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wix Wix Team
One of the cool new features in the Wix HTML editor is that the height of the pages in your website is not a predetermined size.
Your pages will adjust their height dynamically according to the content that you add to them. If you add more text or components, your pages will become longer in order to accommodate anything that you add. Simply drag the bottom-most component in your page downwards in order to extend the height of that page.  To shorten your page, click the element on the page that is too long and, at the bottom of the selected element, you will see an icon with an arrow on it called the Stretch Handle. This allows you to shorten or lengthen your page manually. Simply click and drag it up or down to change the length of your element and the page.
Currently, the width of your site is fixed at 980px. This size was chosen in order to accommodate the largest number of internet users that will be visiting your site. This is common for the new generation of sites, as it ensures compatibility with the many different smart devices being used today (i.e. iPad users) where you only scroll up or down.
Check out our video on how to use the Wix Gridlines to optimize your site's layout:

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  • dlangpap

    Replied by dlangpap May 5, 2014


    I have inserted a third-party e-shop via the Wix HTML editor. According to the specs of the shop, the width is 828 px, while the max. width of my Wix site is fixed at 980 px. However, if I open the e-shop directly, meaning outside of Wix, the shop looks wider and the products larger than when it's inserted in my Wix page. I would like the shop inside wix to look the same as outside it. How can I achieve this. I'm attaching pictures for your reference.




    • gills2 Wix Team

      Replied by gills2 May 5, 2014

      Hey  dlangpap,


      Keep in mind that by adding external HTML code you are adding products and code that we have not tested or created in Wix, therefore our support team cannot answer any questions concerning the HTML iFrame/Embed App.

      We recommend testing your code externally.

      You can do this using sites such as the following: 



      Gill, Wix Team
    • dlangpap

      Replied by dlangpap May 5, 2014

      Thanks for your answer. I think you don't need to have tested the external page. As said, the supposed max. width of the Wix page is larger than the max width of my shop, so there should be no problem in showing the complete size of my shop.

      I'd expect Wix support to give a bit more thought to questions, rather than just giving the same answer that can be found on the general help. I'm planning to upgrade to premium but I need to know if this will be possible and if the level of assistance I can expect is greater than this.


    • Dima Wix Team

      Replied by Dima May 6, 2014


      There is no problem on Wix' side. I measured the size of your embedded store on Wix and it is exactly 828 px, as you say it should be. We can't know why the store is wider when viewing it directly.  As gills2 said, this code was not created by us and we really can't provide any support for issues that arise with that code.

      Dima -Wix support team-
    • dlangpap

      Replied by dlangpap May 6, 2014

      Thanks for your answers.

      I apologize if I was a bit blunt in my response. I have solved the issue now, but have a new question: how can I make my page go to the top when a link is clicked? For example, a product that is in one of the last rows of the shop is clicked to see the product details, but the browser goes to the bottom of the product details page (which is blank). You have to scroll up to see what you are supposed to.


    • Ron Wix Team

      Replied by Ron May 7, 2014



      Please go over the instructions below in order to achieve the feature you've described above. Keep in mind that you will not be able to add a Wix feature within the embedded service you've added, they simply cannot be combined.

      What you can do is add an anchor link directly below your shop.


      An anchor is a position marker which allows you to link to a specific location on any of the pages of your site.


      Here is how you can find the anchors feature:

      You can find step by step instructions here or watch the video below:


      We would also like to thank you for your patience and for your great suggestions regarding this feature.

      To read about our feature updates, please click here.


      Ron, Wix Team
  • npalma4

    Replied by npalma4 May 1, 2014

    Even though I've adjusted my "Home Page"  (not the "Landing Page") to fit within the gridlines, I'm getting extra space on the right side of the screen when using a laptop or tablet (widescreen monitor works fine).  It seems as though there is a Page alignment problem, because my Landing Page does not do this even though the picture/frame size and the picture/frame coordinates are the same for both pages.

