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  • duquelo

    Replied by duquelo April 30, 2014

    Hi guys I have lots of professional sites under Wix for personal and business. I cant beilive you guys would need some people to ask on wish list to demand for Search bar on their web site. This is a must there is no way around it. Do you guys really need to think about developing this bar ? Do you guys know how many customers you guys are loosing ? I am about to drop WIX and all of the permium accounts. I just got a client who is asking for 6 different web sites for his company and I am going to have to use a other source to build these because there is no Search Bar. This is a big fail. If i was the owner of this company I would fire the all of the development and programing team with out a question. Please stop smoking crack and a search bar asap ... Thank you guys seriously  slow down on crack and focus... I would like to come back to wix as soon as you guys develop a search bar. 

    • Or Y Wix Team

      Replied by Or Y April 30, 2014

      Thank you for voting and for your input.

      All the best, Or
  • behzadgroup

    Replied by behzadgroup October 21, 2013

    They have to hurry developing this. We need it for eCommerce for searching product codes instead of click all kinds of menu.

  • jaceardiel

    Replied by jaceardiel May 8, 2013

    Hi do we know when a search bar can come?

    • Dror - Wix Support Wix Team

      Replied by Dror - Wix Support May 8, 2013




      Unfortunately we don't have any specific time frame to provide you. 


      This feature is on our development roadmap and will be built in order of priority. Priority is based on the popularity of our Wishlist items, which is full to overflowing with your good ideas and feedback!

      You can keep up to date with what features are Coming Soon here.
      You can also suggest and vote for new features here on the Wix wishlist.

      Dror - Wix Team
  • Eileen Wix Team

    Replied by Eileen March 9, 2013

    Hey sihambloom

    Thanks for adding to the wishlist!


    Wix Team.

    Eileen, Wix Team.
  • omanrevolution

    Replied by omanrevolution March 9, 2013

    Plz add the search bar as soon as u can 

  • Adam E. Wix Team

    Replied by Adam E. December 10, 2012


    Thanks for the feedback!

    We're working on a search bar feature and will issue an announcement when it is available.


    Thank you for you patience and understanding,

    Adam, Wix Support

    Replied by KRISTINLYNNXO December 10, 2012

    due to the nature of my website i really really need a search box

    Replied by KRISTINLYNNXO December 10, 2012

    Would love and kind of NEED a search bar!
  • Eileen Wix Team

    Replied by Eileen September 2, 2012

    Hey to7of9

    We document and learn from every feature request and bug brought to our attention. These objectives are immediately high priority milestones in Wix's product road map.

    Feel free to add your feature request to our wish list by following this link.

    You can keep up to date with what features are coming soon here.
    You can find a list of our latest new releases here


    Wix Team.

    Eileen, Wix Team.
  • to7of9

    Replied by to7of9 September 2, 2012

    i need a search bar!!

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