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  • debrastanley

    Alt text for slide show images?

    By debrastanley May 24, 2012

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    Hi, on my front / home page I have a three image slide show. The Wix SEO monitoring tool said it found three images on my site, even though many other pages have images. The tool recommended I should put my keywords in the alt text for the images.

    1.  Are only the images on the home page relevant to search engines?
    2.  How do I change the alt text for the slide show images? I have done this for every other image on my site, but when I pull up "organize images" in the slide show I only get title and description, no alt text blank. (I'm using the HTML5 editor). I don't want to add title or description because I don't want those to display when the mouse goes over the images, and anyway, those aren't the same as alt text, are they? Suggestions?

    Thank you in advance.

Elia Wix Team

Our technical team has resolved the matter and we do not expect any further difficulties in this regard.

Your patience and understanding is much appreciated.

Thank you for your time and I wish you a good day.

Elia - Wix Support

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  • robhawryluk

    Replied by robhawryluk May 11, 2013

    This is still an issue. I just built a site that is entirely reliant on the images on the home page to carry the weight and I have been going in circles for hours. I don't want to display titles for my images on the page and there is positively no way to add the alt text. 

    It seems many people are having the same problem and have been dealing with this for months.

  • dinamiso Wix Team

    Replied by dinamiso February 23, 2013

    Hi what2eat ,

    You can remove the description from your images.

    Please click on the gallery -> manage -> delete description.

    You can also change the skin of your gallery.

    Please click on the gallery- > change style - > edit style -> change the gallery to a different skin where the image description doesn't show.


    Thank you,


  • what2eat

    Replied by what2eat February 22, 2013


    When I enter my keywords to description part of a picture (I am talking about an image gallery), the keywords appear when you move your mouse on the image. I don't want them to appear. Can you pls resolve this issue? The ALT TEXT solution is not available in a proper way for image galleries.

  • Leah Wix Team

    Replied by Leah January 25, 2013

    Hi victoriavalentin4,


    I apologize for the inconvenience. Please provide us with more details so that we could investigate this further. On which website does this occur? Where are the galleries located?


    Sincerely, Leah Wix Support
  • victoriavalentin4

    Replied by victoriavalentin4 January 25, 2013

    I agree with Mathew Smith. I have added text to images in slide shows and although it shows up on the web site when you check with the SEO programme nothing shows. The text does NOT work as ALT TEXT

  • Elia Wix Team

    Replied by Elia January 25, 2013

    Please provide us with a detailed outline of the steps you have taken until this point, so we may replicate the process from our end in finding a solution.

    -Where do you see it on your site, i.e. what page?
    -What component in the editor is causing the problem (i.e. text box)?

    *Please include screen shots, if possible.

    Thank you for your cooperation and we await your reply.

    Elia - Wix Support
  • matthewsmith17

    Replied by matthewsmith17 January 24, 2013

    Adding the text that shows up on the slideshow or gallery images doesn't show up as ALT TEXT -- because when I run your SEO program it still shows that my images do not have ALT TEXT, even though the text is overlaying on the images.

  • Elia Wix Team

    Replied by Elia January 8, 2013

    Unfortunately this isn't possible at the moment.

    We document and learn from every feature request and bug brought to our attention. These objectives are immediately high priority milestones in Wix's product road map.

    Feel free to add your feature request to our Wish List by posting here.

    You can keep up to date with what features are coming soon here.

    Elia - Wix Support
  • mbranco978

    Replied by mbranco978 January 8, 2013

    When I do that, the text appears on my images.  I don't want any text to appear.  I tried to change the skin but there are no options for no text to appear.

    How do I add alt text to gallery images without it showing up on my images?

  • Elia Wix Team

    Replied by Elia December 11, 2012

    You can add a title and description to your images in a gallery. This will function as your Alt Text. Make sure you add both a relevant title and description to all of your images in your gallery.


    To learn how to add text to your gallery images, click here.

    Elia - Wix Support

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