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wix Wix Team

We recommend saving your site as often as possible, especially when making multiple changes, to avoid losing new information.

If necessary, you can always revert back to a previously saved version from your Site History.


To access and restore your saved versions: Sign in to your Wix account >  next to the relevant site, click Manage Site > under Handy Shortcuts, click Show More > click Site History.

On the left, of My Site History, click a saved version > click Restore.

To learn more about your Site History, click here.

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  • studioyaron

    Replied by studioyaron February 11, 2013

    Dear Sir

    I save changes after editing editor, but changes are not saved?

    Studio Yaron

  • Gabriel Wix Team

    Replied by Gabriel February 7, 2013

    Hi Jon,

    What exactly is missing on your website?

    Please provide us with as much information possible so we may try and locate a correct revision and restore it.



    Gabriel - Wix
  • capetownmyway

    Replied by capetownmyway February 6, 2013

    Hi, I have been working on my site for the last month or so and woke up this this morning to my home page and another page full of content missing. How can I recover all of this work???


  • Michal

    Replied by Michal February 6, 2013

    Hi ge9060,


    We can try to revert your site to any of the following versions: 

    5 1/30/13 5:51 AM
    6 1/30/13 5:52 AM
    7 1/30/13 5:56 AM
    8 1/30/13 6:04 AM
    9 2/5/13 9:47 AM
    10 2/5/13 10:28 AM
    11   (published) 2/5/13 10:32 AM
    12 2/5/13 8:32 PM
    13   (published) 2/5/13 8:52 PM
    14   (published) 2/5/13 8:53 PM
    15 2/5/13 8:54 PM
    16 2/5/13 9:01 PM
    17 2/5/13 9:04 PM
    18 2/5/13 9:08 PM
    19 2/5/13 9:08 PM
    20 2/5/13 9:10 PM
    21   (published) 2/5/13 9:37 PM
    22 2/5/13 9:37 PM


    Please let us know which version you would like us to restore. Please note that once we do that, it cannot be undone. 



    Michal - Wix Team
  • ge9060

    Replied by ge9060 February 5, 2013

    I was working on my site last night, hit save, got a confirmation and when I went to preview it it was all gone!  cant seem to get it back...  Tried publishing, etc.


    Can Anyone Help?

  • Anat Wix Team

    Replied by Anat February 2, 2013

    Hi tiandeshops,


    I can see in you account  that your site was last updated on July 19th 2012.


    Please note that we do not delete sites even if they are not updated for a long period of time.


    Are you not able to access your site?


    Please let us know exactly what the problem is so we can further assist you.



    Anat - Wix Team
  • nichellej2006

    Replied by nichellej2006 February 2, 2013

    i dont see my saved site.. does it delete if not updated for a period of time?

  • Paola Wix Team

    Replied by Paola January 24, 2013

    Hey  tanyabkk,


    Are you referring to your premium site http://www.thailandskaforeningen.com/ ?


    Can you please explain a bit more in detail?

    Which content?

    On which pages?


    When was the last time you published and saw the changes appear correctly online? (date and time) ?

  • tanyabkk

    Replied by tanyabkk January 24, 2013

    I do also have problem with saving the data too. First time when it happened was around an hour i ago i think. I clicked save and thought that the data was saved but no......I have lost all many working hours that i have put on. Since that i have furthermore problem with saving the data again. But this time the problem were

    1. I could sometime save the data and sometime not.

    2. The data i saved show only in Edit and preview mode. Seem like the data did not transfered to the actual website. 

    I am using Crome and have done all the suggestion that was given.But it didnt help Please fix the issue asap. I really like the idea your product and enjoy doing my website via your homepage a lot. Just upgrade my member to premium so it is quite disappointing that this is happening. 


  • Kika Wix Team

    Replied by Kika January 21, 2013


    I apologize for the inconvenience!

    Can you please let us know which site you are referring to?

    What exactly happened when you were trying to save?

    Does the same problem occur in a different browser or on a different computer?


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