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  • lmo--6

    Can i change my site to HTML?

    By lmo--6 July 23, 2012

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    Hi, I recently created and published a flash web site, i upgraded to the premium account, is there any way i can change the site to HTML format?

    If anyone could help, it would be much apprieciated



    Fun 4 All Rides Ltd.

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  • Ben Wix Team

    Replied by Ben July 23, 2012

    The original Flash site that you submit and any Premium packages or domains associated with it will not be affected by the export process. Your newly exported HTML5 site will appear as a copy of your original site in your account.


    Please consult the link provided previously for all information regarding this process.

  • lmo--6

    Replied by lmo--6 July 23, 2012

    Thank you, can i also ask, if i export my flash site to HTML5 can i still choose to keep the original flash site if the HTML isn't to my liking or isn't suitable?


    Fun 4 All Rides Ltd.
  • Ben Wix Team

    Replied by Ben July 23, 2012

    You may submit your Flash website for export to HTML5 here. Please be sure to read all notes regarding this process before submitting your website.


    After the HTML5 copy of your site has been produced, you can transfer your premium upgrade and domain to your new site as follows:


    You are able to transfer your premium upgrade package to another Wix document at no cost!

    1. Click on "My Account" -> "Manage Premium".
    2. Click "Transfer".
    3. Check the document you wish to transfer your upgrade to
    And Click OK

    Note: The upgrade features will be removed immediately from the previous Wix site/document you just 'transferred' the upgrade from.
    For further information regarding the Manage Premium options click here.

    Note: please remember to change all information under 'settings' in the editor such as SEO information.
    You can change your domain in the domain manager. Click on "My account" -> "Manage Premium" -> "Domains".
    For more information click here .

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