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wix Wix Team
In order to change the payment for your premium plan from yearly to monthly, you will need to cancel your current plan and repurchase with the monthly agreement.
To cancel your current plan: Sign in to your Wix account > hover over Subscriptions > click Premium Plans.
Next to the relevant plan, click Manage > next to Next Payment, click Cancel payments.

Note: Your current plan is only eligible for a full refund within the first 14 day trial period. If you would like to change your plan any time after the first 14 days, we suggest that you cancel your current plan and wait until your current contract runs out before purchasing a new plan.
If you are having trouble repurchasing a plan after cancelling please unassign the plan from your site and attempt to make the purchase again later.
To unassign a plan: Sign in to your Wix account, hover over Subscriptions > click Premium Plans > under the relevant site, click Unassign.
For more information on changing your current plan, click here.

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  • importsemporium

    Replied by importsemporium July 31, 2014


    I had a yearly subscription which I recently cancelled. I tried to upgrade to a monthly plan and the buttons were not available for me to select any monthly plans..only yearly subscriptions.

    What can I do?



    • Boris Wix Team

      Replied by Boris August 1, 2014



      Thank you for contacting Wix support.


      I see that your account has been updated to the monthly Combo plan.

      Have you managed to resolve this issue?


      If not, please feel free to contact us again for any further assistance.

      Best regards, Boris
  • geekeshop

    Replied by geekeshop June 26, 2014

    Can someone answer the question please??? PLEASE ???

  • geekeshop

    Replied by geekeshop June 26, 2014

    Do I get free gift vauchers and free domain name if I upgrade only for 11 month?

    I was prepared to do yearly upgrade today (date due) so put exact amount on my card but Wix took without notification 1 month fee. Now I want to do the yearly upgrade but the month paid is deducted and I am charged 11 month. Well totally is still 12 month so 1 year, paid today but:

    -Do I still receive the free $175 gift vouchers and the free domain name ?

    Can you answer me ASAP?

    Account is gabitransltd

    • Kosta Wix Team

      Replied by Kosta June 26, 2014



      You can simply upgrade your Premium plan to a yearly billing cycle and you will receive the included promotions. 

      Note that I have merged this ticket the the relevant thread, please follow the step by step instructions in the best reply above. 


      Let us know if you have any questions.  

      Kosta, Customer Solutions.
  • nphc1254

    Replied by nphc1254 May 28, 2014

    We will be leaving

    We are in the middle of changing over our website there is no need to re new a whole year so can we do monhly payments till the new website has been completed.

    Payment is due the 8th June 2014






    • Marceline Wix Team

      Replied by Marceline May 28, 2014

      Hi, Becky!

      In order to switch to a monthly subscription, you will need to cancel the yearly plan and repurchase the monthly one. Please, refer to the best reply in this thread.

      Best regards, WIX Team.
  • bd8376

    Replied by bd8376 May 21, 2014

    My question has nothing to do with being able to downgrade my subscription to WIX. I asked if there is a way for me to ADD a monthly subscription to my WIX web site so I can accept credit cards on a monthly recurring basis. WIX support is the worst I have worked with.

    • Dror - Wix Support Wix Team

      Replied by Dror - Wix Support May 21, 2014


      I apologize for the inconvenience. There is currently no way through Wix to add monthly subscriptions. However, if you add the 123-contact form app, from the app market, they offer forms that will allow monthly payments, you do not need any special package from Wix to use it, 

      Dror - Wix Team
  • bd8376

    Replied by bd8376 May 21, 2014

    Adding a monthly subscription to my wix site

    is there any way to add a monthly subscription to the wix site I am building? I've seen several requests from other wix users but not certain if this has been created or not. 





  • jonathongriggs

    Replied by jonathongriggs October 21, 2013

    Conversely can I change my billing cycle from monthly to yearly? I am happy with the service and want to save on fees by paying yearly. 

