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wix Wix Team

There are three possible solutions:
1. If your domain is pointed to Wix by IP- Please contact your domain hosting company and ask them to remove the MX records that point to Wix.
2. If you are connected via Name Servers- Please ask your domain hosting company for the MX records and insert them here .
3. If you have purchased personalized emails from Wix, please follow the instructions here.
You can also find FAQ's here.


In order to get your personalized email address up and running please follow the instructions here.
You’ll find clear instructions on how to connect to email via Yahoo Mail or GoDaddy here:

Connect to email via Yahoo
Connect to email via GoDaddy


Note:  Please note that it might take up to 72 hours to be updated.



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  • lesleyscreativecak

    Replied by lesleyscreativecak May 21, 2014

    I have a gmail email address and we have a "contact us" section of our website, but every time you fill in the info and hit send, it comes back with "Owner email address not set" but I'm 99% sure everything has been filled out properly. I've tried doing multiple test emails using the little form and it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?

    • Alon - WIX team Wix Team

      Replied by Alon - WIX team May 22, 2014

      it seems that your contact form e-mail field is empty. Please click on the contact form > settings ?> there you will find the option to add your e-mail address.

      just please make sure to hit the save button when you're done

      Alon - Wix Team
  • jaclynmonaco

    Replied by jaclynmonaco May 20, 2014

    I have a hotmail account and when someone tries to submit feedback, it says the owner email is not set...I've checked and all is in. Help!

    • Ira Bel Wix Team

      Replied by Ira Bel May 20, 2014



      We sent you 2 messages from test@wix.com and it went perfect.

      Please check if you got our messages. 

  • mgoudie

    Replied by mgoudie May 20, 2014

    Hello- I have contacted my domain- crazy domains.com.au and they have said to get my email hosting services working I need My MX record of domain to point to 


    IP address:


    Can I have this done ASAP


    Michelle La Roche

    • Dror - Wix Support Wix Team

      Replied by Dror - Wix Support May 20, 2014

      Hi Michelle, 

      I've set it up for you, please allow the changes 24 hours to propagate and let us know if you have any questions. 

      Dror - Wix Team
  • rob0574

    Replied by rob0574 May 16, 2014

    I have GoDaddy outlook365 email.  I updated my txt file correctly, and then the last step to set-up my email with them they told me the following;

    Log in to your domain's Account Manager.
    Click Domains, and then click Launch next to the domain you want to use.
    Select the DNS Zone File tab, click Add Record, and then enter the following records:

    TXT Record — select TXT (Text), enter

    Host TXT Value TTL
    @ v=spf1 include:spf.protection.outlook.com -all 1 hour

    click Save, and then Save Changes.
    CNAME — select CNAME (Alias), enter

    Host Points to
    autodiscover autodiscover.outlook.com
    sip sipdir.online.lync.com
    lyncdiscover webdir.online.lync.com
    email email.secureserver.net
    msoid clientconfig.microsoftonline-p.net

    click Save, and then Save Changes.
    MX Records — Select MX (Mail Exchanger), enter

    Host Priority Points to
    @ 0 cliftonhomes-com01i.mail.protection.outlook.com

    click Save, and then Save Changes.
    SRV Records — Select SRV (Service), enter

    Name Target Protocol Service Priority Weight Port
    @ sipdir.online.lync.com _tls _sip 100 1 443
    @ sipfed.online.lync.com _tcp _sipfederationtls 100 1 5061


    The instructions are to do this on GoDaddy.  But my DNS points to you, so I can't update in GoDaddy.  I have no idea what to do at this point.  can someone help me?>

    • rob0574

      Replied by rob0574 May 16, 2014

      i don't know if i get notified on this if someone updates it.  so please email me at rob@2donate.com what to do.  Is there not a LIVE Chat or customer support number for Wix?


    • rony Wix Team

      Replied by rony May 17, 2014


      Thanks for contacting Wix Support.

      I have updated the records according to the information you provided us.

