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wix Wix Team

To connect your site to a domain please visit our Domain Portal or view the video below. The connection may take up to 72 hours to take effect.

Check out this video for instructions:

Connecting a domain to your site is a premium feature, if your site is not yet upgraded please click here.

If you do not have a domain you can buy one from Wix, click here to proceed.

Already connected your domain but having problems? Please click here.

Transferring your Wix domain to a different host: If you have a Wix domain, click here for instructions on how to transfer it to a different host.

Transferring your domain name to Wix:  *This feature has not yet been released to all users.*  You can currently transfer only domains with the following extensions: .com, .org, .net, .biz. and .info. You can transfer your domain from another registrar to your Wix account. To transfer your domain, verify that at least 60 days have passed since your registered or last transferred your domain and make sure that your domain is unlocked. For more information please click here.

Don't have a domain yet? To get a free domain for a year,  click below:

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  • aaron2aj

    Replied by aaron2aj One hour ago

    Hey Guys. I have upgraded my wix site and pointed the DNS servers to www.deuxyou.com I am not sure if I have to wait 72 hours for it all to sync up or if there is a way for you guys to check to see if I have indeed done this correctly? It redirects me to www. www. www. www. www. etc. 

    any help or advice would be great!!

  • wilkyp

    Replied by wilkyp 5 hours ago

    Thank you, I will wait.

    Can you also confirm, as I have pointed to your nameservers, do I need to amend MX records with you or the provider I bought the domains through? I also need to add a text record for google so just need to know if it would you guys or 123-reg

    • Or Y Wix Team

      Replied by Or Y 5 hours ago



      Please follow these instructions to connect your existing mailbox to Wix.

      On a general note, you need to obtain the full DNS record list from your domain host and make sure the following is properly inserted at Wix: the mail.domain.com A record, and the MX records.


      I can see you have configured your MX records. Please make sure to add the A record as well.

      All the best, Or
  • Barrios Wix Team

    Replied by Barrios 6 hours ago



    Thank you for contacting the Wix support team.

    Please be patient. Pointing your domain to Wix might take up to 72 hours.

    I checked your domain connection and it appears that the domain configuration appears to be okay. Please make sure you assigned the domain to one of your Wix sites.
    For more information click here


    We are here should you require further assistance.

    Many thanks, Barrios
  • wilkyp

    Replied by wilkyp 6 hours ago

    My Domain sharepointpeople.co.uk is showing as correct but not working

    When I do the troubleshooter and view the DNS on Wix and 123-reg it all looks ok. But when I click check connection it says it is not connected?

    Also, the mobile site seems to work fine?

    Very confused and needing help please.

    • dinamiso Wix Team

      Replied by dinamiso 4 hours ago


      I have visited your site: http://www.sharepointpeople.co.uk/ , your site loads perfectly from my end.

      If you still experiencing difficulties to load the site, please clear your browser cache.


      You can find step by step instructions here.

      Dina-Wix Team.

  • drewhaughton1

    Replied by drewhaughton1 7 hours ago

    I have a domain www.weride.ca   When it is typed into the browser it redirects to my wix site which is what I want.  But, if someone searches it in google it still goes to the old www.weride.ca site.  Can you help?  I want people to see my wix site!   


    • shayb7 Wix Team

      Replied by shayb7 4 hours ago



      I can see that currently your domain weride.ca is redirecting to your Wix site 'kitesurfexpeditions' and is not properly connected to Wix. In order to receive proper support we ask you to correctly connect your domain to the Wix servers. Please bear in mind that search engine crawlers can only work properly with your site when your domain is correctly connected to our servers. This would also guarantee the integrity of your site’s design and layout.


      Connecting your own domain to your Wix site is a premium feature and requires to upgrade your Wix site first with one of our premium plans. For information about our plans, click here.


      Once your site is upgraded, click here for detailed information on how to properly connect your domain to Wix.


      If you need any further assistance, please let us know.

  • laurengoddard1

    Replied by laurengoddard1 7 hours ago

    Hi, I have signed up today, my domain is www.colchesterwellbeingworkshops.co.uk - its not working. 

    Please advise

    • shayb7 Wix Team

      Replied by shayb7 4 hours ago



      As you can see here your domain colchesterwellbeingworkshops.co.uk is properly connected to Wix using our Name Servers (ns1.wix.com and ns2.wix.com). I have also accessed your Wix site using this domain and was able to view it live properly. have a look at the screenshot below: 

      Please note that it may take up to 72 hours for the changes to fully propagate for all locations. If 72 hours have passed and the issue persists, please clear your browser's cache and check again. You can find step by step instructions here.


      If you need any further assistance, please let us know.

  • littlepartyfavors

    Replied by littlepartyfavors 18 hours ago



    I have just purchase a plan and tried connecting my web to my domain registered with vodien.

    Vodien says everything is working fine. but I still see my web not being connected with wix.

    please help!

    • Eileen Wix Team

      Replied by Eileen 17 hours ago

      Hey littlepartyfavors


      I have visited your domain and I see it is correctly directed to your Wix site. Your site works perfectly!

      If you are still having trouble viewing your site, please try doing the following:

      1) Go here and click on "Delete all sites". Then clear your browser's cache.

