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wix Wix Team

We've received a lot of great feedback regarding the Member Login feature and we are already working on many of the suggestions received. Add your votes and suggestions in this FAQ for requests related to this feature, including:


- Allowing site members to change their password
- Adding more fields
- Personalizing the appearance of the app
- Adding a password recovery feature- Was released :)
- Collecting first and last names
- Collecting basic contact information
- Deleting a member- Was released :)
- Sending new site members email confirmations
- Language customization - Was released :)


To learn more about adding a Member Login button, click here.


To read about our feature updates, please click here.

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  • vincentleeel

    Replied by vincentleeel June 13, 2014

    What can a member do? Does it allow them to view their orders? Does it allow them to save their shipping info so that they do not need to provide the info for future orders/

    • Or Wix Team

      Replied by Or June 13, 2014



      Basically, a member login button lets your visitors sign up or login to your site and access your members-only pages.

      Please feel free to vote for new features here. Also, feel free to follow this topic and get updated on new features regarding member login.

      Kind regards, Or - Wix Support Team.
  • gmlab6

    Replied by gmlab6 June 11, 2014

    Ok thats it!..
    I stop following this topic cause I wont follow if it doesn't move ;)
    Good luck with it..I am remove this silly app or whatever its called...


  • info0929 Premium VIP

    Replied by info0929 June 11, 2014

    We should be able to personalize the app.

    Align the text as we wish.

    Modify the text that appears on the button (right now it's login / sign up)

    When customers are signing up, the app should require the customer's full name as well.

    Member only pages should show up once the member has logged in. All of my websites are bilingual, this option would really help me out since I can't use menus!

    If I think of anything else, I will post again! Thanks!!

  • dinamiso Wix Team

    Replied by dinamiso June 11, 2014


    I merged your post to our main wishlist thread for this feature. 
    We appreciate your feedback and we will post any updates regarding this feature in the Best Reply of this thread.


    Dina-Wix Team.

  • kidvillealexis

    Replied by kidvillealexis June 11, 2014

    Customized Admin Log In

    It would be great to be able to customize the admin log in page. This can also apply to member log in. 



  • saad2605

    Replied by saad2605 June 10, 2014

    It would be nice to have access to customers passwords. As the small business owner and site owner, I get many request to let my customers know what there password was.

    Also another thing that would be really valuable is an option to add site members my self. This would be so I can assign a user name and password to one of my customers and then they could go in and access the site, and if they need to change there password.

  • ginnyirvinesales

    Replied by ginnyirvinesales June 10, 2014

    not getting notification to approve

    I have added a login register button to my website.... along with requiring approval.  But, I am not getting an email to let me know that someone wants approved for the site.  I need notification.  I AM getting notification is someone uses the contact form, but not the register form.  What have I done wrong?  Thanks

  • GAMER | play in style

    Replied by GAMER | play in style June 10, 2014

    Option to have button shapes and colors (rectangle/rounded corners)
    Option for text edit of app (uppercase/lowercase)
    Option to change layout (size/color)

  • ginnyirvinesales

    Replied by ginnyirvinesales June 9, 2014

    PLEASE.  I need more information to approve someone other than just their email..... that is a very basic need.

    • Marina Wix Team

      Replied by Marina June 10, 2014


      Please note that you can use a workaround to continue gathering information using the contact form and setting your member login button to require your approval before granting permission to your site by following the instructions here


      Then, ask your users to fill in the form before they subscribe and only approve users from which you received the information you require. 

      For more information about how to manage your contacts, click here.

    • ginnyirvinesales

      Replied by ginnyirvinesales June 10, 2014

      This was very helpful.  Thank you. 

    • Dean Wix Team

      Replied by Dean June 10, 2014

      Glad we could help,

      Let us know if you need anything else.

      All the best, Dean - Wix Team
  • tierixuk

    Replied by tierixuk June 6, 2014

    customer Login button


    Is it possible to configure the "customer login prompt button" to show the LOGIN screen first instead of showing the SIGNUP prompt? 

    If you look around, on 90% of internet websites, you get the login prompt first with the small link to sign up and not the opposite. 



    • HIRO Wix Team

      Replied by HIRO June 6, 2014

      Thank you for explaining the detailed information of your inquiry.
      I have merged your topic to the most relevant feature request thread, as it is not currently possible. 
      Please follow this thread to get the most updated information regarding this feature.
      Best regards,

      -HIRO, Wix Team

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