    I appreciate your response.

    • Ira Bel Wix Team

      Replied by Ira Bel May 1, 2014



      The issue is caused by an image behind the text:


      Please, resize or remove the image and it will solve the issue.

    • npalma4

      Replied by npalma4 May 5, 2014

      Yes, that solved the problem.

      Thank you!

    • Yotam Wix Team

      Replied by Yotam May 5, 2014

      I'm glad Ira was able to help you out!

      If you require any further assistance, feel free to contact us again. 
      Yotam Wix Team
  • Elena Sunrise

    Replied by Elena Sunrise April 30, 2014

    Auto Adapt individually page to user

    Hello Wix Team,

    Is any html code or plugin for our pages that makes the dimensions of the website to fit right in the browser for every user individually? another words, for example my website in my screen looks full, to other screens is missing some parts from the sides.

    thank you ,


    • Gat Wix Team

      Replied by Gat April 30, 2014

      Hi Elena,

      I've merged your post to the relevant thread.

      Please see the best reply above.


      If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us again.


      Gat Wix Team.
  • lisalisaparker

    Replied by lisalisaparker April 28, 2014

    Help! ! My "Page" is in my "Header" too far. I have NO idea how it happened. I tried to go into the Settings page on the editor to bring it down to no avail! 


    • Rony Wix Team

      Replied by Rony April 28, 2014



      We are here for you! Please elaborate on the problem you are having. I'm not sure I fully understood your issue. If you want to create a broader gap between the page and the header please drag the Slideshow Gallery (the first element under the header) downwards and the gap will created automatically. If you are having another issue, please provide us more information so we will be able to give you the best support. 


      For more information about the header, please click here.

      For video tutorials about the header, you are welcome to click here.

      For more information about pages, please click here.

      Hope it helps. Please let us know should you require further assistance.

      Thanks, Rony Customer Solutions
  • accountan4

    Replied by accountan4 April 28, 2014

    I can see how there would be major issues in having Dynamic page sizing for the width, since we randomly layer the information on our wix pages when we add items. I was hoping that perhaps there could be an additional dynamic page editor similar to the mobile editor that we can optimize and organize our data according to our preference if a page is sized smaller than the 980px parameter. I know it might be allot of work for the editor, but I would prefer to have that option than not have it at all. 

    • Ritti Wix Team

      Replied by Ritti April 29, 2014


      Unfortunately this isn't possible at the moment.

      We document and learn from every feature request and bug brought to our attention. These objectives are immediately high priority milestones in Wix's product road map.

      Feel free to add your feature request to our Wish List by posting here.

      To read about our feature updates, please click here.

      Best, Ritti
  • amyhudson88

    Replied by amyhudson88 April 28, 2014

    my website seems to have fixed to a width of 612px...I think this might account for why i'm losing the left of all my pages once published....any ideas how i fix it?

    • amyhudson88

      Replied by amyhudson88 April 28, 2014

      ok now i seem to have fixed losing the left hand side but it is still all off centre....this didnt happen in the old layout....

    • Barrios Wix Team

      Replied by Barrios April 28, 2014



      Please note that I checked your site and was unable to recreate the issue,

      See video screenshot here.

      Please see What browsers are compatible with Wix? also see What are gridlines?


       We are here if you require further assistance.


      Many thanks, Barrios
    • amyhudson88

      Replied by amyhudson88 April 28, 2014

      ahhh...just reopened my editor and it has all rejiggled itself....irritating but after moving it all around again it now resolved...hooray!! thanks for everyones help 

    • Leah Wix Team

      Replied by Leah April 28, 2014



      I'm glad this was resolved :) Please let us know if you have any further questions. 

      Sincerely, Leah Wix Team
  • ssae66

    Replied by ssae66 April 21, 2014

    Hi where are the settings for the new WIX template sites for Viewing mode - True Size, Best Fit and Fit to Width? (Keep Aspect Ratio)

    • Leah Wix Team

      Replied by Leah April 21, 2014



      Please note that the above terms are from our Flash editor. In the HTML editor these options are not available, as the viewing is different. 


