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If you are experiencing a delay in receiving emails, or an email did not arrive to your Google Apps mailbox, please click here for Google Apps support.


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  • eds287

    Replied by eds287 April 11, 2014

    I want to set upthe mail system on my mac to recieve and send emails from info@sparrowlodge.net which i purchased from Wix..  The set up on my mac is asking for the incoming mail server details. Can you supply these. Also can this email be set up to forward emails to mac mail system.



    • Gat Wix Team

      Replied by Gat April 11, 2014


      Please note that anything related to your email settings should be checked with your email provider, as Wix is not your email provider and we just make sure email sent to your domain will reach your email host.

      You can find Google Apps contact information here.


       If they reply with a requirement for any steps to be done on our end please forward us their email entirely by copying it and posting on this thread.



      Gat Wix Team.
  • saxmanbobby

    Replied by saxmanbobby April 11, 2014

    Not getting any emails from my Email I purchased from WIX

    I purchased a WIX account, set up the email/ the instructions and now do not get any emails.

    When I attempted to check the settings, I was shot to my Google account, which gave me a message that my WIX email was no longer associated with my account.

    When I went to my Google account and attempted to add the email I purchase from WIX back to the account, Google sent a verification email to the email that isn't working - so I obviously did not receive it.

    Thought we would do a work around and add the email to my Yahoo account, but no pop or smtp info is provided to do such a thing.

    I cannot even find a place to get help from WIX other than here.

    Please Help!

    • Gat Wix Team

      Replied by Gat April 11, 2014


      I've merged your post to the main thread.

      Please follow the instructions provided in the best reply above.



      Gat Wix Team.
  • emchd33

    Replied by emchd33 April 10, 2014

    Hello Dave,

    Thank you for taking my call earlier, it was a pleasure speaking with you again. I understand that the issue with receiving emails to a Google email address which you've used for your website to receive messages from still persists. I also understand that when somebody sends you an email to the actual email address not from your website (from the web form) you receive it but from the actual site you cannot receive the message. I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue and I'll do my best to help you and resolve it.

    As I mentioned over the phone the issue is coming from the fact that you have a webhost and mail routed to them and at the same time to the Google Apps account with MX Records pointing to Google which is required when you have account with us and want to receive mail there.

    All you need to do is to contact your webhost (Wix.com) and ask them to adjust a setting to divide the mail flow between your website and your Google Apps account. Please, refer to this article from our Help Center for more information:

    Can't receive mail from a web form:

    If you have any questions or difficulties, please feel free to write back to me anytime, Dave. I'll definitely be happy to help you and resolve the issue in the scope of Google. Also, when you have any updates regarding the issue status after contacting the webhost, please inform me, so that I would know how to assist you further if the issue still persists. I look forward to receiving your reply.

  • infogrupogesm

    Replied by infogrupogesm April 9, 2014

    I connected my own email and the email I bought from you to my domain (www.misalasdeluz.org) and the contact details only get to my personal email... nothing comes to my bought email (info@misalasdeluz.org)

    • Omer Wix Team

      Replied by Omer April 10, 2014



      Please elaborate on what you mean by contact details.

      Are you using a contact form or are you referring to the site contacts in the my account page or something else?

  • dhanikac

    Replied by dhanikac April 9, 2014


    im not receiving any emials on my mail after having setup everything, i tried sending my self an email from a diffirent email id onto my website mail id (i.e. inquiry@dhanikacphotography.com), i receive mails from every other mail, but when someone tries to contact me through my website (www.dhanikacphotography.com) ,i dont receive any email .. could you please help me with the following at the earliest .

    Thank you

    • Natty

      Replied by Natty April 10, 2014


      This is because you have set the wrong email address in your contact form settings as you can see in this screenshot: 

    • dhanikac

      Replied by dhanikac April 10, 2014

      Thank you Natty!!! 

  • mccormackfaye

    Replied by mccormackfaye April 7, 2014


    I have set up an email address when setting up my Wix website. After 5 days I'm still not receiving any emails into my google account when I carry out a test.  I've emailed Wix several times & they've copied a thread to me (some totally not related to my issue). I've checked my spam, junk files & am just not getting them. I've also checked my google settings.  Am I missing something obvious?

    • Ritti Wix Team

      Replied by Ritti April 7, 2014


      Did you go over the Google support page?

      Best, Ritti
    • mccormackfaye

      Replied by mccormackfaye April 7, 2014

      Ticket no: 197794202

      I have had a message from Google at the point of adding my POP 3 account, message as follows:

      Email address: faye@truthmarketingconsultancy.com
      There was a problem connecting to mail.truthmarketingconsultancy.com
      Server returned error: "We were unable to locate the other domain. Please contact your other provider."


      I am trying to sort out the issue of having had my email account set up for 5 days+ I'm still not receiving emails.  I have checked my set up with you & that is all correct. I have checked my junk & spam & have not received any of my tests.
      Please help.
      Regards Faye 

    • mccormackfaye

      Replied by mccormackfaye April 7, 2014

      & yes I did go over the support page.

      Regards Faye 


    • Omer Wix Team

      Replied by Omer April 7, 2014



      I did not understand the message you pasted about mail.truthmarketingconsultancy.com.

