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  • robeystucco

    Mobile Auto Redirect

    By robeystucco March 4, 2012

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    I signed up for the Premium wix mobile site. I have my site created and have copied the auto-redirect code into my homepage. When I go my website on an iPhone I am redirected to an error page on finder.com.net that reads: 

    'Sorry, the website m.robeystucco.com cannot be found.'

    I also made a button on the desktop vesion of our website, www.robeystucco.com, which links to m.robeystucco.com and that works, but not the auto-redirect. What do I need to do to fix the auto redirect?

    I tried registering the free domain that comes with the premium upgrade, we choose, RobeyStuccoMobile.com which I thought I'd use for the mobile version on our website, can my site redirect to this address? When I went through the process of registering this domain name it didn't finish completing after 30-40 minutes, my order number is 44261233.

    Feeling rather frustrated and would like to speak with a support tech, if possible. I have not found answers to these questions in the forums. My number is 443-722-0696


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  • Rapido Wix Team

    Replied by Rapido March 5, 2012

    Hey Caroline,


    Your pointing configuration in your registrar (not Wix, but your actual domain host) is incorrect
    To fix this, please follow the instructions here. Once the pointing is adjusted your domain name should connect to your Wix Mobile site automatically.



    Caroline- just to clarify - your subdomain for mobile, which is m.robeystucco.com, needs to point to our IP.


    This means you need to create an A record for m.robeystucco.com to point to our IP address - - this can only be done at your domain host.

  • robeystucco

    Replied by robeystucco March 5, 2012

    Feeling robbed out of $100

  • robeystucco

    Replied by robeystucco March 5, 2012

    In my account under Manage Premium when I click on my main domain name robeystucco.com it says it points to robey-stucco-inc with a broken image icon. This links to a wix error page at http://www.wix.com/robeymobile/robey-stucco-inc

    When I click Check Connection it says 

    Domain Name:robeystucco.com
    Reason: Domain does not point to wix.com

    I've also registered robeystuccomobile.com as my free premium domain name. This points to N/A 

    When I go to that domain it it gives me another wix page that says I need to follow prompts to update my domain name in Domain Manager. This says I need to set the DNS servers to ns1.wix.com and ns2.wix.com which under the domain records page shows it as already is set to.

    All I want to do is set up www.robeystucco.com to auto direct mobile users to the wix mobile version of my site. I'd like all other desktop browsers to remain on my full website located on the server it is hosted on with GoDaddy.com

    I don't understand why when I click view my mobile premium site it takes me to this error page:


    and when I click Edit and Publish it takes me to:


    I've spent HOURS today trying to fix this and emailed repeatedly with questions to support with very little help. I'm extremely disapointed in this service and as a web designer will not use wix in the future if I can't get the support I need to get this working correctly.

  • robeystucco

    Replied by robeystucco March 4, 2012

    How do I keep my domain name and hosting registrar as is and have the site auto direct to m.robeystucco.com. I did not get a full response to the questions on my first email. I've read all the help forums, more frustrated that I'm being redirected to them. Please help me!!!!


  • robeystucco

    Replied by robeystucco March 4, 2012

    I want to keep my domain and web hosting where it is now. My full website is not a wix site and I only want to use wix for the mobile version of the site. If I point my domain to the wix server won't this disrupt my full site and ftp abilities?

  • Nir - Wix Team Wix Team

    Replied by Nir - Wix Team March 4, 2012

    Hey @carolinewalls,

    Thank you for contacting Wix support. 


    There is no need to manually redirect your site if your domain is properly connected to your Wix site, which is the reason for the difficulties you are having.

    Please go through How can I connect my domain (purchased elsewhere) to my Wix site?

    Once this is done, anyone who tries to access your site from a mobile device will be automatically redirected to m.mydomain.com


    If you require any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact us.



    Wix Team

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