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Currently, Wix does not offer an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) service. You can vote for this feature in this FAQ.


Note: Check out the GE.TT File Sharing app from the Wix App Market which allows you to easily upload files, photos, videos, music and documents and make them available to your visitors.

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  • christamartelperry

    Replied by christamartelperry 11 hours ago

    FTP instructions


    Is there a way that I can download my site via an FTP Client and upload it to another server?

    I'd like to transfer my site to another server and can't seem to find a way to do it.

    Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


    • amitn6 Wix Team

      Replied by amitn6 11 hours ago

      Hello Christa,

      Thank you for contacting Wix support.

      I have merged your post with the relevant thread, please refer to the Best Reply above. 

      Please note that Wix does not support the option of exporting files created using Wix to an external destination or host. The editor needs constant connection to our servers, it is not possible to work with it offline or save your pages to your computer.  
      We host all your Wix creations on our servers. The advantages of using Wix as your host include improvements to your site's loading time, search engine optimization and more.


      If you have purchased a Wix domain, but have decided to transfer it away from Wix, you can do so easily from the Wix Domain Manager.

      To transfer your Wix domain from Wix:

      1. From your  Domain Manager, under  My Domains, next to your Wix domain, click Manage.

      2. Under  Domain Summary, click the  Advanced tab.

      3. Next to  Transfer away from Wix, click  Transfer (please make sure to turn off Private Registration if it is on).

      4. In the Transfer window, click Send.

      5. An email with a code will be sent to you. Forward this code to your new domain registrar. 
      You may not receive the email immediately, but you can expect to receive it on the same day.

      Your Wix domain is transferred from Wix

      Important notice: In accordance with ICANN rules, you cannot transfer your domain to another provider until 60 days after you register or transfer your domain.


      Please let us know if you require any further assistance!

      Kind regards, Amit
  • etaa8416

    Replied by etaa8416 Yesterday

    i vote yes for FTP

    i have a file that is currently updated several times at our business and the only way to get it to the internet is through FTP and WIX doesnt use FTP so WHAT NOW

  • extremezipliner

    Replied by extremezipliner 2 days ago

    I bought a traffic generating software. I paid $500 just to find out for that for that thing to work, I need FTP access. I am not happy!!! 

    We need FTP access now. Please!


    • Barrios Wix Team

      Replied by Barrios Yesterday

      Hi Daniel,

      We have counted your vote.

      Thank you.

      Many thanks, Barrios
  • katieweeks34

    Replied by katieweeks34 4 days ago

    Please! Please! Please!


  • tpproprinter

    Replied by tpproprinter 5 days ago

    yes too


  • petersivy

    Replied by petersivy August 12, 2014

    yes, FTP access will be great

  • bernadenedavis

    Replied by bernadenedavis August 10, 2014

    Please add FTP to this site. I must say, I love Wix. You are so self-contained. I like the one stop shopping available for various apps. I believe this is what sets you aside from other website services. Keep up the good work!

  • qudurat

    Replied by qudurat August 8, 2014

    please add this feature pleeeeeease I need it necessary :((((( !!!


  • pcbeachphotos

    Replied by pcbeachphotos August 6, 2014

    Need FTP capability.....make it happen.

  • iamjustyourdream

    Replied by iamjustyourdream August 6, 2014

    +1 we need it.

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