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  • pc0707

    Edit on iPad

    By pc0707 January 12, 2012

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    I want to edit my mobile site from my iPad. We're do I do that. After I logged in it only will let me put a new one website up. No editing the old. Because it sees I'm on my iPad and only gives me m.wix.com

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  • Anne Marie Wix Team

    Replied by Anne Marie January 12, 2012

    Hey pc0707,

    Currently, it is not possible to edit your site (full flash or mobile site) from your iPad or other mobile devices.


    To edit either your full flash site or your mobile site from any mobile device, including iPads. To edit your site, please do so from your desktop or laptop.

    - Anne Marie S. Wix Support
  • pc0707

    Replied by pc0707 January 12, 2012

    I know they don't. Is the editing page flash? Because I'm mobile only the mobile version comes up on my iPad. Is there a way to stop that?
  • Ron Wix Team

    Replied by Ron January 12, 2012


    Apple devices (iPod, iPads and iPhones) do not support flash, only Mac computers do.
    Read more here .

    Check out our solution for this issue here.

    Ron, Wix Team

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