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At Wix, we are constantly working on releasing new and updated features. Since, at any time, we are working on a number of new features, it’s important for us to know what you think should take priority. We do this by creating a Wishlist for each requested feature.


To view and add to our current Wix Wishlist threads, please click here. If you see a feature that you’re interested in, you can add your vote and click Follow to be updated on the feature’s progress.


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  • Rob

    Replied by Rob January 18, 2012

    Hi, Currently this feature is not yet available. I have added your request to our Wish List. Thank You.


    Rob, Wix Team
  • Rob

    Replied by Rob January 18, 2012

    Hi Bronwen, Great request! I have added your information to the Wish List. Thank You!


    Rob, Wix Team
  • ramconference

    Replied by ramconference January 18, 2012

    Paypal Mobile

    Can I put paypal on wix mobile yet? If not, do you know when i will be able to?

  • bronwenbainbridge

    Replied by bronwenbainbridge January 18, 2012

    Shipping by ZIP code

    Hi Wix team!


    I love you guys but would love you even more if you would enable a function on the ecommerce cart to calculate shipping by ZIP code. Paypal is just plain annoying with their shipping calculations.


    Please grant my wish!


  • martinlfrost

    Replied by martinlfrost January 18, 2012

    shopping cart limitations!!!

    I was really disappointed to find the shopping cart "qty" field is limited to only 2 characters/digits. This is very limiting if our customers need to order more than 99 items at a time !!!


    Please, from the sake of your marketing plan/scheme "Expand Your Fields" to maybe 4 digits and you will be amazed how useful your E-Commerce product will become.........



    Other than that....... I love Wix !!





  • Rob

    Replied by Rob January 6, 2012

    Hi Patricia, I have added your request to our Wish List here. You can also check out on whats coming soon here! Thank you for your request. Thank you and have a great weekend!


    Rob, Wix Team
  • VCDezigns

    Replied by VCDezigns January 6, 2012

    Restaurant Templates

    My wish List for this year and I am sure many wix users feel the same

    I build mainly restaurant websites using your outstanding Food templates but I find myself limited when I want to offer my customers a mobile site since there are no Food Templates you mainly offer Photography Templates.

    Also I was disappointed  when I can't have the website load in any phone only Flash based devices. Can you create an HTML page on the mobile site so people can see the restaurant menu and order on line or connect a store page and see the products I sell without having to pay $4.00 to download a Flash App Reader. which limits who can see my website and the customer has to do all that.  It seems that everyone now wants to do everything on the phone with no restrictions (not having a flash reader application ) . I know you guys are super sharp and are working on having that solved.


    That is my wish.

    Thanks for all your hard work and amazing site


  • wildrocks

    Replied by wildrocks January 3, 2012

    PLEASE fix your imaging problem.  All my images on my website are fuzzy, despite my following your exact directions to upload proper images, in the right resolution and size, etc.  Your images look great in the editor but once saved and viewed, images are fuzzy......NO MATTER what I do. 

    I read in the forum that you had an imaging bug, that it was resolved.....but it wasn't.  I am an artist. Featuring crystal clear sharp images on my website is of ultimate importance.  If my images remain fuzzy.......I have no choice but to close my account and leave.





  • pberningphoto

    Replied by pberningphoto December 28, 2011

    Making shopping for photos easier

    As a photographer, I have a high volume of images clients can choose from.  It is frustrating to have to put them all in an e-commerce gallery and put the images in one by one.  I would like to be able to put in an entire gallery and then apply pricing to the gallery as a whole - with multiple options of sizes or finish.  I would also like to have clients be able to click a separate button for each size offered rather than from a list they open.  For example, have one button at the bottom of the page for a 4X6 print, and another for a 5X7 print, etc.  But I don't want to have to put that on each image, I want the buttons on the gallery, so I load up all images at once, put the buttons in place, then add whatever buttons I need for that gallery. And while I am at it, can I save groups of buttons that I use often?  I would like to save a group of buttons that already have pricing associated with them, that I can just put that group on an e-commerce gallery that I load up with the pricing and options intact.  Thanks!

  • Rob

    Replied by Rob December 24, 2011

    Hi, Unfortunately that feature is not available with Wix. I have added your request to our Wish list here. You can also keep up on whats coming soon here. Thank You.



    Rob, Wix Team

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