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wix Wix Team

To connect your site to a domain please visit our Domain Portal or view the video below. The connection may take up to 72 hours to take effect.

Check out this video for instructions:

Connecting a domain to your site is a premium feature, if your site is not yet upgraded please click here.

If you do not have a domain you can buy one from Wix, click here to proceed.

Already connected your domain but having problems? Please click here.

Transferring your Wix domain to a different host: If you have a Wix domain, click here for instructions on how to transfer it to a different host.

Transferring your domain name to Wix:  *This feature has not yet been released to all users.*  You can currently transfer only domains with the following extensions: .com, .org, .net, .biz. and .info. You can transfer your domain from another registrar to your Wix account. To transfer your domain, verify that at least 60 days have passed since your registered or last transferred your domain and make sure that your domain is unlocked. For more information please click here.

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  • careerfairs

    Replied by careerfairs 3 hours ago


    We own a Canadian domain (.ca) and purchased it from a local provider.

    We prefer to use the Wix editor and templates and want to redirect our domain to a newly designed Wix site.

    What information would we need to provide the host of our domain in order to do this?





  • becklanehart

    Replied by becklanehart 6 hours ago

    Site not published


    I connected my site on Tuesday morning to my domain which is with an external host, and published it, but it's still not appearing at that web address. Can you help?



    • Itamar S Wix Team

      Replied by Itamar S 3 hours ago



      Your domain is not connected right.

      Your pointing configuration in your registrar (not Wix, but your actual domain host) is incorrect. If your registrar is Godaddy click here, otherwise here.


      We are here should you require any further assistance.

  • berndverzele

    Replied by berndverzele 6 hours ago



    I am the owner of the site www.don-quichote.be and I built a new site with Wix.  Now I want to connect the wixsite (see: don-quichote) to my domain.  How can I do this.

    I have the transfercode of my domain (www.don-quichote.be). It is 384-308-219-921-143

    Can you give me an answer please?

    Thanx a lot,

    Bernd Verzele

    0032 485 21 44 66



    • Ritti Wix Team

      Replied by Ritti 5 hours ago


      Please follow the instructions above for instructions on how to connect your sit to WIX :o)

      Best, Ritti
  • fionapeter

    Replied by fionapeter 14 hours ago

    We have our domain registered at Domains4less.com. I have followed your video instructions and in my registrar's name server settings I have set these to ns1.wix.com and ns2.wix.com. However, the boxes for IP address have not auto-filled and using those NS settings I get a "site not found" error when attempting to load the site.

    Please can you advise the correct IP settings for nameservers 1, 2 and 3.

    • Ritti Wix Team

      Replied by Ritti 8 hours ago


      I have visited your domain and I see it is correctly directed to your Wix site. Your site works perfectly!

      If you are still having trouble viewing your site, please try doing the following:

      1) Go here and click on "Delete all sites". Then clear your browser's cache.

      For step-by-step instructions about how to clear your browser's cache, please follow this link.
      You can also find a video tutorial here.

      2) Try to Flush your DNS. For detailed instructions on how to do so please go here.

      3) Please go to the Windows start menu->click on 'run'-> select the first option: 'Run'-> type: 'ping yourdomain.com'->A window will pop with an IP address. Please run this test from several computers.

      For Mac users: Go to ‘Application’ then open ‘Terminal’ and type: 'ping yourdomain.com'->A window will pop with an IP address. Please run this test from several computers.

      -If you receive an IP address on your computer other than the IP you see here and you see this IP from other computers please contact an IT expert in your area for further troubleshooting.

      -If you receive a different IP than the IP you see here from multiple locations, please send it to us in order for us to check it.

      Best, Ritti
  • hallandalebeachfir

    Replied by hallandalebeachfir 19 hours ago

    Auto-Renew  Standard: On
    Extended: Off
    Lock  On
    Nameservers  NS1.WIX.COM
    Updated 5/11/2014

    • hallandalebeachfir

      Replied by hallandalebeachfir 19 hours ago





    • Ritti Wix Team

      Replied by Ritti 8 hours ago


      Please publish your site in order to see it live.

