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wix Wix Team

If you want to unpublish your site, you can choose to hide it from search engines.


To hide your site from search engines: From the left side of the Editor, click Settings > click SEO (Google) > click the toggle Allow search engines to find my site to turn this option off (change from green to red) > click Done.

Once you have clicked the toggle be sure to hit Save inside your Editor!

Note: Your Wix domain will still be online. If you use your own domain, you can ask your domain hosting company to point it to another server.

Note: If you would like to temporarily remove your site from the web completely, you can place a notification on your home page and say it is under construction. Click here to learn how.

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  • ciucci-florenci8

    Replied by ciucci-florenci8 February 12, 2014

    Publishing one page while making changes on the site on other pages

    Hello, we are in the middle of updating some of the pages on our site.  I would like to publish one page that we have made changes on, while keeping the others the same, until those changes are complete.  Is there a way of publishing one page with the changes?  

    Thank you, 


    • HIRO Wix Team

      Replied by HIRO February 12, 2014

      Hi Roshni,
      When you create pages, they will be shown on your Wix site as default.
      If you wish to show only some selected pages and hide other pages while you are editing them, please click on "Hide from Menu". 

      Should you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us anytime.


      -HIRO, Wix Team
  • kfirkai

    Replied by kfirkai February 1, 2014


    can you show me step by step how i doing this:


    "If you have published your site but it is still not ready, you can place a notification on your home page and say it is under construction. When users enter the website that will be the page they see! Make sure you do not add any menus or buttons. This way when users view your page, they will not be able to navigate to any other pages."


    how do i place a notification on my home page and say it is under construction?


    • Dror - Wix Support Wix Team

      Replied by Dror - Wix Support February 1, 2014

      Hi, This is done by adding a page and selecting it as your home page.

      To add a page:

      1. From the left toolbar, click the Pages icon to open the Page Manager.
      2. From the bottom right of the Page Manager, click Add Page.
      3. From the list that opens, click a Page Layout.
      4. From the bottom of the Page Layout window, type a title for your page in the Page Name field.
      5. Click OK.
      A new page is added to your site.

      To change the default home page, choose the page you would like to set as your home page when clicking on "Pages" on the left menu tab -> click on the "Page Settings"  icon -> In the "Settings and SEO" window that opens in the Editor check the "Set as homepage" box.

      Dror - Wix Team
  • physicali

    Replied by physicali January 31, 2014

    how to unpublish


    How do I un-publish my wix website (wix domain) until I am ready to publish again?

    I dont want it do be online right now!

    • HIRO Wix Team

      Replied by HIRO January 31, 2014

      Please refer to the Best Reply of this thread.
      To learn how to create  "Under Construction" page,
      please visit THIS THREAD.


      -HIRO, Wix Team
  • The Forest Cantina

    Replied by The Forest Cantina January 29, 2014

    Hi there team WIX

    I am making a website for someone and accidently published the wrong one. Can you please permanently delete this site http://unnarawlings.wix.com/chick as we have already published and upgraded the other site that we wanted to use.

    Thank you and sorry for the hassle,



    • Nat

      Replied by Nat January 29, 2014

      Hey Unna,


      I can see the site in question is already deleted.

      Please don't hesitate to contact us again. Nat
  • carlosaspiros

    Replied by carlosaspiros November 19, 2013

    Hi I upgrade my account but when i search in google (mercury toys) still appear the free web in the search:


    • Niv Wix Team

      Replied by Niv November 19, 2013


      Just like it takes the search engines time to find a new website, it also takes some time for them to recognize the fact that a certain website has changed.

      For a changed sites, It usually takes about a week or more to be recognized as such, and a couple of weeks more for its cached part to be erased as well. This is a search engine behavior that we are not able to control and it varies from one search engine to the next.

      Please note that the same goes with images on Google images.

      Note that you can submit a request directly to certain search engines using their Webmaster Tools, to expedite the removal process. 

      For Google Webmaster Tools click here.

      For Bing Webmaster Tools click here.

      *Please note that we are unable to provide support for these requests, as this is not related to Wix.


