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Nicole Wix Team Wix Team

*This feature has not yet been released to all users.* 

You can currently only transfer domains with the following extensions: .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info, .co, .guru, .email, .expert, and .tv


You can transfer your domain from another registrar to your Wix account. To transfer your domain, please verify that at least 60 days have passed since you registered or last transferred your domain and make sure that your domain is unlocked.

For more information please click here.

After a domain transfer is successful, your computer/browser might still be directed to the old site when you try to access the domain.

This normally resolves itself after several days depending on the router/browser settings but in order to fix this immediately you should clear your browsers cache and flush the DNS.


Note: Transferring your domain to Wix is not the same as connecting your domain to your Wix site. If you would like to keep your domain with your current domain host, but connect the domain to your Wix site, please click here to learn more.

Thanks, Nicole,

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  • hanz15

    Replied by hanz15 2 days ago

    Hi Team

    We transferred our domain about a week ago and I'm still not able to access it?

    • Niv Wix Team

      Replied by Niv 2 days ago


      Thank you for contacting Wix support.

      To avoid confusions and further assist you, have you confirmed the domain transfer request through the confirmation email sent?


      Thank you for your cooperation, 

      Niv, Wix Support
  • jeanstora

    Replied by jeanstora 3 days ago


    I am planning on signing up with wix and I will register a domain.com with Wix as well.

    Now... I also want to register a domani.com.au with an other register but I would like to know if I can park my domain.com.au on wix so that people typing domain.com.au can be directed to domain.com ?

    Let me know if you allow  parked domain s on host plans.




    • dinamiso Wix Team

      Replied by dinamiso 3 days ago

      Hi Jean,

      You can redirect a second domain to your main Wix domain.

      You will need to point the domain to Wix name servers, and add the domain via your Wix account.


      You can connect up to three domain names (URLs) to one Wix site through the Wix domain manager.


      In order to connect an secondary domain to your current domain, please make sure to add the new domain to your account as well (use the already have a domain link). Once both domains are listed in your domain manager, please follow these instructions:

      Step 1: Decide which domain address is your primary one ( www.exampledomain.com).  The other domain address ( www.exampledomain2.com) will be your secondary.

      Step 2: Connect your primary domain to your Wix site.

      Step 3: Once you have connected your primary domain to your Wix site, from the top menu, hover over Subscriptions > click Domains > next to your secondary domain, click Manage.

      From Domain Summary, under Domain Connects To, click Change >  from the pop-up window, select To another domain name > choose your primary domain from the drop down menu > click Save.


      Your domain name is now redirected! You will be able to see this under the Domain Summary. Please make sure you click the Check Connection button in the Domain Summary section to verify that the connection was successful.



      Dina-Wix Team.

  • lapming

    Replied by lapming 4 days ago

    Hi, I just want to ask a stupid question that I couldn't figure out in the Help Centre. I have a domain name www.dachef.hk from HKDNR and I created a website under wix. If I want the visitors to visit the website www.dachef.hk without redirecting to the website under wix (cos I don't prefer the appointed website address by wix), what should I do? Transfer the domain to wix or connect the domain name to wix? I am confused between the two.

    • rony Wix Team

      Replied by rony 4 days ago


      Thanks for contacting Wix Support.

      If i understand you correctly, you don't want to connect your domain to your Wix Site.

      Then, you do not need to connect neither transfer your domain to Wix.

      In case of further questions, please contact us again. 

      Rony WixTeam
  • hartmansusan4

    Replied by hartmansusan4 4 days ago

    I have been waiting for a registry approval for over a week - I am not sure what I should do to expedite this process. Where can I get someone to help with this issue?

    • Or Y Wix Team

      Replied by Or Y 4 days ago



      Please make sure you have pushed "confirm" in the mail that was sent to you about the domain transfer.

      Your registry approval is still pending. Please hold until the 7-business-day period is over.


      You can keep track of the process anytime at Subscriptions > Domains.

      All the best, Or
    • hartmansusan4

      Replied by hartmansusan4 3 days ago

      I am not sure what email you mean - who should I have gotten an email from? when?

    • Ritti Wix Team

      Replied by Ritti 3 days ago


      I can see that the admin email specified it .

