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  • keyblaster

    Replied by keyblaster July 6, 2011

    not a big deal, I just needed to know to plan for the future...although the saving credit cards even though people check the box for them NOT to be saved was a bit sketch.


    all in all still not a bad experience

  • keyblaster

    Replied by keyblaster July 6, 2011

    haha I love how you guys talk in circles, you should have just said "no, it'll be 150 bucks when it renews, regardless of what you've already been told by another wix rep"

  • Anne Marie Wix Team

    Replied by Anne Marie July 6, 2011

    Hello keyblaster,


    The coupon codes can only be used for new premium accounts (ie. free to premium) or when upgrading existing accounts (ie. combo to unlimited). You will still be able to take advantage of the coupons that you are provided so long as they meet either of these criteria.  

    - Anne Marie S. Wix Support
  • keyblaster

    Replied by keyblaster July 6, 2011

    I plan to purchase many more premium accounts, and was told by a Wix team member that you guys would continue to provide me with discount codes for the renewals.  Will this automatic renewal system allow me to put in the discount codes?  It may end up being a difference of thousands by the end of the year if they don't allow me to use the codes because of the auto renew.  So much so that I'd have to start looking at other options....please let me know

  • Erin

    Replied by Erin July 6, 2011

    The billing system is automated and will automatically charge you on a yearly basis. 


    You can change your credit card number, billing name and billing address simply by entering our "manage premium" system via "my account".

    You can find more information here .


    To completely remove your credit card you will need to cancel your premium upgrades.



    To cancel your upgrade, sign into Wix.com and go to My Account. Click Manage Premium. Under Status, click Cancel and follow the steps in the pop-ups that open. You can find more information here.


    *To downgrade a premium account to another package read here.

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