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  • Agustin

    Replied by Agustin July 19, 2011


    This means that your content is not sitting inside an individual Page. It is easy to fix.
    Open your site in the editor
    > Click on the item that is appearing on all Pages
    > Drag it inside the Page your want it to appear - you will know it is inside the page when you see the specific page turn yellow.  If more than the page turns yellow it will be on every page. 
    Please note that if you do not place your component correctly in the Page, it will be seen on all of your Pages.
    For more information about Pages, click here: http://support.wix.com/index.php/The_Wix_Editor/Pages
    -Agustin WIX SF
  • claraneco

    Replied by claraneco July 19, 2011

    Hi. Everytime i create anything or move anything on my site it gets duplicated in all pages! :( How can I stop this? Thanks

  • Dana

    Replied by Dana April 11, 2011


    Please write us your question in this post.

    Wix Support  team checking the Forum all the time and we will be more than happy to help you solve the problems you facing with or answer the questions you have.



  • Ckaine

    Replied by Ckaine April 11, 2011

    It might be faster to post your issue here on the forum, there are  a lot of Wix users like myself who are always looking through them to either have our questions answered, or to help fellow users like yourself with your issues. Or you can post here in the forum.


    What is your issue? Maybe I can help.

    - CK

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