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  • livingcovers

    Replied by livingcovers September 1, 2011

    Please, Wixiers...contribute as much as you can. This is an open discussion...share some of your tips on Facebook fanpage marketing so others can learn from them. The more you share, the better you get and the more CREATIVE you become...

  • livingcovers

    Replied by livingcovers September 1, 2011

    Thanks for the input of ideas, it's getting so interesting. Hey Jon, I think I'll go for the 2nd option. It'll be just like providing website design services to clients whereby you'll be the admin of the site and you're charging them on a monthly basis.


    Yes, I'd prefer to be their fanpage admin and have access to their facebook account, should in case they need the fanpage updated (maybe with new tabs or buttons), I won't need to charge them for the updates since they're being charged on a fixed monthly basis...now, how cool can that get!!!:)

    That's what most clients would wish for anyway, especially those that are technically challenged. Or what do you think?:)


  • Jonathan Wix Team

    Replied by Jonathan September 1, 2011

    How and how much you charge your clients depends on you. You can charge them a one time sum and then transfer their site to a user account of their own, form which they can make modifications and upgrade. Another way would be to keep being the site's administrator and keeping it under a user account of your own, in this case you will have to access your client's facebook account.

  • livingcovers

    Replied by livingcovers September 1, 2011

    What seems reasonable for my time....Hmmm...that sounds logical enuff. One thing I don't know is;

    Should their payment (client) be on a one-time basis or monthly? And would I have to go into their Facebook account as an admin to get their Fanpages does for them? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide:)

  • JarrettSF Wix Team

    Replied by JarrettSF August 31, 2011

    If your asking what to charge a client that is solely up to you.  What seems reasonable for your time.  If you are looking for fan page package prices you can just select upgrade next to your facebook fan page, that will take you directly to the packages page.

    Cheers, Jarrett
  • livingcovers

    Replied by livingcovers August 31, 2011

    Thanks, but I'm not looking for anyone to design a wix fanpage for me. I'm also a graphic designer and it's a service I want to render, but don't know how to go about it. I wish someone here can be so kind enuff to let me in on this, please!!!:(

  • Nina

    Replied by Nina August 31, 2011




    While the Wix studio, home of our designers, is not available for the design itself, we are happy to connect you with a league of web design experts who are available for hire, and specialize in designing with Wix tools.

    You'll find them via the designer directory- the Wix  Arena .
    For more information about the Wix Arena click here .


    If the wix pro you chose haven't replied you I can only advise you to connect another one.



    Wix team

    Nina, Wix team

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