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wix Wix Team

No, it is not possible to edit your Wix site while you are offline, or save your pages to your computer, as the Editor needs to be in constant connection with Wix's servers.

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  • Kika Wix Team

    Replied by Kika June 13, 2012


     It is not possible to work with the editor offline.

  • shilpapahuja05

    Replied by shilpapahuja05 June 13, 2012

    I want to work offline too.....And other thing about copy your website and transfer premium package after changes been made, do not copy ant SEO settings or mobile website......

    I desperately want to work offline and connect only when publishing is needed.....

  • wix Wix Team

    Replied by Wix KnowledgeBase March 13, 2012

    No, it is not possible to edit your Wix site while you are offline, or save your pages to your computer, as the Editor needs to be in constant connection with Wix's servers.

  • teleos

    Replied by teleos November 20, 2011


    I totally second this! I would love to be able to work on my Wix page offline and then publish it when I come online. I hope this will come to a reality soon! :D

  • Omer Wix Team

    Replied by Omer November 7, 2011



    Unfortunately we can't develop every wish list posted on our forums..


    We prioritize depending on the popularity of wish lists and of course other features that we are working on developing that are not posted on these forums.


    Currently this feature is not being worked on, i can not say when and if it will be possible to use the Wix editor offline.

  • sharonleng

    Replied by sharonleng November 6, 2011

    i have tried out several different web design programs and have to say WIIX is the best but the only downfall is that you can't work offline.  I see above that someone from the WIX team said 'it is now on the wish list' ...does this mean that you are going to change it to be able to work offline??  If so, any idea what time frame you are looking at??  I only ask as I am getting very close to wanting to get my website up and running along with 9 other peoples websites.  If being able to work off line with WIX is the decider on going with WIX and no one else.  Hope to see an answer soon.  Thanks so much.

  • dwight001

    Replied by dwight001 October 18, 2011


  • Agustin

    Replied by Agustin September 23, 2011


    You can create a copy of the site you are working on then, when you are finished editing the copy, transfer the premium package to it.

    To create a copy of a site open the editor and go to File > Save As and save the file under a different name.  This will create a copy under that name.

    To transfer your premium package to the copy please do the following:

    1. Click on "My Account" -> "Manage Premium".
    2. Click "Transfer".
    3. Check the document you wish to transfer your upgrade to
    And Click OK

    Note: The upgrade features will be removed immediately from the previous Wix site/document you just 'transferred' the upgrade from.
    For further information regarding the Manage Premium options click here.

    Note: please remember to change all information under 'settings' in the editor such as SEO information.
    You can change your domain in the domain manager. Click on "My account" -> "Manage Premium" -> "Domains".
    For more information click here .


    -Agustin WIX SF
  • handlers

    Replied by handlers September 23, 2011

    This would be a big time saver and make redesigning of the website so much easier. Often I need to set up a new layout but don´t want the customer to see it right away. Duplicating many pages is very slow progress.

  • Nadav

    Replied by Nadav September 14, 2011

    Your request is now in the wishlist!

    Nadav - Wix Team

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