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  • 493617

    Replied by 493617 August 9, 2013

    I have the same problem. But in my case, the background images need to be in full screen size. So the option of putting images as background substitute is not working, because in smaller window sizes, the scroll bars will appear.

    I wanted to try out WIX the first time, as an alternative for Wordpress or Joomla, what I normally use, because I see that the administration of the website is very easy to handle and that is good for my clients. 

    But if such a major functionality  is missing, than unfortunately I can't use WIX for the websites of my clients.

    • Leah Wix Team

      Replied by Leah August 9, 2013



      Unfortunately this isn't possible at the moment, but it is high up on our development roadmap. In the meanwhile, images can be showcased in our wide variety of galleries.


      Simply follow these steps:

      1. From the left toolbar, click the Add icon. 
      2. From the Add list click Gallery and choose a gallery: Grid, Slideshow, Slider or Animated Grid. 

      A gallery appears in your editor. 
      You can find more information  here.


      You can also try third-party galleries such as  Galerie Social Gallery,   Flickr Gallery App or  Revolution Slider from the Wix App Market.


      I hope this helps! Please let us know if we could assist you further. 

      Sincerely, Leah Wix Support
  • Jonathan Wix Team

    Replied by Jonathan October 18, 2012

    We only have html5 websites so it's the same. A website can have only one background unfortunately but you can pick a very neutral background and place a large image on every page, it's not perfect but it's not a bad substitute.

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