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Yes! You can use your Wordpress blog with Wix by connecting your blog to a subdomain (ex: blog.yourdomain.com). For information about connecting your blog to a subdomain, please visit the Wordpress page here and follow the instructions.


If you would like to add a blog directly to your Wix site, you can use the Wix Blog!

We also have two blog apps available for you to use: Tumblr Feed and Blogger Feed. You can find these apps in the Wix App Market.

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  • fenellaosborne

    Replied by fenellaosborne April 5, 2012


    i have a blog with word press unpaid, and would like ot link it to my unpaid free website with you at wix however when following your instructions it would not let me do this. do i need to pay extra for mapping at either end of this link.  

    thanks for your help


  • Yoni

    Replied by Yoni March 28, 2012

    We don't have a ready example, however you can Google for "Wordpress" and "Wix" and you're bound to stumble upon someone who's done it

    Yoni - Wix Support
  • tomtomkinson

    Replied by tomtomkinson March 28, 2012

    Do you have an example of this?

  • ichallengeyou

    Replied by ichallengeyou March 11, 2012

    I want to have more than one blog on my wix site, but not sure if I can, or how to do so?

    Help Please...

  • adamchamy

    Replied by adamchamy March 8, 2012

    Wordpress domain with Wix

    I created a blog years ago on wordpress.com and bought a domain to go with it.

    I now want to transfer that domain name to the wix site I have created. How do I go about doing this? Do I need to get it hosted by another group (GoDaddy, etc?)


  • gidhanekom

    Replied by gidhanekom February 16, 2012

    Connecting my blog to wix site

    Hi there!  I have a wordpress blog (www.pacesetter.me) and want visitors to my wix webpage (www.chronoscounselling.com) be able to know of it and have an option to be directed there.  is that possible.  I know you've posted various answers on submapping and cnames and url's and ip addresses etc, but i'm not a techie and don't have the time to figure it out. can you please state it in simple practical terms for clots like me please.  I've tried doing it from wordpress' side but i get messages stating that my site's not pointing to it blah blah blah and that i need to contact my domain provider etc etc.  i just need it to work.  i've been trying to figure it out for the last three days.  please help!


  • Gabriel Wix Team

    Replied by Gabriel February 4, 2012



    If you wish to point your domain only to your WP blog,  meaning your Wix website won't be accessible via http://www.jamesolmos.com/, you'll need to ask WordPress an IP to add A records to, because Wix doesn't support changing name servers. 


    If you wish to just  "blog.jamesolmos.com"  to point to your blog, just add a CNAME record with the word "blog" and the address of you blog. You can find very step by step instructions on the Nicole's best reply.

    Gabriel - Wix
  • James Olmos

    Replied by James Olmos February 2, 2012

    WordPress support said . . . "you have configured your domain incorrectly at your domain registrar so that it is pointed at the IP address of one of our nameservers. You need to reconfigure it so that it has it's nameservers setup to be our nameservers.

    Currently the nameservers for jamesolmos.net are set to ns1.wix.com. and ns2.wix.com. these need to be set to NS1.WORDPRESS.COM, NS2.WORDPRESS.COM, and NS3.WORDPRESS.COM"

    Can Wix offer me support on how to configure its nameserver to point to the WordPress nameserver?  Is this even possible?

    Thank you ~

  • James Olmos

    Replied by James Olmos February 1, 2012

    Point my domain to my WordPress blog


    I purchased my domain jamesolmos.net from Wix.  I want to point this domain to my WordPress blog acousticenergy.wordpress.com

    I followed the directions at http://en.support.wordpress.com/domain-mapping/map-existing-domain/ and added my domain to WordPress.  Unfortunately, Wix keeps pointing to WordPress.com and not to my WordPress blog. So, I can't even view my blog because every time I type my personal domain jamesolmos.net or acousticenergy.wordpress.com - both open WordPress.com

    I updated my domain's server to the following CNAME and I made sure to remove the A(host) servers (Wix won't let me add the same CNAME and A host anyways.)


    What am I doing wrong and how can I point my domain to my WordPress blog?

    Thanks ~

  • brandi5

    Replied by brandi5 January 6, 2012

    connecting to wordpress

    How can I map my wix domain to my wordpress? Wordpress gives me the dns codes, but wix says they are invalid... 

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