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Wix accepts debit and pre-paid cards for payment, however the cards must be authorized for both recurring payments, and online purchases. Authorization must be granted by the issuing body which is either the credit card company (such as Visa, MasterCard and many more) or the bank if one is involved.


If you attempted to pay with a debit or prepaid card and received a rejection of payment, with no clear reason, please contact the issuer of the card and explain you wish to buy an online premium plan.

For more information about billing issues click here.

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  • bevserenity

    Replied by bevserenity June 20, 2014

    I need to make a payment can someone help me please 

    • bevserenity

      Replied by bevserenity June 20, 2014

      Do you have a contact no please 

    • Danna Wix Team

      Replied by Danna June 20, 2014

      Yes! You can reach us by telephone in a number of ways:

      1) You can select a time to speak to an agent based on our availability and call volume by visiting this link.
      In order to meet the needs of our rapidly growing Wix community and to continue to deliver the personal and professional service you've come to expect from us, we now offer a scheduled call back. Scheduling a call with a Wix Product Specialist also allows you to ask your question in advance so that we can come prepared. Call slots on the scheduler will be shown in your local time, based on the clock of the computer you are using to schedule the call.
      2) Our call center is open from 6am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time.
      You can call 1-800-6000-WIX (949) to speak to a live agent (Callers outside the US can call 415-639-9034), Entry of your user ID on our phone system will help us to process your call better.  Please note that wait times may be longer on non-scheduled calls.
      Danna- Wix Team
  • felixfrotv

    Replied by felixfrotv May 6, 2014

    i have a visa debit card, and the site is not accepting the card. please let me know how to pay by my card.

    • Sheila Wix Team

      Replied by Sheila May 6, 2014

      Hi felixfrotv, 


      You can use a debit card for payment, but please read the best reply of this thread for explanation and contact the issuer.


      Best regards, 

      Sheila - Wix Support
  • kimsforeverfaithful

    Replied by kimsforeverfaithful September 1, 2013

    Hi there. I have paid £29 tonight for an upgrade with chosen email address, but I have not had it come available yet?? I would like to know why I haven't got what I've paid for please? Kind regards, Kim

    • Keren Wix Team

      Replied by Keren September 1, 2013



      Thank you for contacting Wix support! I was not able to locate any plan upgrades under your account. I only saw that you've purchased a domain from Wix. Noe that connecting your domain is a premium feature. 

      You can review all the upgrade plans here or below.

      When you are ready, go to "My Account" and click "Upgrade" next to the site of your choice.

      There are five upgrade options for regular Wix pages:

      Connect Domain Package ($6.90/month):
      This package enables you to use your own domain that you purchased from any domain registrar. You can store up to 500MB, with 1GB bandwidth.

      Combo Package ($10.95/month):
      This package includes connecting your domain and removing the Wix ads from your site. You can store up to 3GB with 2GB bandwidth.

      Unlimited Package ($15.95/month):
      This package includes connecting your domain and removing the Wix ads from your site. You can store up to 10GB with unlimited bandwidth.
      We have a special sale going: 

      eCommerce Package ($19.90/month):
      This package includes connecting your domain, removing the Wix ads from your site and using the eCommerce feature. You can store up to 20GB with 10GB bandwidth.

      Available only in the U.S and Canada
      VIP Package ($29.90/month): 
      This package includes first priority support, connecting your domain and removing the Wix ads from your site. You can store up to 20GB with unlimited bandwidth.


      You get premium support with all of these packages!
      For the Wix Premium Learning Center, click here.

      Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance. 

      Keren, Wix Support
  • cutstringtheatre

    Replied by cutstringtheatre July 16, 2013

    it does accept debit cards but because its 'based' in cyprus (a tax haven) most banks need you to authorise that it was you that made the payment - my card has no problems on other sites, but Wix have clearly decided to be cheeky and make it harder for their customers. Way to go Wix

    • Janet - Wix Billing Team Wix Team

      Replied by Janet - Wix Billing Team July 16, 2013

      I see that your payment was processed successfully on July 17.

      Wix uses payment processors located in different Geo locations to ensure the best possible success for your payments. It may be the location of one of the payment processors that you bank noticed.

  • rhmllc

    Replied by rhmllc June 24, 2013

    Hello I need help my site is scheduled to be shut off but I want to pay for it now. How do I do it? I just recently changed my payment method and updated it today................HELP

    Jimmy C. Russell
    • Sheila Wix Team

      Replied by Sheila June 24, 2013

      Hi Jimmy,


      Your package will be renewed automatically shortly. No action is necessary at this moment. In case there is a problem with payment, you will be sent an email. 


      Sheila - Wix Support
  • ileiwosanorunmilamim

    Replied by ileiwosanorunmilamim May 5, 2013

    The hardest thing on this site is to pay or change the billing type or debit card.  I want to pay the past due amount

    • Danna Wix Team

      Replied by Danna May 5, 2013

      I am sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties.


      To change your credit card details for your premium package:

      1. Sign into Wix.com.
      2. Click My Account.
      3. From My Account, next to Manage Premium, click Billing and Payment.
      4. Next to your package, click Manage.
      5. Next to Payment method, click Update Payment Method.
      6. From the Update Billing Details window that opens, update your credit card details. Click OK.
      Your credit card details have changed.
      It is important to enter the credit card number without any spaces.
      Note: You can use multiple credit cards for Premium Upgrades and change them at any time.

      To update the payment details for your domain name:

      1. Sign into Wix.com.
      2. Click My Account.
      3. From My Account, next to Manage Premium, click Billing and Payment.
      4. Under Domain Subscriptions, click Manage next to your domain name.
      5. Next to Payment method, click Update Payment Method.
      6. Please select an alternate card from the drop down box, or add a new one by clicking Use a New Card.
      7. Click Submit, then click Done.

      Visit our Learning Center page to find more answers.

      Please don't hesitate to contact us again for any future assistance!


      Danna- Wix Team
  • Sammi - Wix Billing Team

    Replied by Sammi - Wix Billing Team February 26, 2013

    @ siricant4,


    Unfortunately, at this time those are the only payment options we are able to accept. 

  • siricant4

    Replied by siricant4 February 25, 2013

    Can i pay to your account so i can pay to you private,this don't work for me


  • Sammi - Wix Billing Team

    Replied by Sammi - Wix Billing Team February 19, 2013

    @ needaread,


    Wix currently accepts payment by credit card or debit card.

    The credit cards we accept at the moment are:
    VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diners.
    For information about billing, please click here
  • needaread

    Replied by needaread February 19, 2013

    What about India? Do you accept Debit Cards of Indian Banks?

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