      You'll receive an email from support@wix.com, asking you to confirm your transfer request. The subject of the email is "DOMAIN NAME TRANSFER - Initial Authorization for Registrar". You must open this email (check your spam folder) and click Confirm within 5 days after the transfer request. If you do not confirm the email, the transfer process cannot be completed.

      It may take up to seven days for the Registry to approve your transfer.

      Best, Ritti
    • hartmansusan4

      Replied by hartmansusan4 3 days ago

      I finally found the email - but now the email expired.  Can it be sent again please.


    • Or Wix Team

      Replied by Or 3 days ago



      In order to receive this email message again, please repeat the process as this email is generated automatically. 


      If you need to be reminded of the steps that have to be taken in order to transfer the domain, please click here.


      Please let us know should you require further assistance.

      All the best, Or - Wix support team.
    • hartmansusan4

      Replied by hartmansusan4 3 days ago

      I tried to repeat the process and got - Domain transfer request already exist at your Wix account.  

    • Marina Wix Team

      Replied by Marina 3 days ago

      Hi hartmansusan4,

      I can see that the transfer process had failed, this means that you should now be able to repeat the process. 


      The reason you were unable to repeat the process previously was due to the fact that the transfer hadn't failed yet. 

      Please try again now and let us know whether the issue persists. 


      Thanks for contacting Wix and for your cooperation!

  • joelavendano6

    Replied by joelavendano6 5 days ago

    transfer domain and hosting from another vendor and owner to wix and under my name


    i will be transferring the domain name and hosting from another vendor to wix.

    i have created a free account and will upgrade to a premium account as soon as i know everything will work.

    the previous owner of the site has just renewed the hostname to expire: 07-15-2015.

    he has given me the EPP code.

    am i able to transfer the domain name to wix and then link to my site after transferring???

    thank you.



    • Dima Wix Team

      Replied by Dima 5 days ago

      Hi Joel,

      I merged your message to the general thread concerning this issue. Please take a look at the best reply above and let us know should you have any further questions.


      Dima -Wix support team-
  • sustenarq

    Replied by sustenarq 5 days ago

    I have built a site on Wix.com. Please connect my domain to their name servers- NS1.WIX.COM (IP address and NS2.WIX.COM (IP address

    • AlonH Wix Team

      Replied by AlonH 5 days ago



      If you wish to connect your domain to your Wix site via nameservers, please send this message to your current host. It may take up to 72 hours for the change to take effect.



      Don't hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance. 

  • hostellaconcepciob

    Replied by hostellaconcepciob July 18, 2014

    Hi, I have transferred my existing domain from Godaddy to Wix. I did this thinking i was connecting the domain to my Wix site and paid the transfer fee. The site is still not connected to my domain and from reading all the help topics i have realised that transferring the domain is not the same as connecting it. It would seem that in order to connect it i have to pay a premium subscription, which i don't want to do. Please help, i have found this very misleading. Can i cancel the transfer and get a refund, because

    1. i do not want to change the ownership of the domain name.

    2. i do not want to pay a monthly subscription to connect the domain name.

    Thanks for you help.

    • Kosta Wix Team

      Replied by Kosta July 18, 2014



      First, Please note that connecting your own domain to your Wix site indeed requires a premium plan, no matter if the domain hosted by Wix or elsewhere.


      If you refer to your hostellaconcepcio.com domain, please note it was already transferred to Wix, and cannot be canceled.

      If you wish you can transfer the domain away from Wix.


      Let us know if you have any questions.

      Kosta, Customer Solutions.
  • geeblackmore

    Replied by geeblackmore July 18, 2014

    Hi there,

    So I have a domain that is .co.nz from reading all the info on your site I cannot transfer this kind of domain to wix.  Can I still get my wix website online somehow using my current domain host provider?

    • Or Wix Team

      Replied by Or July 18, 2014


      To connect your site to a domain please visit our Domain Portal or view the video below. The connection may take up to 72 hours to take effect.

      Check out this video for instructions:

      Connecting a domain to your site is a premium feature, if your site is not yet upgraded please click here.

