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  • Kensley JL Z

    store manager

    By Kensley JL Z January 25, 2014

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    the problem is , i can't access my store manager, to see this window show on.   i try to refresh so many of many time, but the same, i try to used different computer to access,. but can't access  my store manager to manage my product and shipment and other method , 



    one thing i want to let wix know, i don't have this responsible, wix keep the service and manage our hosting ,

    the problems is inside the wix serve, wix should take responsible for this problems,

    1- i can't access my store  manager

    2- i can't manage my products

    3-i can't set up payment for customer


    4-. time is running, customer run away.

    who has the responsible for this ... wix have to take responsible for my hosting, if i lost  all items ,. who gonna give it back for me,.. who has a control of serve.. wix..... wix control a whole system of hosting. 

    i'm customer of wix, i pay the hosting fee. now you don't let me access my store manager, who has the fault,.. wix take this responsible

    if i continuously can't access my store manager,. i will lost all my customer who want to buy my products from my website hosting...   

    wix need to take responsible ,.the whole system  were  control by wix . you ahs a serve,

     i'm just a client of wix  , i pay what we got, now you tell me has problems,  so who tell me give me back a refund from my package, waste my time, i ahve been more than 9 days can't access my store manager.

    hosting from wix are super badly and cheating customer, we pay money for hosting,. i desired to control my store manager,

    if the problems persist, i will talk to my local lawyer, we will report to government of united states . department of Bureau in Consumer Protection Federal .my local lawyer will  talk to the  government, what you did for your customer.




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