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We've received a lot of great feedback regarding the Member Login feature and we are already working on many of the suggestions received. Add your votes and suggestions in this FAQ for requests related to this feature, including:


- Allowing site members to change their password
- Adding more fields
- Personalizing the appearance of the app
- Adding a password recovery feature- Was released :)
- Collecting first and last names
- Collecting basic contact information
- Deleting a member- Was released :)
- Sending new site members email confirmations
- Language customization - Was released :)


To learn more about adding a Member Login button, click here.


To read about our feature updates, please click here.

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  • micha94

    Replied by micha94 June 23, 2014

    Please add additional fields to member login! 

  • manhattany

    Replied by manhattany June 23, 2014

    - Allowing site members to change their password
    - Adding more fields
    - Personalizing the appearance of the app
    - Collecting first and last names
    - Collecting basic contact information
    - Sending new site members email confirmations
    - Social Login 

    Thank you

  • jpunine

    Replied by jpunine June 20, 2014

    it's now time for me to unfollow this wishlist... From the the time I subscribed and now, I had enough time to learn basic PHP and develop my own member login with profile options... 

  • tannercrossingshoa

    Replied by tannercrossingshoa June 19, 2014

    Adding the requirements for certain fields. First and Last names are requested along with being able to add custom fields such as addresses.

  • lapizium

    Replied by lapizium June 18, 2014

    Ability to transfer site members to another site

    It would be great to have the ability to transfer all your site members to another site that you own.

    For example, this would be great because I'd like to redesign my site from scratch, but it be great if I could just create a new site with the new design and simply transfer my site members from the old site to the new site.

    I know there's complications with this feature, but if you created a button that would auto send a site member transfer request the each member's email, it would still let the client explicitly choose if they want their account to be transferred to the new site. This would avoid asking every site member to manually re-create their account on the new site.

  • cooljuly

    Replied by cooljuly June 18, 2014

    Need urgent help here..... 

    The member login button disappeared from the live version after I did my last publish. I come back to the data base of past versions, retrieve the latest version that had the button in place and can see it back in edit mode, but again, when i publish it disappears again from the preview mode and of course from the live version. The system seem to recognize a problem as it displays a dialog box saying that something is wrong in the header or footer. Of course, something is wrong, no member button is shown!! .   But what is the solution ??

    In summary, my website lost the member button ! No new members can sign up, and existing member have no way to get back in. Need urgent advise please.  Should i re-install the member login app ?

    HELP !!!!



    • Hércules Wix Team

      Replied by Hércules June 18, 2014

      Hi Julio,


      I could not find the Login Button. Could you please inform us in what page it is located?

      However, when entering the Member Zone, I was asked to type my member information.



      Please provide us with a screen shot of the problem. For instructions on how to take a screenshot, please use this link.


      To upload the screenshot, simply click on the "Upload" button and follow the steps.


    • cooljuly

      Replied by cooljuly June 18, 2014


      I just restored the site to the last version that worked properly, that is the version saved on may 28th. You can now go to my site in edit mode and see the Log in button located in the header section just below the "Contact" button.  HOWEVER, if you "Publish" the site as it appears now, THE BUTTON DISAPPEARS !!. That is the problem. I guess that a screenshot showing no button at all, is of little help to identify the problem. 

      I have tried several times but invariably the button goes away as soon as you "publish" the page, then the published page shows no button. HUGE PROBLEM, my members can not get in !!!  

      HELP !!

    • Ilia Wix Team

      Replied by Ilia June 18, 2014


      I've deleted the login button and re-added it, after that I published the site and it appeared just fine.

      Please clear your browser's cache. You can find step by step instructions here.

      Best regards

      Ilia - App Market Team
  • jam898

    Replied by jam898 June 15, 2014

    Add a name field to the member sign up

    How can I add a name field to the member sign up?  I have it set up to require pre-approval for site members.  This would be great if I could see at least the first and last name for individuals on this contact list, but instead I just see emails.  It is hard to pre-approve based on email addresses, when the often do not contain an individual's name.

    • Bender Wix Team

      Replied by Bender June 15, 2014



      Thank you for your input and feedback on this matter.

      I have merged your ticket to the main wishlist thread for this feature request so that you are updated if there are any updates with the request.

  • dmzsprays

    Replied by dmzsprays June 14, 2014

    To All


    Realizing the limitations of this APP 'after' investing countless hours building my website and committing to a year of service, I was informed that the APP is what it is. Take it or leave it. It is not flexible, adaptable or really functional for any real purpose other than to frustrate and confuse the client (us).


    In my opinion, it would be honest of WIX to omit this APP entirely until someone there could properly attend to it. They cried about how much server space it would take to even remotely do what the customers are asking for. My question to them is 'What is the intended function of the APP as it is?' I can only conclude is that the 'Intent' of WIX is to dupe, mislead or otherwise obfuscate the customer just so they can claim an APP with this name.


    So save your breath people..

  • studentmanagerleb

    Replied by studentmanagerleb June 14, 2014

    i want to add this to the wish list ( a personal page for each member that he can go to it by login

    dears , i wish to add on my wix site the capability that the members can enter to they own page ( Private  page ) by user name and password like we do in gmail for example. not like this login so they go to a public page after login . 


    kindly advice 


    • Dean Wix Team

      Replied by Dean June 14, 2014



      I have merged your ticket with the relevant thread for your query, in this thread we collect the feature requests for the member login feature.


      Please go over the best reply above for more information and let us know if you need anything else.

      All the best, Dean - Wix Team
  • vincentleeel

    Replied by vincentleeel June 13, 2014

    What can a member do? Does it allow them to view their orders? Does it allow them to save their shipping info so that they do not need to provide the info for future orders/

    • Or Wix Team

      Replied by Or June 13, 2014



      Basically, a member login button lets your visitors sign up or login to your site and access your members-only pages.

      Please feel free to vote for new features here. Also, feel free to follow this topic and get updated on new features regarding member login.

      Kind regards, Or - Wix Support Team.

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