crashed at about 10.15 GMT 11/2/2013, since then, when I go to my account screen I just get a loading page, and no website.  It was working fine up until this point.

    I would like Wix to restore my website to an earlier point if possible.



  • Alon - WIX team Wix Team

    Replied by Alon - WIX team February 10, 2013

    @ webma1153 3, I wasn't able to detect any lost content in the pages that you've mentioned in your previous thread.

    @ ianharveyross , your website has been reverted to last version that was saved on the 5/2/12

    @ khockenberry, your website was reverted to your previous published version

    Alon - Wix Team
  • khockenberry

    Replied by khockenberry February 8, 2013

    1.      http://khockenberry.wix.com/lovenberryboutique
    2.      I think the last day it was normal was a few days ago.. 2/4/13 or 2/5/13 not certain.
    3.      The Home page is missing content. Everything is missing. I had a banner on top that said Holiday sale 40% off, then I had a slideshow image of a bronze tea pot with earrings hanging from it, then below that was another text that said New for Valentine's Day, then there was a dotted horizontal line under that, then there were three round images of swan earrings and under those images it had text that said Loves me, Loves me not, Loves me
    4.     Neither version is correct. They both show missing content.
    5.      I exited as usual I believe, I never deleted anything from that page.
    6.     I would like Wix to restore my site to an earlier version if possible

    Thank you so much!! I am trying to upgrade my site to a paid version so getting my content back would be awesome without altering what is on my other pages, everything else still looks normal :)

  • ianharveyross

    Replied by ianharveyross February 7, 2013


    Any help you could provide would be great. This is pretty time critical.

    1.      http://www.bempq.com

    2.      Content went missing on 5/2/13 (Australian time) PM and was rebuilt 6/2/13 AM. Now significanly more content has gone missing (6/2/13 PM)

    3.      Master pages - Home, Program, Speakers  - the center box disapears and only the header/footer (consistant on all pages) remains

    4.      They are the same


    5.      Website was in good working order. Added a JPG to the footer, edited the size of the footer (while on home page). Went to add somthing to the Speaker page and found the center square haddissapeared. Rebuilt the speaker page, published to live, and now the speaker and home page center content was missing. Begun to rebuild the home page - and during this process checked the Program page - and now that cener square content was missing.

    6.      "I would like Wix to restore my site to an earlier version if possible"



    Building in Internet Explorer.

    Saved multiple times while rebuilding the speaker page.

    All missing content is appearing as missing on the Live version.

    Thanks very much,


  • webma1153

    Replied by webma1153 February 7, 2013

    Hi, my changes haven't been made yet- what is your usual time frame for doing this?


    1. webma1153.wix.com/flcnsw
    2. 2nd Feb 2013
    3. Committee, Constitution, Membership form
    4. Yes
    5. Nothing out of the usual
    6. I would like Wix to restore my site to an earlier version if possible 

  • Leah Wix Team

    Replied by Leah February 6, 2013

    Hey vnv134,


    Please click here to see our reply to this query.


    Sincerely, Leah Wix Team
  • pauledesign

    Replied by pauledesign February 6, 2013

    1.      http://dinidani33.wix.com/remembrance-trees
    2.      The last date was 2/4/13 around midnight Pacific time
    3.     Pages missing content: Remembrance Trees, Commemoration Trees, Pet Remembrance, Our Certificates
    4.      When you visit your website at its URL, do you see the same thing as in the editor? YES, the pages were EMPTY. I quickly put some of the content back, but I'd like to revert to exactly what I had on 2/4 midnight Pacific Time.
    5.      I got an error message 15 when I was editing, I closed out, re-edited, saved fine, came back the next day - content was gone!
    6.      PLEASE RESTORE MY SITE TO earlier 2/4/13, and I won't hate you anymore - promise!

  • Leah Wix Team

    Replied by Leah February 6, 2013

    Hey  fredr88,


    Please click here to see our reply to this query.


    Sincerely, Leah Wix Team

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