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wix Wix Team

You can add more language sets to your fonts from the Fonts section of Design. Adding a language set will load the necessary symbols and encodings to supported fonts.


To add font language sets: From the left side of the Editor, click the Design icon > click Fonts > click Language Support > check the box next to the relevant language set > click OK.


Once you add a new language set, you can see which fonts support your language by editing text and choosing a font from the text editor bar.


Note: When opening your Editor in Russian, Polish or Hebrew for example, the relevant language sets will be added by default.


To learn more, click here or check out the video below.


Note: We recommend that you only add the language sets that you need for your site. Adding all available options will heavily affect your site's loading time.

Please let us know here if your language is missing in order for us to add it to our list of supported languages in fonts.



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  • lamishajjkhalil

    Replied by lamishajjkhalil 3 days ago


    I want Danish pleaassee

  • natviolin

    Replied by natviolin July 13, 2014

    I want to THAILAND languages in fonts

  • owlsabha

    Replied by owlsabha July 11, 2014


    Hindi font (devnagiri script) was working till last few hours. Now it displays at same places only? I know wix does not support hindi font now but how it is working at some place?


    • Marina Wix Team

      Replied by Marina July 12, 2014

      Hi owlsabha,

      Each browser supported text (i.e any supported language) you add should work within the editor.


      Regarding the font - I've checked your site and I was unable to locate the problem you've mentioned. Please clarify - what exactly is the problem you're experiencing?

      In order for us to properly understand the issue, please provide us with a screen shot of the problem. For instructions on how to take a screenshot, please use this link. 


      To upload the screenshot, simply click on the "Upload" button and follow the steps.

      Thanks for contacting Wix! We await your reply to further assist.

  • thataw865

    Replied by thataw865 July 6, 2014

    my own Language is the Karen. 

  • thataw865

    Replied by thataw865 July 6, 2014

    I can't get my mother Language, my own Language is,(KAREN) . 

  • lily0129

    Replied by lily0129 June 19, 2014

    Traditional Chinese please!

  • obulut-99

    Replied by obulut-99 June 6, 2014


  • Baran Berk

    Replied by Baran Berk June 3, 2014


    • Shai Wix Team

      Replied by Shai June 4, 2014



      The editor supports whatever language you have installed on the computer's operating system so make sure your computer supports the language you wish to type in and just go ahead and type wherever text is editable on your site.

      There is a known issue with the letters ş and ğ when using the basic font. They will come up as a different font type. We recommend to use a different font like Verdana for example.


      Nonetheless, your request for additional fonts for Turkish has been added. Thanks for your vote!

      Shai - Wix Support
  • hieucookie97

    Replied by hieucookie97 May 17, 2014

    I support the Vietnamese language

    • Helle Wix Team

      Replied by Helle May 17, 2014

      Hi hieucookie97,


      thanks for your feedback! :)

      Helle, Support-Team Wix
  • kugan333

    Replied by kugan333 May 15, 2014

    Please add Tamil language font

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