      In addition, your site will always be available to access using your free URL, in your case -  carlosaspiros.wix.com/mercurytoys‎, unless it is deleted or the username/site-name has changed.

      Niv, Wix Support
  • kim

    Replied by kim November 15, 2013

    Thanks  Eyal, however I have already seen this response and it does not assist.

    I just don't want customers to be redirected to the Wix  web site after navigating www.orainenelsonlaw.com. I will republish sometime in the near future.

    Thank You



    • Michal

      Replied by Michal November 15, 2013

      Hey kaylia-d,


      You can disconnect your premium package/domain from your Wix site for the time being. 
      To unassign your premium package, please go to Wix.com > Packages > Unassign. 



      Michal - Wix Team
  • kim

    Replied by kim November 15, 2013


    Hi Wix Team,

    Could I please have this site removed until i am ready to upgrade and publish once more



    Thank you

    • Eyal Wix Team

      Replied by Eyal November 15, 2013

      Hey kaylia-d,


      If you don't want your site to be visible to search engines, you can unpublish it by going to Settings > SEO (Google) > click the toggle "Allow search engines to find my site" -> click "Done". Please make sure the toggle is red.

      Once you have clicked the toggle be sure to hit Save!

      Please note: Your Wix domain will still be online. If you use your own domain, you can ask your domains hosting company to point it to another server.

      If you would like to temporarily remove your site from the web completely, you can place a notification on your home page and say it is under construction.


      If you would still like to delete your old Wix site, please follow these steps: Go to Wix.com -> My Account -> Click "Manage and Edit Site" next to the site you would like to delete -> Click "Delete" on the right side of the page.


      Please note: Deleting a site does not cancel/delete your account.


      If you have any other questions, please let us know!

      Thank you,

      Eyal, Wix Customer Support Team
  • dulcies

    Replied by dulcies October 7, 2013

    hi there,  I have deleted my site however it is still showing as live.  Can you please deleted it asap for me? I do not want it seen at all. thanks and regards

    • dinamiso Wix Team

      Replied by dinamiso October 7, 2013


      Please send us the name of the site you are referring to.

      I checked your Wix account and I saw you deleted all your site.

      Please send us more details as where you see the live site.


      Dina-Wix Team.

    • dulcies

      Replied by dulcies October 7, 2013

      Hi its www.bellanapolirestaurant.co.uk. If i just type in the address it comes up and  i really need it deleting permanently.  Please help!!  Thanks and regards


    • dulcies

      Replied by dulcies October 7, 2013

      its also showing on onionring however the site it is showing is an old version!!

    • shayb7 Wix Team

      Replied by shayb7 October 7, 2013



      I can see that you have successfully deleted your Wix sites. Please note that your domain bellanapolirestaurant.co.uk is not connected to Wix, please contact your domain host for further assistance regarding the current site your domain is pointing to.

  • michellesui

    Replied by michellesui October 2, 2013

    Hi, I did what this thread said to--went to SEO settings, unchecked "Allow search engines to find my site," hit save, published...several times...but I googled and my site still comes up on the search engine. Can someone help me with this? I really want to unpublish it. 



    • Hudson Wix Team

      Replied by Hudson October 2, 2013


      Please be aware that it can take from 1 to 3 months for Google to update its database and for your site to be indexed. Finding your site using your relevant keywords may take even more time.


      One way to speed up this process is to submit your website directly to search engines. Use the following links to submit your site to:

      - Google

      - Bing


      Wix guarantees that all of the text and meta tags on your site are being scanned by search engines, however we cannot guarantee that Google will choose to assign your website a high rank, this part is up to you.


      Make sure that your websites content has been optimized in accordance with the advice offered in our SEO Learning Center. We also recommend that you use the SEO Wizard & Monitoring tool for a more in depth analysis of your site’s SEO.

  • robertstannage

    Replied by robertstannage October 1, 2013

    i'd like to add a password to my site to prevent it being seen for the time being, i published in error. can you tell me how to add a password 

    • Jo Wix Team

      Replied by Jo October 1, 2013

      Hi robertstannage,

      You can find instructions and information here or check out the video below: 

      Let us know if you have any other questions!
      Wix Team


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