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  • Ben Wix Team

    Replied by Ben February 13, 2013

    Additionally, we are currently experiencing an issue with the drop down menu, where Google is unable to crawl pages linked only by a drop down menu.


    While we are working to resolve this as soon as possible, in the meantime please add a regular Menu to the bottom of your site (or wherever you prefer), so that Google can crawl all of your pages.


    Thank you for your patience in this matter.

  • Ben Wix Team

    Replied by Ben February 13, 2013

    We are using Ajax Crawling as a way for the search engines to read your websites code. With Ajax Crawling, your content, data and design are merged together and extracted far easier and quicker by search engines.


    Using Ajax Crawling however means that accessing your source code is a little different.


    If you access the source code the usual way (right clicking and view source), you will not see your websites content but rather a code, <meta name="fragment" content="!">, to tell search engines that we are using Ajax Crawling.


    If you wish to view your website source code, use the below examples of where to place '?_escaped_fragment_=' within your domain name in order to access the escaped fragment version of your website. Once you are viewing the escaped fragment version of your website, you may right click and select 'View Source Code' in order to access your websites source code.


    Example site - www.wixexample.com1. Home Page - place ?_escaped_fragment_= at the end of your URLwww.wixexample.com/?_escaped_fragment_=


    Example site - www.wixexample.com#!AboutUs/c24142. Individual pages - ?_escaped_fragment_= in place of the #!www.wixexample.com/?_escaped_fragment_=AboutUs/c2414


    Example site - www.wixexample.com#!portfolio/vstc3=lifestyle 3. Individual pages with an = in the URL - ?_escaped_fragment_= in place of the #! AND change the = in the mini page URL to %3Dwww.wixexample.com/?_escaped_fragment_=portfolio/vstc3%3Dlifestyle


    We can assure you that your individual pages are seen by Google.


    For more information about Ajax Crawling click here.

  • janiecebracy

    Replied by janiecebracy February 12, 2013


    I understand the the site is being index, but the navigation / page links do not exist on this version of the site so google is not indexing them:


    My question is: how do I add the site navigation to the _escaped_fragment_ version of the site?


    Michael Matthew


  • Master Yoda

    Replied by Master Yoda February 12, 2013

    Hello janiecebracy ,


    your site and inner pages are being indexed by Google - we cannot control the way Google chooses to index your pages, but we do recommend to follow our instructions in order to Optimize your site for Search engines!


    The needed coding is added in the source code of your site specifically for search engines to be able to crawl your inner site pages:


    All the best!

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