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There are three possible solutions:
1. If your domain is pointed to Wix by IP- Please contact your domain hosting company and ask them to remove the MX records that point to Wix.
2. If you are connected via Name Servers- Please ask your domain hosting company for the MX records and insert them here .
3. If you have purchased personalized emails from Wix, please follow the instructions here.
You can also find FAQ's here.


In order to get your personalized email address up and running please follow the instructions here.
You’ll find clear instructions on how to connect to email via Yahoo Mail or GoDaddy here:

Connect to email via Yahoo
Connect to email via GoDaddy


Note:  Please note that it might take up to 72 hours to be updated.



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  • jcpaine1986

    Replied by jcpaine1986 August 5, 2011

    Ive been having issues with my email address.  My domain name and email are with freeparking but i host my site through yourselves.  At the point my website was uploaded and went live the email accoutn stopped working.  I contacted someone the other day about this after talking to freeparking but the infor they gave was not what freeparking required.  I told free =parking this and they have replyed to me with this........

    Please show them this link :
    and say that you want to use your registrar's name servers in order to use the registrar's email and us IP FORWARDING to point the domain and the web space.

    They should then give you the IP address of a web server.

    ......can you help please?


  • Agustin

    Replied by Agustin July 26, 2011


    I have visited your site, blackheathfarms.com , and I see it is correctly directed to your Wix site. Your site works perfectly!

    If you are still having trouble viewing your site, please try going here and click on "Delete all sites".
    Then clear your browser's cache.

    For step-by-step instructions about how to clear your browser's cache, please follow this link.
    You can also find a video tutorial here.

    To troubleshoot your domain please follow this link.

    As for your email not working please check with your domain provider that the following is correct:


    CNAME smtp.blackheathfarms.com   smtp.blackheathfarms.com.netsolmail.net
    CNAME mail.blackheathfarms.com   mail.blackheathfarms.com.netsolmail.net
    MX blackheathfarms.com   inbound.blackheathfarms.com.netsolmail.net   (priority 10


    -Agustin WIX SF
  • in2455

    Replied by in2455 July 26, 2011

    l already have a domain name registered with Network Solutions.  I have an email account set up with them already so that I can use my domain name in the email addy - ex myname@mysitename.com.

    On Network Solutions, I have pointed my website to NS2.WIX.com and I see on Network Solutions that my website now points to this new DNS.

    But - website still doesn't work and neither does my email - H E L P!!!

    I have another site I have built and want to transfer - but not if it's going to be this much of a nightmare.  HELP HELP HELP (thank you).

  • Rapido Wix Team

    Replied by Rapido July 21, 2011

    These are the records you currently have in place:


    MX studiomiu.com.sg   mx1.ns01.net   (priority 10)
    MX studiomiu.com.sg   mx2.ns01.net  



    It may take up to 72 hours for the changes to propagate. If you are having trouble thereafter with sending/receiving emails please notify us.

  • StudioMiu

    Replied by StudioMiu July 21, 2011

    Hi, I just asked domain hosting company to transfer the website domain to wix and I know it takes up to 72 hours, but does it also mean it takes as much time for email server to start working as well? Right now we cannot connect to the server and use our emails.

    (The domain hosting company asked for DNS as well as their IP addresses, so I gave them that. I updated email server in my account with MX record as well then.)

  • Nadav

    Replied by Nadav July 7, 2011


    To receive the entry details to your account, please open a new 'private' thread and in it attach the following details:

    -Username of account

    -Email address

    -Full name and address of credit card holder used to pay for premium

    -Invoice number and last 4 digits of credit card

    Nadav - Wix Team
  • coobrandrey

    Replied by coobrandrey July 7, 2011

    I forgot something.... I made a search on google and i found a way to delet the account on yahoo.

    I made that and I tried to make a new account on yahoo with the same name but @yahoo.com (like I signed up on wix) but there is another problem.... The account is deleted but the name will be avaible again after 3 months :((.......

  • coobrandrey

    Replied by coobrandrey July 7, 2011

    I made that with no results.... I need the help of an admin of wix to send me an e-mail with my password or something... i'll give any information that is needed.... except the password :(

  • maryanne

    Replied by maryanne July 7, 2011

    just copy the error and past in the google search box and find out the best answer to fix it

  • coobrandrey

    Replied by coobrandrey July 7, 2011


    I have a big problem because of yahoo mail , wix and also because of me.

    I made an accound to wix and I made an yahoo e-mail adress just for this account.

    Firsty, it was my fault because I forgot or I wrote wrong the password and wix fault because it does'nt have "reenter password" when sing up.

    I tried to get back my password with "forgot your password" tool but there was another problem : I can't see the e-mail from wix.

    Recently Yahoo released Yahoo.ro in Romania and I made that e-mail without knowing that.

    Now all new e-mails on Yahoo from Romania is automatically @yahoo.ro (you can change that if you want but in my case I didn't know about @yahoo.ro) and i signed up to wix with @yahoo.com

    The problem with Yahoo is that if you have an account  like andrei@yahoo.ro, that account is automatically seted up on @yahoo.com too and you can login to yahoo with @yahoo.com too but if someone send you an e-mail to andrei@yahoo.com you will not see that e-mail.

    And that is why i can't get back my password. 

    Please HELP ME because I got premium on wix and i put my own domain on this site and i need it.

    Thank you and excuse me for my english

    (This post is from another account that I made on wix but this is not premium)


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