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You can find step by step instructions here.
We would also recommend you to check out this post about Multilingual Sites & Duplicate Content in search engines.


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  • Jonathan Wix Team

    Replied by Jonathan February 12, 2013

    We have new multi-lingual templates for you:



    They are brand new, try using them perhaps to save time and effort.

  • PrepU4College

    Replied by PrepU4College February 11, 2013

    I really need my site to have multi lingual capabilites, but to set is up is really difficult....  the instructions I have read over and over, then I try to apply them, and something goes wrong.. The directions need to be a little clearer and a little slower.

    I always feel that WIX "expects" its customers to be savvy... and while we try to be, we do not always clearly understand the website world... we have other specialities.  I always am made to feel like a total burden to wix employees when I need help, and I am paying for a site....

    I really need to get my site onto multiple languages as my services are worldwide.

  • Shauna

    Replied by Shauna January 28, 2013

    @novaalexim, you are posting in the Flash Forum which is why your editor does not look the same. You can find an answer to your question here on the HTML Forum:  create a multilingual site

  • novaalexim

    Replied by novaalexim January 28, 2013

    I made a site with the HTML5 thing... so I don't have the options of 'master page'... only pages! :(
    Is it possible still? If so, how??

  • Gleb

    Replied by Gleb November 28, 2012

    There should be no limit to the number of buttons you can add.

    Where do you see the problematic button on your site ?

    Please include screen shots, if possible.

    Thank you for your cooperation and we await your reply.

    Gleb, Wix Support
  • mzsteadycam

    Replied by mzsteadycam November 28, 2012

    Thank you very much Gleb that's what I needed thank you!
    One more question, can I just add 4 buttons when I replace my menu?

    I wanted to have 5 buttons as menu, the fifth one when I link to the page it doesn't work, is that some kind of limitation of my regular account?

    Thank you

  • Gleb

    Replied by Gleb November 28, 2012

    Hi @ mzsteadycam,


    These instructions are for our Flash websites while you are building a HTML one.

    To create a HTML multilingual site simply follow the steps here.


    Gleb, Wix Support
  • mzsteadycam

    Replied by mzsteadycam November 28, 2012

    Hello I've been trying to make a double language web site, but I think that the instructions of this video are out of date, because my wix editor it's totally different, do I need to upgrade my account to have a multi language web site?

    When I duplicate the master page it just duplicate the home page it doesn't show new pages so I can  under it so I can manage those!
    Thank you

  • Gleb

    Replied by Gleb October 20, 2012

    Hi @koennig-katzen,


    You should be able to change the site's language to deutsch.

    Do you see something different in this section ?


    Gleb, Wix Support
  • koennig-katzen

    Replied by koennig-katzen October 20, 2012

    when I go to the language part before I go to the editor it doesn't give german as a choice...what do I do..my friend is german..and german was a choice before but not now? what happen? 

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