      For step-by-step instructions about how to clear your browser's cache, please follow this link.
      You can also find a video tutorial here.

      2) Try to Flush your DNS. For detailed instructions on how to do so please go here.

      3) Please go to the Windows start menu->click on 'run'-> select the first option: 'Run'-> type: 'ping yourdomain.com'->A window will pop with an IP address. Please run this test from several computers.

      For Mac users: Go to ‘Application’ then open ‘Terminal’ and type: 'ping yourdomain.com'->A window will pop with an IP address. Please run this test from several computers.

      -If you receive an IP address on your computer other than the IP you see here and you see this IP from other computers please contact an IT expert in your area for further troubleshooting.

      -If you receive a different IP than the IP you see here from multiple locations, please send it to us in order for us to check it.

      Eileen, Wix Team.
  • marcobarco

    Replied by marcobarco Yesterday


    I reconnected an external domain name which has not yet connected after changing my payment plan from PREMIUM to COMBO. Do I have to clear my 'Domain name connection' in WIX before reconnecting(option in domain summary section). Check attachment.

    • Itamar Wix Team

      Replied by Itamar Yesterday



      Thank you for contacting us.


      I see that you have already configured everything correctly within the Wix system. However, I noticed your configuration in the domain host are incorrect. 


      Please email your domain host the following message:

      “I have built a site on Wix.com. Please connect my domain to their name servers -NS1.WIX.COM (IP address and NS2.WIX.COM (IP address” .

      Once they update the nameservers the problem should be solved.
      Itamar, Wix team
    • marcobarco

      Replied by marcobarco Yesterday

      This is very strange. I know this already. I just reset the configuration of the domain name at STRATO because it was wrong once already. The host of the domain name say that they have many accounts pointing without using NS1.WIX.COM. They do not use NS. Im not sure what this entirely means. Im going back and forth like a ping pong with the same answers, and still the same problem. This problem can not be solved without WIX and STRATO talking directly to each other. 


    • Itamar Wix Team

      Replied by Itamar Yesterday

      Indeed you can connect the domain to Wix without nameservers but with pointing. However, the pointing configurations aren't correct as well. 


      In order to see the IP address you need to point your domain name to and read the specific instructions on how to point your domain name please go here.


      For more information on connecting your domain name to Wix please go here.


      Itamar, Wix team
    • marcobarco

      Replied by marcobarco 18 hours ago

      Followed these directions already. They do not use c name records. As I said before they mentioned other clients have websites pointing to wix without any issues using only the A record. So where is the problem?

    • Nitzan Wix Team

      Replied by Nitzan 13 hours ago



      I checked your records on our end again, and as Itamar mentioned, they are correctly configured.


      However, when trying to go to your domain, I noticed that that URL appears as www.www.markobarco.com. I attached a screenshot to demonstrate:


      This issue occurs when your domain is not pointing to Wix correctly, according to the instructions provided. 

      If your domain is managed elsewhere, and pointing to Wix using A records, please make sure that you have added the records according to our instructions here.


      Note: Many Internet Service Providers (ISP) cache their DNS records and update them once every 3 days. Therefore if you have pointed to Wix using name servers within the last 72 hours, and you are still experiencing this issue, please allow the changes 72 hours to propagate before trying again.  If you are still having domain connection problems, try going through the troubleshooter here.


      Please let us know is the issue persists, or should you require any further assistance.

      Have a great day! Nitzan - Wix Support Team
  • philyoun4

    Replied by philyoun4 Yesterday

    Can you confirm whether or not I can transfer a domain with the extension "com.au" to my wix page?

    I do not know if this is covered under the extension ".com".


    Thanks in advance.

    • Rony Wix Team

      Replied by Rony Yesterday



      Thank you for contacting Wix support!

      I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties.


      Unfortunately, it is not possible at the moment to transfer domains with the suffix com.au. 


      You can currently only transfer domains with the following extensions: .com.org,.net.biz.info.co.guru.email.expertand .tv



      Note: Transferring your domain to Wix is not the same as connecting your domain to your Wix site. If you would like to keep your domain with your current domain host, but connect the domain to your Wix site, please click here to learn more.


      Hope it helps! If you have any other questions, we are here for you. 

      Thanks, Rony Customer Solutions
  • andritcua

    Replied by andritcua 2 days ago

    Hello guys,

    Can you help me to redirect my wix site to another domain provider ?

    Thank you



    • Barrios Wix Team

      Replied by Barrios 2 days ago

      Hi Andrei,



      Do you wish to transfer your domain away from Wix?


      If you have purchased a domain from Wix, it is possible to transfer it to another domain host, if necessary.

      To transfer a Wix domain: Sign in to your Wix account > from the top menu, hover over Subscriptions > click Domains > click Manage next to the relevant domain.

      Under Domain Summary, click the Advanced tab > on the right, click Transfer away from Wix > click Send.


      An email code will be sent to your email address. This code should be forwarded to your new domain host.


      Note: In accordance with ICANN rules, you will only be able to transfer your domain 60 days after purchasing it from Wix.


      Note: If you were referring to a non-Wix Domain which you connected to your Wix site, you will need to contact your domain host for assistance with disconnecting your domain from Wix.


      For further information on transferring your domain, click here or watch the video below!


      Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

      Many thanks, Barrios

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