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wix Wix Team

Wix has offices in NY, Tel Aviv, San Francisco, Dnepropetrovsk, and Vilnius.

We have around 550 employees.

You can review articles about us by searching for Wix in Google or on TechCrunch.

You can find more information here.

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  • hitbuilders

    Replied by hitbuilders March 27, 2014

    I have a site in flash and want it html5 is it possible to transfer all site info and swap?

    • Mauro Wix Team

      Replied by Mauro March 27, 2014


      Thanks for contacting us.

      Unfortunatelly it's not possible to convert a Flash site to HTML automatically.

      You should start your HTML site from this cool templates.


      Mauro. Wix Team
  • j93905

    Replied by j93905 January 11, 2014

    Frustrating page. tried to contact and it is a Circuitous.... I simply wanted to get someone to hire and the page is a stone wall.

    Not a good

    I was drawn to WIX because of a radio spot.


    • Yoav Wix Team

      Replied by Yoav January 11, 2014



      Can you please describe in more detail what information you are trying to locate, so we could provide you with a more accurate response?


      Awaiting your reply - we'll be happy to further assist!

  • jstein9

    Replied by jstein9 November 7, 2013

    My bank first rejected the transaction and froze my account since the company was not completely U.S-based.  I hope that any future transactions are smoother or I may have to switch banks!  Any suggestions on smoother future transactions?




  • clleo888

    Replied by clleo888 June 30, 2013

    Hi, Wix team!

    I found Wix is a very good site-builder platform. I am located in Hong Kong and developing my own business. I wonder if wix would consider to accept distributor for promoting Wix in Hong Kong and China?

    We can provide following services:

    1. Experience in advertising and internet marketing.

    2. Local support to customers. If customers are not familiar with the platform, we could provide local consultant service.

    3. If business grows, we could help to setup servers in Hong Kong and do the maintenance.

    4. Translate the site to Chinese.


    • Eileen Wix Team

      Replied by Eileen June 30, 2013

      Hey    clleo888

      Thank you for the suggestion.

      Feel free to send us a message to bizdev@wix.com 

      Eileen, Wix Team.
  • pjfoden

    Replied by pjfoden June 10, 2013

    Cloning My Site

    Hi Guys,

    I have a potential German distributor who would like to clone our UK site as a starting point to creating their own site.  Then translate it and take over the management of it.  Would this be possible, please?

    Kind regards, Paul

    • Hudson Wix Team

      Replied by Hudson June 10, 2013

      Yes of course just let us know the name of the site in your account you would like to clone.

  • esztergombar

    Replied by esztergombar April 10, 2013


    can you please tell me where the servers are located? I wonder if the Combo package will be enough for my site - it will have maximum 50-100 low resolution pictures and some texts on it,

    What do you think?

    Thank you

    • Jonathan Wix Team

      Replied by Jonathan April 10, 2013

      That is not considered a large website, the Combo package will do just fine. We have servers in several continents, the vast majority of visitors from the world will have no server issues with visiting your website.

  • Adam E. Wix Team

    Replied by Adam E. February 19, 2013

    Hi Derrick,

    The App Market is what we call the collection of apps currently available to Wix users - there are many developers, and each app works differently.


    Unfortunately, I am unfamiliar with an app named "Drop Ship" or something similar, please clarify which app you're referring to so we can give you a better explanation. Regardless of which app it is, all our apps are screened and entered into the App Market after passing our very high quality standards, especially if financial transactions are involved, so you can rest assured it is safe to use.


    If you'd like to continue this correspondence by mail, please email us at Support@Wix.com and provide us with a link to this thread so we can continue where we left off.



    Adam, Wix Support
  • derrkky

    Replied by derrkky February 19, 2013

    Dear Sir,

           Thank you for offering a wonderful web design assistance.Am presently in the process to fully host my website with your platform.I will like to have more explanations regarding the the Market App, and precisely how the Drop Ship products catalog with pay pal operates.

    That is who own these products and how credible is this financial operation.Also do clarify me properly about the credibility of your web host site (http://www.wix.com/), i greatly look forward to your updates.Please possibly reply via my e-mail (interconnectservices@yahoo.com)

    Best regards.

             Derrick. N

  • Tali Wix Team

    Replied by Tali February 16, 2013

    Hey ri6706

    Yes, the company was founded by Israeli founders Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami and Giora Kaplan. 

    The company, headquartered in Tel Aviv, with offices in San Francisco, New York City and Dnepropetrovsk.


    You can review some articles about us by searching for Wix in Google or on techcrunch.

    You can find more information here.


    Tali, Wix Team
  • White Camel Gourmet Foods

    Replied by White Camel Gourmet Foods February 16, 2013

    Is this an Isreali based / owned company? 

    Sincerely, R Khalil

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