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wix Wix Team

Please follow the steps below:

1. From the left toolbar, click the Add icon.
2. From the Add list, click Social. Click Social Bar.
3. From the Social Bar Settings window, click Organize Icons.
4. From the left of the Organize Icons window, click an icon.
5. Under Link to, click inside the field.
6. From the Link to Web Address window that opens, type the URL for your social site.
7. Click the dial next to Open in new window or Open in same window. Click OK.
8. Repeat Steps 4 through 7 for all of your icons.
9. From the Organize Social Icons window, click OK.
10. Click outside of the Social Bar to close the Social Bar Settings window.
A Social Bar is added to your site.
Note: To return to the Add Elements list, click Back to Element Categories from the top of the Add window.
To close the Add list, click X from the top right.
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  • adiadina

    Replied by adiadina April 12, 2014


    I can see that some people like posts of mine from my blog, and they appear as liked on their facebook pages. But a facebook like button is not visible on my wix site!
    When I open it with a mobile phone, I can see a facebook like icon, also a Google + icon, but on my regular PC they aren't visible.

    Why is that and how can I fix it?

    Thanks in advance!

    • nitzan Wix Team

      Replied by nitzan April 12, 2014


      You also have the Facebook like for blog posts on your desktop site.

      In your editor you have a page that is called "single post". This page shows how each one of your posts will look when you click on the "read more" button. 


      When you are inside this page on your editor you can change the social settings that will appear on the live site when entering a post..


      And that is how it will look on your desktop live site:


      You can find all the information on the Blog feature here.


      Please let us know if you need any further help.

      All the best, Nitzan - Wix support
    • adiadina

      Replied by adiadina April 12, 2014

      Thanks, Nitzan, but this doesn't help, because when I click on facebook, for example, it shows a facebook icon, but it's not the like icon. I don't see what you see at all - no Likes, neither the Google + icon. Checking the icons on the Single Post settings doesn't change anything...


    • Gat Wix Team

      Replied by Gat April 12, 2014


      Please note that on the bottom of the single blog post page there are a Google+ button and a Facebook like button (separated from the blog feature).

      If you don't want them there, you can simply delete them by clicking them >> press 'Delete' in your keyboard.

      If you require further assistance, feel free to contact us again.


      Gat Wix Team.
    • adiadina

      Replied by adiadina April 12, 2014

      But this is exactly what I've been trying to explain. Those are not visible to me - you see the like and the google +, but I don't see them when I look at my posts. I see only the "share this post:)" and the tracker in the footer, nothing else.


    • Jonathan Wix Team

      Replied by Jonathan April 13, 2014

      Please help us by showing us what you do see, please take a print screen image (instructions here) and attach this file to your reply to us.

  • jamminec

    Replied by jamminec April 9, 2014

    Still working on my site, almost ready to publish.  I have a couple of social bars on various pages, and I'm using the "silver" Facebook, YouTube, and Soundcloud icons;  I want to add another icon, but I no longer see the "silver" icons as options in the "Add Icon" menu.  What happened?  Did Wix get rid of them, or is the problem on my end?

    • Débora C Wix Team

      Replied by Débora C April 9, 2014



      By clicking in Add Social Icon, you will be able to add as many icons as you want, please take a look at this screenshot. 


       If you cannot see these icons inside your editor, please clear cache and try again. 

      You can find step by step instructions here.


      An answer to this topic can be found in How do I add a social bar?



      Débora, Wix Team
    • Daniel M Wix Team

      Replied by Daniel M April 9, 2014



      Thanks for contacting us. Indeed these icons have unfortunately been removed. Sorry for this inconvenience, you may choose from the many other options we offer.


      Let us know if you need any further assistance, 

      - Daniel M, Wix team.
  • Jumbo Super Mall

    Replied by Jumbo Super Mall March 25, 2014

    Social Court

    Before i start advertising in Facebook, i need to create my brand and have lots Facebook followers on my Business Page, else sales will not happen and social media is most powerful thing right now.

    So to get more social likes on my business page, i have created social court page in my website.Please comment how it is made and what more can i add to attract customers.

    Page Name: Social Court

    • Rosse Wix Team

      Replied by Rosse March 25, 2014



      Please check the best reply, the social bar will help you adding your social networks in one place. 



      Kind Regards, 

      Rosse Wix Team!
  • adiadina

    Replied by adiadina March 23, 2014

    Hi, everyone.
    I can't seem to put a social bar under my blog posts. If I set it on all pages, it appears on the same place it's been put for one publication, but it doesn't adjust to the footer of other publications. For example, if one publication is lengthier, the social bar will appear in the middle of it, whereas if it's shorter, it can be seen in the footer. It depends on where I've put it first.
    Now I've removed the social bars whatsoever.
    Can you assist me, please?
    Thank you!

    • Anat Wix Team

      Replied by Anat March 23, 2014



      You can add the social bar in the footer and then it will adjust according to the length of the page.

      For more information about organizing your pages, click here or check out our interactive site about header, page and footer (simply click on the image below):


      Please let us know should you require further assistance.

      Anat - Wix Team
    • adiadina

      Replied by adiadina March 23, 2014

      Hey, thanks for the response.
      I tried, but it doesn't work. The footer adjusts and "runs away" from my attempt to put the social bar in it. I can't seem to make it successfully.
      Can you see it and try to fix it for me? I'd like a facebook share button and that's it. Under every blog post.
      Thanks in advance!

    • Ron Wix Team

      Replied by Ron March 24, 2014



      In order to add the social bar or any other component into your footer, you will first need to click on the component > tick the Show on all pages in the small settings window that pops up > now you can drag  the social bar into your footer.