    • Janet - Wix Billing Team Wix Team

      Replied by Janet - Wix Billing Team October 21, 2013


      Yes, you can upgrade your Wix premium from monthly to yearly at any time.

      If you are referring to your Google Apps mailbox subscription, unfortunately its not currently possible to change the payment cycle. 

  • evrenebru83

    Replied by evrenebru83 October 12, 2013

    Hi there,

    I'd like my webshop to become active, but can't afford  a yearly premium plan yet.

    So, i want to cancel my current package and upgrade to a monthly premium e-commerce packadge.

    How long will it take to cancel my current package and ( more importantly) for this new ecommerce  packadge to become active? I'm expecting lot's of traffic soon, so i hope all this can be fixed right away...

    Hope you can help.




    • Michal

      Replied by Michal October 12, 2013

      Hey evrenebru83, 


      If you cancel your current Unlimited subscription, the cancellation will become effective on your next renewal date; i.e. December 19th.

      You can unassign the package from your Wix site through the Packages tab on your My Account page and purchase a Monthly eCommerce immediately.  



      You can also use the following coupons to receive a discount on the yearly Unlimited/eCommerce premium packages!


      Michal - Wix Team
  • rachelkorpella

    Replied by rachelkorpella September 26, 2013

    I am about to follow these directions, and change from the yearly to the monthly plan.  What happens to the domain name I just assigned?  I would like to keep it, and can pay for it separately if necessary.  I plan to switch to the yearly plan if all goes well with my website - when I do that will I still receive a free year for the domain name?  Also, after a year, is the domain renewal cost the same?  Or does it go up?

    • Eileen Wix Team

      Replied by Eileen September 26, 2013

      Hey rachelkorpella

      I can see that you upgraded today to the combo yearly package used the free domain voucher to register a domain.

      Please note that after canceling the package and upgrading to monthly you would still be able to use the domain, and will not be charged for it.

      If you upgrade to yearly again you would indeed get another voucher.
      Having said that- we expect our users to keep the spirit of fair-use, and if we detect that users abuse this privilege the account will be blacklisted from Wix

      After a year, the domain would renew at the regular price 

      (which we reserve the right to change at any time).


      Eileen, Wix Team.
  • andreanorth

    Replied by andreanorth August 30, 2013

    Hi, I have accidentally purchased a yearly package and I wanted a monthly... I have cancelled the yearly but it is showing as being cancelled in 12 months time. How do I get the money back into my account so that I can purchase the monthly package instead please?

    • Keren Wix Team

      Replied by Keren August 30, 2013



      Thank you for contacting Wix support! 

      To downgrade from a yearly payment to a monthly payment, please use the directions below to cancel your yearly premium  and then repurchase a monthly plan.

      Each purchase is guaranteed a full refund only within the first 14 days of trial. 
      Please note that canceling your premium package by deleting the document attached to your premium upgrade will not suffice.  You must enter Manage Premium, and cancel the premium package.
      In order to cancel your premium upgrade, please- 
      1. Sign into Wix.com.
      2. Click My Account.
      3. From My Account, next to Manage Premium, click Billing and Payment.
      4. Next to your package, click Manage.
      5. Next to Next payment, click Cancel.
      6. Follow the steps in the pop-ups that open.
      You will receive a confirmation email and your upgraded premium account will appear as "canceled" on your Manage Premium page. 
      -If you cancel your upgrade after our 14-day 100% money-back period, your Wix site will continue to receive premium status until the date when your current yearly payment ends. You will not be charged for the next payment period.
      -If you do cancel within the 14-day trial period, you will receive a refund within 7 business days. For more information please go here: http://support.wix.com/index.php/Billing
      We never remove/destroy websites. If you go back to free from premium you’ll simply have your original Web address and Wix ads but you will still have full control of your site. 
      If you are having trouble repurchasing a package after cancellation, please go to "Manage Premium > Packages" and click "Unassign" to remove the document from the package. Then try to repurchase a package again.
      If you require any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact us.
      Keren, Wix Support

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