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nirzohar Wix Team

To all of our Wix users who care about our blog,

Last summer we released the beta version of our blogging platform. We had a very exciting feature road-map with plans to make great improvements to the platform. 


Unfortunately, when managing a software company, you're often forced to make a decision that diverts resources to benefit one project, while in the process harming another one.

This was the case with our blogging platform. The fact is, we were so happy about it and so optimistic for its future that we rushed to share our plans with you. Subsequently,  we ended up not making any real progress ever since we told you about those plans.


We apologize for setting the wrong expectations, as well as for not redirecting our dev team and making much more progress by now. 

However, we intend to fix this over the next few months. 


First, we're in the process of beefing up the development team which will be dedicated to the blog. (If you're a developer and want to be a part of it, in either Tel Aviv, Vilnius or Dnepropetrovsk, then please contact us via our jobs page). This team will be structured so that it is focused on carrying out it's one and only goal - creating an amazing blogging platform for you, our users.


Second, we have been collecting all of your critical feedback so that this dedicated team knows what the top priority is to be fixed and added in order to give you the best experience possible.

 It might take a few more months before you see the fruits of these efforts. However,  we are committed to making this happen as soon as we can, as well as to making sure that we communicate to you the real progress and timeline, so you will know what to expect.


Thank you again for caring so much about Wix, supporting us and especially for pushing us all the time to be a better team. 


To read about our feature updates, please click here.



Wix.com - COO

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  • mckinleyphotograph5

    Replied by mckinleyphotograph5 13 hours ago

    This is ridiculous! I am a photographer and my blog post MUST have more than ONE image! I am so upset by this! I was excited to be able to blog through my website but now this just sucks. I hope you figure this out, or at least let people go back to posting through photo bucket html codes. Very disappointed in the blog feature through wix

  • Maarten

    Replied by Maarten Yesterday

    I'm following this post for a long time now and I notice a lot of angry and emotional people. First of all I have no compassion for people who did not do their homework and then find out it's not what their looking for. Seconds I think Wix is doing a hell of a job!!

    I like the work around from Espen to turn your blog post in to one picture although I might not improve the loading time it works.

    Myself, I made a second button (white text with a colored background) in the first sentence of the post. this text is a link to a new page. I use a blank page which I turned in to a template and duplicated every time. This way I have all the freedom of Wix and her functions. The only thing which is ugly is the original button (now their are two). It would be nice if you could change the link to an other individual page then only the Single Post page.

    Anyways it's a work around that works for me. I will launch my site somewhere this week to show you guys an example.

    @Wix 1, as a feature request I miss a "insert code block" app for if your blocking about code and would like to add it to your post.

    @ Wix 2, keep up doing the great work guys, :-)

    Kind regards,








    Rock the nation
    • Tal Wix Team

      Replied by Tal 18 hours ago

      Hi Maarten,


      Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

      The ability to add code to your Blog in the past was resulting from a bug, that unless fixed could cause security issues. Security is our top priority, thereby we made sure that this loophole was disabled.


      To read about our feature updates, please click here.


      Have a great day,

      Tal, Wix Team
    • Maarten

      Replied by Maarten 13 hours ago

      Hi Tal,

      Thanks for your reply. I understand what you're saying and sounds understandable. Only maybe my request was a bit simpler. I don't need to add code to be executed but more like a standalone locked text block that recognizes code and the mark-up colors used in programs like Visual Studio or PowerGui. Only to visualize the code and maybe add it as an attachment and the ability to select it and copy.

      Like a paragraph for technical code bloggers  (nerds like me) :-)


      Kind regards,


      Rock the nation
    • noa Wix Team

      Replied by noa 11 hours ago

      Hi Maarten,


      Thanks for you feedback,


      You can vote for this feature in this thread.


      All the best,

      Noa - Wix Team
  • espenlundgaard

    Replied by espenlundgaard Yesterday

    Solution to the problem!?

    Open powerpoint, click insert picture (as many as you like). Align them (write your text between them), press ctrl, click on all the pictures and text boxes, click mouse right, save as picture, and then upload the picture to your wix blog post.