      Let us know how it went and if you require further assistance.

      Ron, Wix Team
    • adiadina

      Replied by adiadina March 24, 2014

      Thanks, now it's done!

    • ilan-t Wix Team

      Replied by ilan-t March 24, 2014

      Glad we could help,


      Feel free to contact us again if anything else comes up.


      Best regards

  • koilispringford

    Replied by koilispringford March 17, 2014

    I know how to add a social bar , but it will not let me add it to the footer !

    Can I have some direction on how to do this ?



    • Effie Wix Team

      Replied by Effie March 17, 2014

      Hi Kylie,

      In order to add elements to your Footer, you must first select the Show on all pages box, in the element's Settings.

      Don't hesitate in contacting us again if you need further assistance.


  • yash19921

    Replied by yash19921 March 9, 2014

    I changed the facebook button to lead to my facebook page i.e. www.facebook.com/coveritupnow but whenever the button is clicked it leads to www.facebook.com/wix.

    • Ron Wix Team

      Replied by Ron March 9, 2014



      I've corrected this for you by adding the Facebook url to your social bar.

      Take a look and let us know should you require further assistance.


      Ron, Wix Team
  • jeroenvanbaar

    Replied by jeroenvanbaar February 13, 2014

    Hi Wix Team, I have a problem with my social bar. I have four icons: FB, Twitter, G+ and Pinterest. Only Pinterest actually shows up on the website (and also in the editor); the rest is blank (i.e. the icons disappear, but the social bar itself still has the appropriate width). What's the problem here?

    I noticed that the icons pop up again if I delete the URL linked to the icon, but that kind of defeats the purpose. Help please!

    - Jeroen

    • noa Wix Team

      Replied by noa February 13, 2014

      Hi Jeroen,


      I went into your site and your editor and experienced no difficulties seeing your social bar icons.


      See the following screen shot:

      Please try the following:


      While browsing on the web, your computer and browser stores various information. This build up of information can sometimes cause conflict.

      Please clear your browser's cache. You can find step by step instructions here.


      Let us know if you require further assistance.


      Noa - Wix Team
  • mbarnespr

    Replied by mbarnespr February 9, 2014

    I'd use the social bar that is currently there by default but there's no way to change the colors.  I get settings but no change style.

    • mbarnespr

      Replied by mbarnespr February 9, 2014

      Man, that sucks.


  • mbarnespr

    Replied by mbarnespr February 9, 2014

    When I go to click the social bar onto my page it shows up in the middle of the screen.  I can move it up or down but can't move it sideways.  I want it at the upper right corner.  What do I do?

    Also, what URL am I supposed to use if I want people who see my share to click on it and go directly to the website, not to the facebook page we have?

    • Hudson Wix Team

      Replied by Hudson February 9, 2014



      I can see that you have the social bar in the upper right of the site, if you are talking about the outside boarder in the orange/brown color then this will not be seen on devices such as mobiles and tablets.


      So if you want to add your own sites the the social icons, just click on them > organize icons, then add the correct link to the relevant icon. 

    • mbarnespr

      Replied by mbarnespr February 9, 2014

      There is a black social bar in the upper right corner that was provided by wix, I didn't place it there.  It's fine but it's only black and I'd like to have color icons.  When I click on it, I don't get a change style option.  When I add my own, it appears in the center of the page.  I can move it up or down but can't move it sideways.  So here are the questions:

      How do I change the color of the black social bar in the upper right corner?

      How do I drag the icon I generate from the menu left and right.  Currently I can only drag it up and down.

      .  I'd use that one but 

    • noa Wix Team

      Replied by noa February 9, 2014



      We apologize for the inconvenience.


      When you click on the social bar, please select "settings", then click the "organize icons" option in the left menu. In the new Window that will open, select the social icon and click "change" this will open the Wix image gallery, in the "free from Wix" tab you'll have a variety of colorful icons:



      In the settings window you can also change the layout from horizontal to vertical.


      I hope this was helpful,


      Noa - Wix Team
  • paulaertker

    Replied by paulaertker February 4, 2014

    I'm looking for a Goodreads button to add to the social bar. The Wix list of social buttons does not include the Goodreads button or the Goodread Review button. How do I go about adding this?

    • Eyal Wix Team

      Replied by Eyal February 4, 2014

      Hey paulaertker,


      Please click on your social bar and enter it's settings > Organize Icons > Add Social Icon and upload the icon of Goodread Review.

      If you have any other questions, please let us know!
      Thank you,

      Eyal, Wix Customer Support Team
    • paulaertker

      Replied by paulaertker February 4, 2014

      Thanks. I'm good on the social bar itself and have the usual Facebook, Twitter icons, etc but I still don't know where to find the Goodreads icon to upload. It's not in the list of pre-selected Wix icons nor do I know where to upload it from. On the goodreads site there is code that can copied and pasted and embedded on the Wix page, but I don't know where to place this code once I am back on the Wix site.

      Thanks. Paul

    • Eyal Wix Team

      Replied by Eyal February 4, 2014

      Hey Paul, 


      You can embed the icon to your site using the HTML App. You can also copy the link to the image from the HTML Code Goodread provided you with, go to the URL in your browser and simply right click and save the image to your computer. After that you will be able to upload it to your Wix site. 


      With the HTML App you can test and add your own HTML code to your Wix site.

      For more information check out the tutorial below, or you can click here.

      *Take a minute to read through the Known Issues & Limitations of the HTML iFrame/Embed App via the link above before using this.


      If there is anything else we can do for you, please don't hesitate to contact us again!


      Eyal, Wix Customer Support Team
    • paulaertker

      Replied by paulaertker February 4, 2014

      That worked. Thanks a lot, man.

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