      Please see the Best Reply above for more information, and let us know if we could assist you further. 

      Sincerely, Leah Wix Team
  • karencardenas

    Replied by karencardenas April 20, 2014

    I have the same problem. Suddenly happened a few hours ago. The header suddenly became huge you can't even see the main content area above the fold.  kweather.ph

    • shayb7 Wix Team

      Replied by shayb7 April 20, 2014



      To fix this issue please go to your editor -> click the Pages part of your site -> click Settings -> at the bottom of the settings window, change the 'y' value to 0.

      If you need any further assistance, please let us know.

    • karencardenas

      Replied by karencardenas April 20, 2014

      Thanks! Will remember this in case it happens again. For a quick fix, I just republished the version before the problem cropped up. 

      Thanks for the usual speedy response. 



    • dinamiso Wix Team

      Replied by dinamiso April 20, 2014


      We are glad to hear you managed to find a solution, cheers!

      Please don't hesitate to contact us again,if you will need additional assistance.

      I would like to explain to you why this is happening.

      If you add content which is not attached to your header or pages, a gap will appear.

      For example:   I added an image between the header and your pages:


      Currently this image is not attached to the header not to the pages.

      Please don't worry, I didn't save any changes to your Wix site.

      Dina-Wix Team.


    • karencardenas

      Replied by karencardenas April 20, 2014

      figured it must have been something like that so i was checking if there were attached elements to the header that had no content, or content i couldn't see but i couldn't find any. 

      thanks for the sample clipart screen shot. *goes to hunt for any other easter eggs you may have left behind on my site today. LOL!

      thanks again. 


    • Ilia Wix Team

      Replied by Ilia April 20, 2014

      We're glad to be of help, feel free to contact us with any other questions.

      Ilia - Wix Support
  • hollylopez

    Replied by hollylopez April 19, 2014

    The Header height.

    I need to reduce the Container vertical size for the Header. ie move the grid line that separates data container from the Header. It was smaller then some how it grew down the page moving the middle container also further down. Now I have an area in the Header that I dont need 


    • Daniel Wix Team

      Replied by Daniel April 19, 2014



      I viewed your site and I was unable to see any problems with your header.

      Please provide us with a screen shot of the problem. For instructions on how to take a screenshot, please use this link.

      To upload the screenshot, simply click on the "Upload" button and follow the steps.


      Daniel - Wix support team
  • elliottcarlson

    Replied by elliottcarlson April 16, 2014

    Hi everyone,

    Someone in our team accidentally pull down the gridline from the heather, making it a lot wider than we intended. We have tried all we could think of in order to pull the gridline back up to where it was, but it has been impossible. Can you please give us instructions on how to reduce the height of the header (top gridline)? 


    • gills2 Wix Team

      Replied by gills2 April 16, 2014

      Hey  elliottcarlson,


      I checked your site via editor and the header doesn't appear much larger than the menu that is placed there, 

      Please provide us with a screen shot of the problem. For instructions on how to take a screenshot, please use this link.


      Gill, Wix Team
    • elliottcarlson

      Replied by elliottcarlson April 16, 2014

      Thank you for your response. As you can see on the current version of our site, the header height is around 100 pxls. On the original design the header was 63 pxls. I know it's not a huge difference, but it aligns so much better with the logo as you can see on the following screenshot. I would really appreciate your advice on how to reduce the pull back gridline to where it was. 


    • Barrios Wix Team

      Replied by Barrios April 17, 2014



      The reason you cannot move the Header height is due to the elements you have in the Header.

      You can move the Header height by taking the Hilldale icon momentarily out of the header and moving the menu up, this way you create space for the header to be pulled up.


      I hope this helps, let us know if you require further assistance!

      Many thanks, Barrios

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