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This usually happens when the domain is pointing to 2 different IP addresses.
Please go here and insert your domain. Please make sure it points only to the IP you see in the box below (if you are not logged in, please log in first):

Please also check out our domain troubleshooter.

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  • feloni

    Replied by feloni March 3, 2013

    I may have discovered the problem as to why only my home page worked and the basic links to other pages did not. I removed the last app I added, and now my website's button are working again.  Could it be that something was wrong with the app that caused my site to freeze like that?  I'm not sure, but it's working again, and I will monitor.  

    However, if your website only works sometimes, try removing the very last app you added, refresh and attempt to pull up your website again.  This is good start for basic troubleshooting.

  • feloni

    Replied by feloni March 2, 2013


    I had this client on Bandzoogle and never had a problem.  Swithed to WIX. The new website was working fine all day today.  Now it does nothing, as if it's being affected internally.  Website pulls up fine, but none of the home page links work.  However, when I use "preview," all the links work fine.

    Now, I can view only view home page. This account is set up correctly.  I have 7 new websites to build for new clients and was going to use WIX.  With this issue, i'm not sure now, especially if the customer is going to be paying monthly for hosting. They would be upset with me for this.  Please advise why this is happening and how to fix. Pointing info matching.  No dup IPs.  

  • ad0343

    Replied by ad0343 March 2, 2013

    The name of the site is www.lilliani.com.au, and I am using windows 7. Mostly I can get the site up on my end, but I have many, many, many complaints from people saying they can't get any pictures up. Please be honest and say you can't fix it if you can't, and I will get someone else to host it. It is obvious you can't fix this problem because so many followers of this topic are complaining of the same thing. I have already sent a screenshot, and you keep on asking me to describe what happens. why do I have to keep repeating myself!!! Surely it's obvious, by all the other followers that this is a major problem!!!

  • ariall25

    Replied by ariall25 March 1, 2013

    My website loading slow and sometimes not working at all


    I can access by IE but It still not open by chrome

  • askchiccottage

    Replied by askchiccottage March 1, 2013


  • askchiccottage

    Replied by askchiccottage March 1, 2013


    OH MY GOD. I'm losing all my patience! I don't wish to hurl those vulgarities.
    IF such service continues, I don't think wix.com will last. I do hope it don't!

  • askchiccottage

    Replied by askchiccottage March 1, 2013


  • definemecv

    Replied by definemecv March 1, 2013

    2nd day in a row my site doesn't come up at all, I'm going to have to cancel my service.  This is trash, Thank God I didn't pay for the entire year.

  • jimwalczyk

    Replied by jimwalczyk February 28, 2013

    You say my ip should point to  when I go to the site you told me to go to, all the ips point to  How do I fix this?

  • definemecv

    Replied by definemecv February 27, 2013

    Often I type in my site and it goes to a blank page, all IP addresses read

    please advise, www.definedarts.com

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