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wix Wix Team

If you are unable to load the HTML editor for your site, please try troubleshooting with the following steps:

1. Try using another browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

2. If it does not load in several browsers, please try using another internet connection (if possible). Sometimes the router or network's firewall may block the connection, and this is usually an easy way to test if this is the case.
If you have access to your router and modem, you can try connecting to the modem directly (i.e. plug the ethernet cable from your modem into your computer) in order to see if the router was causing the issue.

3. Try editing another site. Are you able to? If you don't have another site, please go to the 'create' page of Wix.com and try to edit a new template. 
Are you able to load the editor for other sites, or do you experience this problem for all websites?

4. Check your Antivirus and Firewall software. Try temporarily disabling them (for 2-3 minutes) and then edit your site. Was this blocked by the Firewall or Antivirus on your computer?

5. If you use the same extensions in several browsers, please try disabling all of the extensions in any one browser and then edit your site.
Alternatively, if you have Google Chrome installed, you can open a new Incognito window (ctrl+shift+n in windows) and log in to your account. Can you edit your site now?

If you still experience this issue, please let us know and also tell us which of the above steps you've already gone through so that we can continue to assist you in resolving the problem.

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  • rufusbaird

    Replied by rufusbaird 15 hours ago

    Editor won't open.

    • Shai Wix Team

      Replied by Shai 15 hours ago

      At Wix, we do everything in our power to provide the highest level of support and service.

      However, in order for us to assist you as effectively and efficiently as possible, we require that you provide us with some additional information. Please be sure to provide as detailed a description as possible when describing the difficulties that you have experienced:

      1) Please provide us with a detailed description of the steps that you have taken so far so that we can replicate the process on our end and assist in finding a solution.
      2) Which component in the editor are you having trouble with, i.e. the text box?

      *Please make sure to include a screen shot, if possible.

      Once we receive this information, we will be able to assist you. Thank you for your cooperation and we await your reply.

      Shai - Wix Support
    • rufusbaird

      Replied by rufusbaird 14 hours ago

      When I attempt to edit the site, it tells me it's loading but doesn't go anywhere, the icons flash from left to right continually but it won't get any further. This is the case with different browsers. My other wix website does edit fine. I think there's a long running script and I know I have lots of images but it's never been a problem before.

    • Shai Wix Team

      Replied by Shai 14 hours ago



      Although it took a long time, I was able to load your editor successfully.


      Please note that you have large number of pages and a heavy landing page. Consider making your landing page lighter.


      Could you please try loading the editor in your browser's private/incognito mode? Please allow several minutes for the editor to fully load.

      Shai - Wix Support
    • rufusbaird

      Replied by rufusbaird 14 hours ago

      Thanks for the quick response Shai. I do leave lots of time but it doesn't load. What is a private/incognito mode? 

    • Shai Wix Team

      Replied by Shai 14 hours ago

      You can open a new incognito window or tab in Chrome by following these instructions:

      1. Click the Chrome menu
        on your computer browser toolbar or touch Menu on your mobile device.
      2. Select New Incognito Window (computer) or New incognito tab (mobile).
      3. A new window will open with the incognito icon

       In FireFox, you can open a private tab by following these instructions:


      Click the menu button New Fx Menu and then click New Private Window. private browsing - fx29 - win8


      Private/Incognito modes disable any add-ons or scripts that your browser may be running, effectively neutralizing any browser properties that may interfering with running the editor.

      Shai - Wix Support
  • mauritian3zzz

    Replied by mauritian3zzz 4 days ago

    My experience with Wix is this: I manage 2 different websites, both created with Wix. When I want to edit either, I simply open the relevant website y entering its URL. I then scroll down to the bottom of the page. In one case, it says: "Webmaster login" and in the other, "Proudly created with wix.com". When I click on whichever phrase it is, I am taken to a login page which only asks for my password.
    The main problem I have with WIX when I am trying to edit is that it seems to take an awful long time to deal with images, e.g. when downloading photos. If I try to edit an image after adding it to my media folder, it takes forever. I now edit my images before adding them to the image folder. On the other hand, editing text is no problem at all. I don;t know if it is at all significant but I use a Mac and iPhoto.

    • Noa Wix Team

      Replied by Noa 3 days ago



      Thanks for contacting Wix support.

      In the case you are describing it may be an issue of images that are not optimized for web. This is the reason that it may take longer than usual to handle these images.


      Please see the following link to learn of image optimization for your Wix site.


      All the best,

      Noa - Wix Team
    • mauritian3zzz

      Replied by mauritian3zzz 9 hours ago

      Thanks. Will give that a try.

    • mauritian3zzz

      Replied by mauritian3zzz 9 hours ago

      Looks like these instructions are for Windows. I use a Mac.

    • Or Y Wix Team

      Replied by Or Y 3 hours ago

      Please note that the instructions are for a general use of editing programs like Adobe Photoshop.

      For more information about compressing and maintaining image quality, click here.


      If you are using Gimp to improve your image quality, you will be able to make these changes in the Advanced Options section.


      If you have any further questions, please let us know.

      All the best, Or
  • raptup

    Replied by raptup 4 days ago

    We're building an ecommerce site and someone else has been loading the pics.  However the wrong size was uploaded and now is making accessing the editor to delete them impossible.

    Poor thing has loaded A LOT  is there a solution to delete these images so we can access the editior again and post the correct sized ones.

    • Boris Wix Team

      Replied by Boris 4 days ago

      Hi raptup,


      Thank you for contacting Wix support team.


      I was unable to load your site via the editor on my end.

      I checked your website and there indeed seems to be a large amount of images uploaded.


