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wix Wix Team

Currently, the Wix Blog does not have an RSS feed available. You can vote for this feature in this FAQ.


To read about our feature updates, please click here.

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  • honrice

    Replied by honrice One hour ago

    Well Wix.

    I see your afford and appreciate it when you add multi Pic on Wix Blog. But without RSS feed we still have to go by tumblr / or blogger.

    It is good to have RSS feed so we use Wix instead of tumblr. It dramatically change the function of the site from simply displaying to blogging.

    • honrice

      Replied by honrice One hour ago


      Right now we have RSS feed for Tumblr / Blogger, so you still encourage ppl to blog with other app. Which diminish the significant of your Blog function update. If I blog with Wix I need do it 1 time only with Wix RSS.

  • trinityhawkphoto

    Replied by trinityhawkphoto 13 hours ago

    I am interested in the RSS feed too, however, I can not believe how unreasonable some of the people on this thread are being.  Do they not understand how coding is done? How sometimes coding takes awhile to get correct? Especially when a company is working on not just one request but lots of other request at the same time.

    Wix is a company just like any other and they have many request, and have to work out the coding to make everyone of those request happen. Plus, they are working on Advertising, partnership with other coding "companies" such as facebook, storefronts, etc so they will work with Wix and provide app coding for you the customer. 

    Yes we need RSS, but when you signed on to Wix as a client you KNEW or should of known by doing your research (I knew) that RSS was not apart of the blog at this time.  They are working on fixing this and will get it fixed as soon as they are able.  Now if it takes a year, or two, that is the time to start giving this type of feed back, not two or three hours from each comment - or a week or two that is fully unreasonable.

    • Stav Wix Team

      Replied by Stav 13 hours ago

      Hi Kitra,


      Thank you for taking the time and writing your kind input.

      We will update you as soon as this feature is available. Please be sure to follow this topic.


      Have a great day!

      Should you have any further questions, please let us know! Thanks, Customer Solutions
  • sldavi10

    Replied by sldavi10 15 hours ago

    This is a vote for the RSS Feed

  • samanthastapley

    Replied by samanthastapley Yesterday

    People have been asking for this feature since September 28th, 2013... Wix is either 1) not up to date with contemporary trends and technology, or 2) impartial to customer feedback and hasn't bothered to incorporate this essential feature. Or both. Get it together, Wix! Or..lose customers who want to be serious bloggers, who would bring in more traffic, customers, and money, ultimately, if they had an RSS feed.

    • Jonathan Wix Team

      Replied by Jonathan Yesterday

      We thank you for taking the time and writing your detailed post. We agree, RSS is an important component. Our blog is very new in it's current version, as any new component it does not have all the inner features to make it great at first. We are working on it, we are working on a new version of the blog and hope to incorporate RSS (and many other features) to the blog.

  • samanthastapley

    Replied by samanthastapley Yesterday

    RSS needs to happen ASAP!

  • samanthastapley

    Replied by samanthastapley Yesterday

    Blogger, Typepad, Tumblr, SquareSpace, Wordpress, to name a few... these all have RSS feeds

  • brancorp2000

    Replied by brancorp2000 Yesterday

    I don´t believe that we don´t have RSS yet!!!

  • benbrearley

    Replied by benbrearley Yesterday

    This is another vote for an RSS feed

  • bojanmandura

    Replied by bojanmandura Yesterday

     Adding my vote- IM INCREDIBLY DISAPPOINTED!!!



    • Stav Wix Team

      Replied by Stav Yesterday

      I'm very sorry to hear that's how you feel.

      Please follow this topic and we will update you with any news regarding this matter.

      Should you have any further questions, please let us know! Thanks, Customer Solutions
    • bojanmandura

      Replied by bojanmandura 23 hours ago

      Sorry but this is unacceptable.If you don't solve this problem in max two weeks you gonna have one customer less.

    • Nati Wix Team

      Replied by Nati 19 hours ago

      Hi bojanmandura.


      I apologize for the inconvenience.


      I am afraid that we cannot provide with an exact ETA, but you can be rest assured that we are working on this feature and will release it once it is ready.


      Thank you for your kind patience.

      Best Regards, Nati - Wix Support Team
  • phil4344

    Replied by phil4344 Yesterday

    I'm very new to WIX and to bloggin and social media but I do know the obvious importance of having people follow your blog. Please add this feature soon. IT GETS A BIG VOTE from me.

    Also, or instead of, how can we at least post new blog entries onto other social media? I want to see my entries posted on Facebook.





    • Ritti Wix Team

      Replied by Ritti Yesterday


      In order to post your articles to FB simply copy and paste their respective URL to your FB status.

      We will have many more sharing and engagement options in the future.

      Best, Ritti

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