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  • klatrans

    website not fully loading

    By klatrans November 20, 2011

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    7:24AM EST  11-20-2011

    My website is no longer fully loading.  The home page partially loads, then stops.  It isn't delayed, or taking a long time to load, it simply loads roughly halfway, then thinks it is finished loading.  There have been no changes between yesterday, when it worked fine, and this morning.

    One of my nav bars loads, so I tried using it to go to other pages.  Those pages only partially load as well.

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  • klatrans

    Replied by klatrans November 20, 2011

    I was following another thread that I discovered had reported the same issue.  Both our sites are now working fine.  I think Wix just had a little hiccough, is all.  Issue resolved -- many thanks!  =D

  • Kika Wix Team

    Replied by Kika November 20, 2011


    I will be happy to assist you but first I need some more details. Can you please specify which site are you referring to? You have 14 documents.

    Also try refreshing your sites URL and using a different browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome)

    I also recommend  clearing the cache of your browser . To find out how to do it click here

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