      In case that you need to update the records, you can do it yourself following instruction in here .

      Please let the changes propagate for 24 hours. 

      Wix phone support can be scheduled by clicking here
      Please be sure you are logged in to your Wix account and be prepared to provide us with some details of your issue.

      All best,

      Rony WixTeam
  • mich9184

    Replied by mich9184 May 16, 2014


    I set up my partners website which has been working perfectly fine until yesterday when we have been receiving messages stating that we are unable to send emails for both our iphones and desktop accounts? I contacted our email host company and they stated that WIX needs to configure the MX Records and Mail A record (they provided me with this information). The details appear similar to what is already there however as I am not technically trained, can someone please look into this ASAP. This is her work email and we are unable to respond or send quotes etc to our customers?..



    • mich9184

      Replied by mich9184 May 16, 2014

      This is the email received from my host:


      Hello Matt,

      Thank you for your email.

      Please see these records below that you will give to Wix in order for your email account to work:

      MX Record: mail.hairartistry.me
      Mail A-Record:

      If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Thank you
      Jack B

      Crazy Domains
      Customer Support


    • Dima Wix Team

      Replied by Dima May 16, 2014

      Hi Matt,

      I've set the records as instructed in the message from CrazyDomains. 


      Dima -Wix support team-
  • camilaengenhari4

    Replied by camilaengenhari4 May 8, 2014

    Hi, I do not receive e-mails that my clients sent me via contact form at my site. How can I fix it?

    • Ilia Wix Team

      Replied by Ilia May 9, 2014


      I've sent you a test email, please let us know if you've received it.

      Are you getting other emails to your inbox? or is it just the contact form that is problematic?


      Best regards

      Ilia - Wix Support
  • donei47

    Replied by donei47 May 7, 2014

    Hi Wix, I opened an email account through you back in January, Since last Wednesday I have not received any e-mails but I can send them. Whats going on? can someone rectify this issue without getting in contact as waiting 3-5 days to speak to someone on the phone is not acceptable.

    • Shai Wix Team

      Replied by Shai May 7, 2014



      I've received an error trying to send an email to your address, although everything looks to be OK from Wix's side. Please contact Google Apps support.


      I've also noticed that you are using this email to log into your account. I would recommend to change to another email you have, as you will be unable to regain access to your account should you forget your password, if your mail has expired. "Forgot password" email are sent to the email address of your account. Right now you are not receiving emails to this address, so it would be best to change it.

      Shai - Wix Support
  • amraizy

    Replied by amraizy May 2, 2014

    Hi...i have tired contacting you before for help but have been unable to get a reply.


    i have an email hello@amzdesign.co.uk and i have tried to follow the step by step process but its driving me crazy.

    please help

    • amraizy

      Replied by amraizy May 2, 2014

      sorry i dint say what the problem is. I cant get the email to work

    • Yotam Wix Team

      Replied by Yotam May 3, 2014


      Thank you for contacting Wix support.

      I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties.


      Please note that issues related to your email settings should be checked with your email provider, as Wix is not your email provider and we just make sure email sent to your domain will reach your email host.



        If they reply with a requirement for any steps to be done on our end please forward us their email entirely by copying it and posting on this thread.


      All the best,

      Yotam Wix Team
  • rockfoot35

    Replied by rockfoot35 May 1, 2014

    Hi Wix. 

         My Domain host is asking for the Wix MX records so that my email can be properly directed from them to you and then to my gmail account. 



    • Ira Bel Wix Team

      Replied by Ira Bel May 1, 2014



      We are afraid that it works vice versa - your e-mail provider need to send you the MX records, so you can set them in your domain manager.


      For more information about MX records click here.

  • Ritti Wix Team

    Replied by Ritti April 22, 2014


    The sites are not interconnected and are completely separated. As you stated, Googles MX records are associated with soniaevenlac.com. If you do not get any mail - please make sure that your mail host is indeed Google - should this be correctly set, you will have to contact them for further troubleshooting.


    Best, Ritti

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