    Good luck:)


  • elenatsgr

    Replied by elenatsgr 2 days ago

    You can't add pictures to a blogpost What is this??? also must see the source as code!

    Please FIX IT!!! its pity! you will make your sites look much better

    Thank you

    • Helle Wix Team

      Replied by Helle Yesterday

      Hello elenatsgr,


      Thank you for your feedback!

      You can add one image to each bolg post.

      At the time you can't add mulitple images. We are working on that.


      Have a good day,

      Helle, Support-Team Wix
  • mpcrawford10

    Replied by mpcrawford10 4 days ago

    I used to be able to add photobucket pictures to my blog posts. It now isn't working. Have you all taken away the feature to add multiple pictures from other websites? I hope you haven't, this was the only way of utilizing my blog through your website. If so, I will have to move on..

    • noa Wix Team

      Replied by noa 3 days ago



      This feature was probably available with an external html code.

      Please note that for security reasons there is no option of adding an html code to a Wix blog anymore.


      Please refer to this thread.



      Noa - Wix Team
  • romishpapist

    Replied by romishpapist 5 days ago

    Goodness, I asked about this months ago. I assumed it had been accomplished by now.  I just don't understand it... you have excellent software engineers... you have enough money to launch national TV ad campaigns (like the one I saw last week in a waiting room), but you can't increase the number of pictures per blog post without "working around the clock" for a year?  It genuinely doesn't make sense - it's a mystery.  Perhaps people would be less frustrated if you explained specifically what the roadblock is.  Have you tried outsourcing it?  

    • Dean Wix Team

      Replied by Dean 4 days ago



      While our developers are working to upgrade and improve the Blog feature we are unable to provide an ETA for the new version's release, please refer to the best reply above for more detailed information about the status of this issue.


      Thank you for the patience and understanding.

      All the best, Dean - Wix Team
  • cjdcoles

    Replied by cjdcoles 5 days ago

    Yes, we would all like to have the ability to have multiple pictures but it isn't there yet and harassing the wix staff isn't going to bring it about any sooner.  I can agree, however, with the comment about some sort of disclaimer as I too upgraded without yet discovering this limitation.  Having said that I simply worked around it with picture pages and the feedback I am getting is that it is far superior to the blogger site that I initially tried.

    Anyone wanting to see how it works and/or looks then my site is www.chrisjdcoles.com and is simply a travel blog since my retirement.

    • ilan-t Wix Team

      Replied by ilan-t 5 days ago

      Thanks for the feedback and contribution. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


      Best regards

  • colin kagame

    Replied by colin kagame 5 days ago

    Pictures inside Blog post

    So I can't add pictures inside of a blog post within the text?

  • veritebikes

    Replied by veritebikes April 17, 2014

    It really is ridiculous that people can't add anymore than one image per blog post. I'm going to go to Tumblr or wordpress and create a blog there - very frustrating after spending so much time creating my Wix Blog post page. 

    • rony Wix Team

      Replied by rony 5 days ago

      Im sorry for the inconveniences, and we thank you for the feedback.

      All best,

      Rony WixTeam
  • devonv1

    Replied by devonv1 April 16, 2014

    With all the time that this is taking, I'm really hoping that you guys launch a completely redesigned and improved Blogging platform and not just this feature to add multiple photos. Can you guys confirm that that is your plan?

    Will you guys be introducing the multiple photo feature on its own? or will it be introduced to us along side an entirely redesigned blogging platform?

    • oryi Wix Team

      Replied by oryi April 17, 2014

      Currently we cannot provide a specific ETA. Please stay tuned as to updates regarding this matter. Thank you for voting.

      All the best, Or
    • devonv1

      Replied by devonv1 5 days ago

      Thats not what I asked. Are you just Copy and Pasting the same response to everyone's inquiries on this thread, Oryi? How about you read my question first and then answer please. 

    • Ella Wix Team

      Replied by Ella 4 days ago


      I apologize for the misunderstanding.

      As the "Best Reply" states, our blog platform is extremely important to us and we are doing our best to improve it. 

      Thank you for your patience,


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