      We can delete ALL the images you have uploaded for you, if you believe this is the cause of the issue. If you wish to do so, please confirm it to us.


      Feel free to let us know should you need any more help.

      Best regards, Boris
  • noelahunter

    Replied by noelahunter 4 days ago

    Can not get into editor

    et into

    • Ritti Wix Team

      Replied by Ritti 3 days ago


      Please give us more information. Do you experience this issue on a variety of browsers? Or only on a specific one? Since when do you experience this issue? I was unable to recreate this on my side.

      Please let us know what steps you followed from the instructions above.

      Best, Ritti
  • abeattieharold

    Replied by abeattieharold 4 days ago

    My editor will not open and sometimes Wix will not even allow me to sign in (it won't recognize my email address at all). When I am able to gain access, the browser gives me an error message when I try to go into my editor.

    My site is www.sawahbali.org. Please help! This is extremely frustrating. 

    • Boris Wix Team

      Replied by Boris 3 days ago



      Thank you for contacting Wix support team.


      I was able to load your website in the editor without encountering any issues:



      Please try following the steps in the best reply above and let us know if this resolves the issue. 

      If not, please provide us with the exact steps you tried, as well as  a screenshot of the error you receive.



      For instructions on how to take a screenshot, please use this link.


      To upload the screenshot, simply click on the "Upload" button and follow the steps.


      Best regards, Boris
  • daxfurniture

    Replied by daxfurniture 4 days ago

    For the past few days it's IMPOSSIBLE to load the editor. Tried everything - IE 11, Chrome 36, Firefox latest ; Different PC's ; Different Internet connections ; Several websites. PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!! Sometimes it loads after about 2 minutes or so, but most of the time I can just wait & wait for nothing. Wix support team, what's going on???

    • Miki- Wix Team Wix Team

      Replied by Miki- Wix Team 4 days ago



      I've entered your Editor and I noticed the slow loading time, and it stems from the fact that you have a huge mass of images and pages on the site.


      In order to optimize your site for speed, try to follow these guidelines:

      - Don't use too many animations on your homepage
      - Try to use a uniform font for your site (1-3 fonts)
      - If you decide to use an MP3 on your homepage, try to use a smaller file.
      - If you use many shapes and components in the editor to create a larger image, it would be best to create a single image, with these elements, on your computer and then upload it to Wix.


      Best regards, Miki- Wix Support Team
    • daxfurniture

      Replied by daxfurniture 4 days ago

      Miki, thank you for your quick responce. Unfortunatlly I don't think that my mass of images is the issue. Please let me explain.First of all, this issue just started a few days ago! I've had these images on the website for sometime now, and everything was okay. All images were loaded and Photoshoped to optimization. I have to use them - The entire website idea is a Hi-Def store catalog.
      More over, let's just say you're right about my mass - Is buying a Premium pack, with a large storage, about to solve my problem?

      Thanks again

    • Boris Wix Team

      Replied by Boris 4 days ago

      Hi daxfurniture,


      Thank you for contacting Wix support team


      I have checked your site (site name: dax), and it currently consists of 116 pages. While there is no limit to the amount of pages you can have on your site, this many pages can often cause very long loading times for the editor, and creating separate pages for displaying images should be avoided.


      When dealing with great amount of content, we highly recommend using a gallery to display images or creating a list using the List Builder tool when working on product catalogs, for example.


      For more information about adding galleries, please click here.

      For information about the List Builder tool, please click here.


      If you were referring to a different site, please specify the site name.

      Feel free to contact us should you need any further help.

      Best regards, Boris
  • retailmantra14

    Replied by retailmantra14 5 days ago

    I am also not able to open html editor. Please help as I am not able to complete the website development

    • retailmantra14

      Replied by retailmantra14 5 days ago

      All the above processes have been done but still not working. Please help

    • Gat Wix Team

      Replied by Gat 5 days ago

      Hi retailmantra14,

      Thank you for contacting Wix support!

      Please clarify with which website is it occurring ?
      Also I noticed that you are using Chrome 32 which is an outdated version. 
      Please try to update your browser. To download the latest Google Chrome browser please click here.
      Gat Wix Team.
  • tecsystv

    Replied by tecsystv July 20, 2014

    Wix HTML5 Editor doesn't load

    When I click on "Edit Site", another window opens and it remains stuck showing the "Loading Wix HTML5 Editor" message...

    • Barrios Wix Team

      Replied by Barrios July 20, 2014



      I have added your question into the relevant thread, please see the Best reply above. 

      f you still experience this issue, please let us know and also tell us which of the above steps you've already gone through so that we can continue to assist you in resolving the problem.


      We are here should you require further assistance. 

      Many thanks, Barrios
  • stripeycatstudios

    Replied by stripeycatstudios July 18, 2014

    Still not opening regularly on my end...
    I'll give the list of options a try. If none of that works I'll contact again.
    Thank you.! 

    • Rony Wix Team

      Replied by Rony July 19, 2014


      We apologize for the inconvenience. 

      Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

      Thanks, Rony Customer Solutions
  • mauritian3zzz

    Replied by mauritian3zzz July 14, 2014

    Fortunately my problem was solved some time ago. Not sure how exactly as I didn't do anything to sort it. It appears that in my case, it was a problem with the server or my access to the internet.

    I am actually managing 2 websites, both created with WIX and both work well. Except that editing images can take forever. I now edit my images in iPhoto or similar program before adding to either website.

    I regret I cannot offer any constructive response to the issues reported through here.

    • Ella Wix Team

      Replied by Ella July 14, 2014


      Thank you for your concern. I can assure you we answer and help each and every one contacting us :)

      Should you need any further help, please let us know!


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