      Best, Ritti
  • hallandalebeachfir

    Replied by hallandalebeachfir 19 hours ago

    View Domain List

    All domains list (4)

    Status: Active
    |Created: 4/19/2014
    |Expires: 4/19/2015
    |Folder: None
    |Profile: None


    Manage Auto-renew Settings
    Renew Domain

    Buy & Sell

    Add CashParking®
    Sell on Premium Listings
    Get Domain Appraisal
    List on GoDaddy Auctions®

    Account Change

    DNS Zone File

    Domain Settings

    Auto-Renew  Standard: On
    Extended: Off
    Lock  On
    Nameservers  NS1.WIX.COM
    Updated 5/11/2014
    Forwarding  Domain: Off

      Subdomain: 0 subdomains forwarded
    Premium DNS  Not owned

    DS Records  0 DS records created
    Host Names  0 hostnames created
    Authorization Code  Email my code

    Account Snapshot

    HOSTINGLearn more
    EMAILOffice 365 not purchased Learn more

    Domain Enhancements 

    Monetize. Protect. Promote.

    PRIVACYNot owned Add
    PREMIUM LISTINGNot listed Add
    CASHPARKING®Not owned Add
    GODADDY AUCTIONS®Not owned Add
    SSL CERTIFICATENot owned Add
    DOMAIN APPRAISALNot appraised Add


    CUSTOM DOMAIN BUNDLEVariations Available Add

  • lauravbare

    Replied by lauravbare 22 hours ago

    I have tried twice to connect my domain to my wix site and have waited more than 72 hours, but it is not connected.  Can you tell why?

    • shayb7 Wix Team

      Replied by shayb7 21 hours ago



      Please note that your domain divorcetoolkit.org is not properly connected to Wix as your pointing configuration in your registrar (not Wix, but your actual domain host) is incorrect. To fix this, please follow the step by step instructions here.


      If you need any further assistance, please let us know.

  • armonieman

    Replied by armonieman Yesterday


    i have been trying to connect my site for the LONGEST.please help



    i cancelled my account in bandzoogle and provided wix with the authorization code. my site still goes to my old website

    • Ritti Wix Team

      Replied by Ritti Yesterday


      Your pointing configuration in your registrar (not Wix, but your actual domain host) is incorrect.
      To fix this, please follow the instructions here

      Best, Ritti
  • byouxgoedhartonline

    Replied by byouxgoedhartonline Yesterday


    I've a new website but I'm trying to make it connect with DNS. But after waiting for 48 hours, there is still no connection. I've done everything and also contacted the domeinregistration office but everything seems ok. Can anybody help me? 


    Greetings Byoux

    • Barrios Wix Team

      Replied by Barrios Yesterday

       Hi Byoux,

      Thank you for contacting the Wix support team.

      In order for us to further assist you please specify to which site you are referring to.

      Note that it may take up to 72 hours for the changes to fully propagate throughout the systems and for your site to be fully live.


      Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


      Many thanks, Barrios
    • byouxgoedhartonline

      Replied by byouxgoedhartonline Yesterday

      It is the website www.mijnleveniseensportveld.com Could you please take a look at it?

      Thanks in advance. 

    • byouxgoedhartonline

      Replied by byouxgoedhartonline Yesterday

      I see now that the connection works but the site is still not online. I will wait for 72 hours look what will happen then. 



    • Eyal Wix Team

      Replied by Eyal Yesterday

      Hi byouxgoedhartonline,


      I've double checked and your site seems to be set up correctly. In case you are unable to see your site after the 72 hour propagation period has passed, please try clearing your browser cache


      If you are still experiencing difficulties viewing your site, please let us know!


      Eyal, Wix Customer Support Team
  • ssutunti

    Replied by ssutunti Yesterday

    Hi Im trying to to connect my website to WIX.  Please help me configure the following screenshot:


    • Rapido Wix Team

      Replied by Rapido Yesterday

      The Name Servers setting in the screenshot you attach are correct. However, as you can see here the changes are not updated yet. 


      Have you saved them via your host's control panel?


      Thanks and I await your reply. 

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