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At Wix, we are constantly working on releasing new and updated features. Since, at any time, we are working on a number of new features, it’s important for us to know what you think should take priority. We do this by creating a Wishlist for each requested feature.


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  • Nina

    Replied by Nina April 21, 2012

    Hi Rachel,


    We are aware of the great importance of adding this feature and are working toward it.

    Unfortunately I cannot give a specific timeline but I assure you that once we can we will update you!


    You can keep up to date with what features are coming soon here.
    You can also suggest and vote for new features on the Wix wishlist here.


    Thank you for your feedback!



    Wix team

    Nina, Wix team
  • designsbyrachellynn

    Replied by designsbyrachellynn April 20, 2012

    Wishlist Request - COUPONS!

    I would LOVE to see a COUPONS feature for e-commerce stores  in the near future! So would my customers! Any chance this will happen soon?



  • Theresa Capell

    Replied by Theresa Capell April 20, 2012

    My photo gallery is now under the portfolio tab, not artist  statement.

  • Theresa Capell

    Replied by Theresa Capell April 20, 2012

    Why was my topic removed and merged with this topic? 

  • Theresa Capell

    Replied by Theresa Capell April 20, 2012

    Photo and Description: I need help!

    I'm just editing and playing around with photos for my portfolio. Under my artist statement category I am able to add a title and description to the gallery I chose. I went into the matrix under skins and clicked the show photo and description, and it does work when my mouse hovers over the thumbnails of the photo - but once I expand the image clicked the title only shows and not the description. I would like both to show on the expansion of the photo. Could  someone tell me how this could be done?

    Take Care,


  • Custom616

    Replied by Custom616 April 16, 2012

    The search box is the most importance feature for our E commerce.. Why hasnt it been done yet?

  • VirusInsanityES

    Replied by VirusInsanityES April 13, 2012

    When will inventory tracking and coupons be added?

    I saw a post from almost a year ago saying you guys were working on adding an option to track your inventory and enter coupons in the ecommerce stores.  When will this change take place?  Since it's been almost a year I'm pretty tired of waiting and I'm actually considering canceling my plan with you guys.

  • street27studio

    Replied by street27studio April 13, 2012

    Let my customer sign up and register become member in my website


    I am planning to create a website to sell goods. I would like to create a function where my customer can sign up and register become member. This mean there is a function where can store my customer details.

    Also, it should be able to let my customer log-in during their next time visit so they could easily purchase items.

    Is there any function like this?



  • cupcakegir7

    Replied by cupcakegir7 April 11, 2012

    Embed a Code

    I would like to seriously request I be able to embed a code within my blog.  This is a very important feature for me being  as I am going to be published in our local magazine.



  • Rob

    Replied by Rob April 11, 2012

    Hi, Unfortunately this is not yet available on the Mobile site editor. You can keep up to date with what features are Coming Soon here . You can also suggest and vote for new features here on the Wix wishlist.


    Rob, Wix Team

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