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We recommend saving your site as often as possible, especially when making multiple changes, to avoid losing new information.

If necessary, you can always revert back to a previously saved version from your Site History.


To access and restore your saved versions: Sign in to your Wix account >  next to the relevant site, click Manage Site > under Handy Shortcuts, click Show More > click Site History.

On the left, of My Site History, click a saved version > click Restore.

To learn more about your Site History, click here.

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  • tiandeshops

    Replied by tiandeshops July 7, 2012

    tnx for the reply,


    The problem is that i press Save button and then nothing happens.. the website is lagging and it became so slow... Maybe there is too much info in it? i did all suggestions that you said before. In this point i just dont know what to do. I cant save anything. Just cant save...No errors, just no action after pressing SAVE button. What should i do? i tryed all browsers, some of computers, but one problem is: No save .... in the beggining everything was fast: going from one page to another, saving too., but now it is impossible. All these hours now worthless, are the any solutions?

  • Gleb

    Replied by Gleb July 4, 2012

    Hi dredgaras,


    Are you getting some kind of error ? 

    Please provide us with a detailed outline of the steps you have taken until this point, so we may replicate the process from our end in finding a solution.

    You can also follow the instructions in the link here under 'Overview'.



    Gleb, Wix Support
  • tiandeshops

    Replied by tiandeshops July 4, 2012

    Good day Wix team. I'm just have to write because i don't know what to do - i cant save my site any more. I did all suggestions about browser, but it still not working... it is absolutely frustrating.  Any help? I want to end my work to publish and upgrade the Premium...

  • Ron Wix Team

    Replied by Ron June 27, 2012

    The reason this is happening is because you're using Internet Explorer 8 and your other browsers are probably outdated as well. HTML5 is a new web technology, therefor you will need to update your browsers to the latest version available in order to fully enjoy the use of this new and exciting technology.


    Let us know how it went and which browsers and versions you've tested.


    Ron, Wix Team
  • suphicedarrogance

    Replied by suphicedarrogance June 27, 2012

    Good morning,

    I'm currently experiencing the same saving issues that have been expressed in some of the most recent posts. I click the save button but I get no response. I've published the site but still don't see the changes. I've tried clearing the cache and saving again but still receive no response. I've tried clearing the cache and publishing but again I don't see the changes. I've even tried opening the website  in a different browser just to check if that could be the issue but I still don't see the changes. Is there a shortcut we could use to save our work in the event that the save button doesn't respond?

  • Ron Wix Team

    Replied by Ron June 7, 2012

    I've checked your account and noticed that the last saved session was 6/7/12 9:02 AM.

    What is missing from your site?


    Ron, Wix Team
  • nivaysahaye

    Replied by nivaysahaye June 6, 2012

    Hi i saved my site multiple times yesterday probably every fifteen minutes, I received the save confirmation every time, when I opened my editor up today everything reverted back to what it was two days ago? What's going on?

  • Jonathan Wix Team

    Replied by Jonathan May 28, 2012

    Please clear browser cache (you have instructions through here). Please edit your site again, once done with editing please publish your site, then visit it to see the results.


    If you are encountering an error message please reply and tell us what it is.

  • details2decor

    Replied by details2decor May 26, 2012

    I'm having the same problem with clicking Save, and yet it isn't saving my work.  Is this a technical issue?  I'm trying to create a website for my wedding thinking this would be easy but it is very very frustrating. 

  • Solene

    Replied by Solene May 20, 2012



    I can see that the last time you saved your website http://www.wix.com/jonatha798/proclaimcapital is on  20/05/12 09:48.


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