      All the best, Or - Wix support team.
  • babbott7

    Replied by babbott7 July 16, 2014

    Confused about domain transfer

    I have a current domain and site hosting with godaddy. I just built a site with Wix and paid for the upgrade.  However, when looking at the email to send godaddy about transferring name servers I notice at the bottom it says that I still plan to continue hosting with godaddy.  I do not want that.  I do not want to pay for both godaddy and wix.  How do I get my hosting, website, domain, email completely off godaddy and onto wix?

    Please advise.  Thanks!

    • Ben Wix Team

      Replied by Ben July 16, 2014

      Please note that I have merged your post to the main thread concerning this subject. Please see the best reply above for steps to transfer your domain to Wix.


      It is not possible to transfer e-mail purchased from an external e-mail host to Wix. Instead you are able to connect your e-mail to Wix, by following the steps here.


      Please let us know if you require any further assistance.



      Wix Support



  • gyamerah8

    Replied by gyamerah8 July 16, 2014

    Hi Wix, I made the request to transfer my domain www.cappghana.com from Godaddy to Wix. I received an email confirming this request and detailing that i will receive an email from support@wix.com in a couple of hours asking that i accept the terms of the domain transfer. Well i am yet to receive such an email. Is this normal or there is some sort of hitch? Kindly let me know.

    • rony Wix Team

      Replied by rony July 16, 2014

      Hi , 

      The domain cappghana.com has been submitted to the Registry to finalize the transfer. 

      Have you received the confirmation email from Wix and accepted the terms? 


      Please verify that the email address for the domain admin/registrant is your own email address, as we will send an automatic confirmation email to that address once the transfer is initiated.
      As you can see here, the admin email is set as: vpsafrica@gmail.com
      In case you do not have access to the admin email, contact your current domain host and change the email to an updated address. 
      If the transfer fails - Repeat the transfer domain process. Then, check your inbox for an email from support@wix.com and make sure to click on the approval link in the email.

      Follow the instructions here to re-initiate the domain transfer request.


      You will be automatically refunded.

      Please allow up to 20 business days from the failure date for the refund to settle in your account.



      In case of further questions, contact us again.

      All best

      Rony WixTeam
    • gyamerah8

      Replied by gyamerah8 July 17, 2014


      The domain www.cappghana.com was registered by another party on my behalf.  have subsequently requested for the change of email from vpsafrica@gmail.com to gyamerah@ymail.com. Can you kindly confirm what the registrant's email is please? And once the email has been updated to gyamerah@ymail.com, what is the next step?

    • dinamiso Wix Team

      Replied by dinamiso July 17, 2014


      Unfortunately, we can't check your email admin registered with Godaddy.

      Please contact Godaddy directly regrading this issue.

      Thank you,


    • gyamerah8

      Replied by gyamerah8 July 17, 2014


      How do I go about cancelling a pending request for a domain transfer to Wix?

    • dinamiso Wix Team

      Replied by dinamiso July 17, 2014


      Currently, you can't cancel the transfer request but you can simply make the transfer fail.

      You'll receive an email from support@wix.com, asking you to confirm your transfer request. The subject of the email is "DOMAIN NAME TRANSFER - Initial Authorization for Registrar". If you do not confirm the email, the transfer process cannot be completed.


      May I ask why you have choose to not transfer the domain to Wix hosting?


      Please don't hesitate to contact us again, if you will need additional assistance.

      Dina-Wix Team.


    • gyamerah8

      Replied by gyamerah8 July 17, 2014

      Well at the time of initial request for the domain transfer to wix.com, the domain registrant's email was not my personal email. I only realized this after the request was made and I didn't receive the DOMAIN NAME TRANSFER email after several hours as indicated.

      I have now requested for the email to be updated to my current email address which is gyamerah@ymail.com. I figured it will therefore be be prudent to cancel the initial request and re initiate the transfer process again. Kindly advice. 

    • dinamiso Wix Team

      Replied by dinamiso July 18, 2014


      You are correct.

      As we will not be able to send another email to a different Email address, this process will fail, you will be refunded and you will need to initiate a new transfer request.


      I can see your domain transfer status is still ' Pending Registry Approval ' .

      You will be able to initiate a new transfer request only after the status will change to failed.


      Thank you,



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