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Omer Wix Team


Currently Wix does not host domains, the domain in your account is hosted by Godaddy and you are using their nameservers..

Any change you wish to make to your domain (transfer it or change the DNS records) is done through Godaddy.

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  • Tali Wix Team

    Replied by Tali December 21, 2012

    Hey concentric1

    Please click here to see our reply to your query.

    In the future, please refrain from posting the same questions in multiple threads as this can only delay our assistance.



    Tali, Wix Team
  • concentric1

    Replied by concentric1 December 20, 2012

    Our domain registrar is currently 1&1. We are planning on transferring to godaddy. When I enter the new DNS will there be any lag period where my site will not load under the domain?

  • Eileen Wix Team

    Replied by Eileen November 4, 2012

    Hey summerleelove 

    First- if you need assistance with your eCommerce site- please let us know and we will gladly assist.

    Regarding the domain- seen as it is not hosted by wix you simply need to change the name servers from your Godaddy control panel.

    Regarding your premium plan- if you wish to cancel-

    In order to cancel your premium upgrade, please-


    1. Sign into Wix.com.
    2. Click My Account.
    3. From My Account, next to Manage Account, click Billing and Payment.
    4. Next to your package, click Manage.
    5. Next to Next payment, click Cancel.
    6. Follow the steps in the pop-ups that open.

    You will receive a confirmation email and your upgraded premium account will appear as "canceled" on your Manage Premium page.

    Please note that canceling your premium package by deleting the document attached to your premium upgrade will not suffice. You must enter Manage Premium, and cancel the premium package.

    -If you cancel your upgrade after our 14-day 100% money-back period, your Wix site will continue to receive premium status until the date when your current yearly/monthly payment ends. You will not be charged for the next payment period.
    (Please note that this policy includes Premium package purchases only - it does not include Wix domains which are a non-refundable purchase. If you have purchased both a Premium package and a Wix domain, you will receive a full refund for the package only.)

    -If you do cancel within the 14-day trial period, you will receive a refund within 7 business days.
    For more information please go here.

    We never remove/destroy websites. If you go back to free from premium you’ll simply have your original Web address and Wix ads but you will still have full control of your site.

    We are sorry to hear you have decided to cancel your Wix Premium upgrade package. We hope you re-consider your decision and should you require any further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us.


    Wix Team.

    Eileen, Wix Team.
  • summerleelove

    Replied by summerleelove November 4, 2012

    Hello, I bought a domain from GoDaddy and signed up with Wix and transfered it to there. I am not really happy with the e-commerce package (I bought it a week ago) so I want to go back to Godaddy. Can I do this? Does it cost money? Thank You?

  • Ben Wix Team

    Replied by Ben March 28, 2012

    Hi there,


    If you have purchased a Wix domain, but have decided to transfer it away from Wix, you can do so easily from the Wix Domain Manager.

    To transfer your Wix domain from Wix:

    1. From your Domain Manager, under My Domains, click your Wix domain.
    2. Under Domain Summary, click the Payments tab.
    3. Under the payment details, click Transfer away from Wix.
    4. In the Transfer window, click Send.
    5. An email with a code will be sent to you. Forward this code to your new domain registrar.
    Note: You may not receive the email immediately, but you can expect to receive it on the same day.

    Important notice: In accordance with ICANN rules, you cannot transfer your domain to another provider until 60 days after you register or transfer your domain.

  • power3mgmt

    Replied by power3mgmt March 28, 2012

    can someone tell me how to move my domain to another web host? 1&1 is asking for a authorization code when i tried to transfer from wix to 1&1

  • Itay - Wix Team Wix Team

    Replied by Itay - Wix Team March 24, 2012

    Please note that you purchased the "Connect Domain" package, which allows you to connect a domain, but does not remove Wix ads.

    If you wish to remove the ads, simply upgrade to any other premium package.

    More information regarding our premium packages can be found here .

  • massagemobile

    Replied by massagemobile March 23, 2012

    when we first set up hosting we upgraded to Premium and the system said that this would remove all Wix adds from our Website... now we still have adds! can you remove them please


  • OurHaiti

    Replied by OurHaiti February 9, 2011

    Got it!



  • Omer Wix Team

    Replied by Omer February 9, 2011


    Currently Wix does not host domains, the domain in your account is hosted by Godaddy and you are using their nameservers..

    Any change you wish to make to your domain (transfer it or change the DNS records) is done through Godaddy.

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