      Currently you do not have a DNS record for a mail. subdomain and this is not required in order to receive emails unless you are trying to set up something else that requires using that subdomain.


      Have you tried sending yourself an email from a different address? Did you get a failure message when trying to send that email?


      Please elaborate on the steps you are taking so we can better understand the problem.

  • skyhooksafety

    Replied by skyhooksafety April 3, 2014

    Clients are starting to tell me via phone that their emails they are sending are bouncing back. Why???

    Everything worked fine until a month ago, I changed NO setting at all :(

    • Gat Wix Team

      Replied by Gat April 3, 2014


      Thank you for contacting Wix support!

      I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties.

      Please click here for information from Google Support.


      Best regards,


      Gat Wix Team.
    • Tom Wix Team

      Replied by Tom April 3, 2014

      Please check with your clients who are experiencing this problem - to what email address are they sending the message? Are you able to reproduce this issue when sending an email from your own personal email account?


      Thank you for your cooperation.

    • skyhooksafety

      Replied by skyhooksafety April 5, 2014

      Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


      Technical details of permanent failure:
      DNS Error: Domain name not found

    • Itamar Wix Team

      Replied by Itamar April 5, 2014

      Please note that I checked your domain, skyhooksafety.com.au, and it appears that the nameservers aren't set correctly. You can see the NS details here.

      Please email your domain host the following message:

      “I have built a site on Wix.com. Please connect my domain to their name servers -NS1.WIX.COM (IP address and NS2.WIX.COM (IP address” .

      Once they update the nameservers the problem should be solved.

      Itamar, Wix team
  • fergu7

    Replied by fergu7 March 26, 2014

    ok so ive troubleshooted my gmail as you suggested but its still not working......

    • Ritti Wix Team

      Replied by Ritti March 27, 2014


      Unfortunately we cannot troubleshoot this issue as the mailbox belongs to Google, we are only a reseller.

      Please contact them in order to receive help.

      Best, Ritti
    • fergu7

      Replied by fergu7 March 27, 2014

      ok...but can you check my website to see if it is set up properly to forward emails/ messages to my google inbox. I will then go to google for help

    • fergu7

      Replied by fergu7 March 27, 2014

      ive just checked with google and tested sending emails to my google inbox from my personal email account, which works...so the problem is with my wix website which is not forwarding emails from my contact page..it worked fine before I upgraded and gave you more money...please sort this asap because I am losing business.

    • Daniel M Wix Team

      Replied by Daniel M March 27, 2014



      I've checked your domains' configurations in your Manage Premium and I can see you've selected the email provider properly, so there shouldn't be an issue.


      If this change was made in the past 24 hours, please allow 24 hours to pass for changes to propagate.


      Let us know if this isn't the case and we can take investigate further,

      - Daniel M, Wix team.
  • fergu7

    Replied by fergu7 March 25, 2014

    Hi im not receiving emails into my google inbox...contacted them and they replied...but ive no idea what it all means...please help

    "Thank you for your message. I understand you are having an issue receiving emails from your site simonkennard.org.
    If you have a form (using PHP/ASP/etc) on your website that is configured to send a message to your Google Apps email account, but you never receive mail from your website's form, please perform the following tests:
    Send a message to your Google Apps email account from a non-Google Apps personal email account.
    Modify the form to send mail to your Gmail account, or another non-Google Apps personal email account.
    If both tests are successful, this issue is most likely caused by mail delivery settings on your webserver. Because your website and your Google Apps email address share the same domain name, the mail agent running on the server that hosts your website thinks that it is responsible for mail addressed to your domain name. This is a typical default setting.
    When someone submits the form on your website, the mail agent recognizes your domain name and concludes that it should be sending mail to itself. The mail agent will attempt to deliver the message locally.
    To resolve this issue, notify the mail agent running on the server that hosts your website that it is not also responsible for handling mail for your domain. Contact your web host for specific instructions. If you host your own website, contact the support team for your mail server software.
     If you would like any additional assistance on this issue or clarification on the above , let me know by replying to this message and I will be happy to help"


    • Natty

      Replied by Natty March 25, 2014

      Could you please try troubleshooting these steps. 

  • zhariclay

    Replied by zhariclay March 15, 2014


    I am not receiving emails in my Google Apps for Business email. I have my domain connected to godaddy.com and when I called GODADDY they said I would have to change my mail servers here. How can I do that?

    • Alina Wix Team

      Replied by Alina March 15, 2014


      I am sorry you are experiencing difficulties. I have updated the MX records for you. It may take up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect. 

      You can edit these records to the Wix Domain Manager (My Account > Domains). In the Wix Domain Manager, you can add MX records, A records,  CNAME records and TXT records. For more information about selecting an email provider and updating your domain records, click here.

      Please let us know should you require any further assistance. 


      Alina, Wix Support Team
    • zhariclay

      Replied by zhariclay March 17, 2014

      Hi Alina,

      You said that you updated the MX records for me. Does that mean that it will take care of my specific problem?

    • Natty

      Replied by Natty March 17, 2014

      Yes. Are you able to access your mails?

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