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At Wix, we are constantly working on releasing new and updated features. Since, at any time, we are working on a number of new features, it’s important for us to know what you think should take priority. We do this by creating a Wishlist for each requested feature.


To view and add to our current Wix Wishlist threads, please click here. If you see a feature that you’re interested in, you can add your vote and click Follow to be updated on the feature’s progress.


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  • nbellamy

    Replied by nbellamy April 11, 2012

    ecommerce on mobile

    when will Wix support ecommerce on mobile?

  • ericastolman

    Replied by ericastolman April 9, 2012


    I NEED the Pinterest button. We will be left in the dust without it. ETA???

  • svtcraig04

    Replied by svtcraig04 April 9, 2012

    Time to live option

    I would like to see an option for time to live for all objects on the editor. It would be nice to easily manage all items on the editor with an option for how long they should be live on the website. I often have date sensitive items on my website such as holidays and special sales and I would like to have an option that would be automatic with managing these time sensitive objects.

  • gchapma1

    Replied by gchapma1 April 6, 2012

    Getting three products options in "manage products" section

    I am creating an ecommerce website and I would love to be able to add three different product options to an individual product. I can only see a way to add two different options to a product. Is there a way to add three? Thank you for your help. 

  • dinamiso Wix Team

    Replied by dinamiso April 4, 2012


    This "Search Box"  feature is on our development roadmap and will be built in order of priority. Priority is based on the popularity of our Wishlist items, which is full to overflowing with your good ideas and feedback!

    To read about our feature updates, please click here.


    Wix Team.

  • diamondp6

    Replied by diamondp6 April 4, 2012

    Our clients would also like a search box feature, to allow them to search our inventory. 

  • it-girl-blog

    Replied by it-girl-blog April 3, 2012

    Adding search boxes!!!!!!

    Wix please put in a search box option!

    Many of my visitors would like to search the contests being held!!!!!!!!!!!

    a search box would complete my wix site contest page!

  • Rob

    Replied by Rob April 3, 2012

    Hi, @johnieb_2002, You may place the code within the Blank HTML Widget. 

    You can find all the information about how to add an HTML code to your Flash site here or check out the video below.

    You can also post questions about the HTML feature on this page.

    (If you are looking for information about the HTML5 editor, please click here for the HTML5 forum)

    Please note:
    * By adding external HTML code you are adding products /code we have not created or tested.
    Therefore our Support team cannot answer any questions concerning HTML.
    * The HTML feature won't work with embedded sites.




    Rob, Wix Team
  • johnieb-2002

    Replied by johnieb-2002 April 3, 2012

    My question was misunderstood!!

    I realize that you do not have site search engine, but this is not what I am looking.

    I have a link - smart link - it is either iframe or html code with imbedded link that allows the website user to look for a hotel on remoted server, ie you look for a hotel in Rome, enter dates, number of rooms and press search bottom it transfers you to another website where all the information is located. The html code or iframe is ready to paste,

    My question is it possible to paste it or insert it???

    Thank you

  • Rob

    Replied by Rob April 3, 2012

    Hi, Unfortunately you will not be able to add a Search option to your website at this time as this feature is not available. I have added your request to our Wish List here

    To read about our feature updates, please click here.


    Rob, Wix Team

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