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  • Jonathan Wix Team

    How do i remove Wix ads from my Facebook site?

    By Jonathan June 16, 2011

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    Wix ads are a natural part of free Wix sites. To remove the ads you can upgrade to one of two premium packages:

    Ads Free (which just removes the Wix ads) or eCommerce (which also allows you to have an online store).


    To upgrade your document through the Wix editor:

    1. From the top menu of your Wix editor, click Upgrade.

    2. From the upgrade page that opens, choose a package and mark it, then click Buy Now.

    3. Follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

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  • Jonathan Wix Team

    Replied by Jonathan February 3, 2013

    You have upgraded your main website ' castilloshinchables'. A combo upgrade removes the ads from the main website and allows for a domain connection, it also removes ads from the sub-mobile site but it does not remove ads from the sub-Facebook site, only the Unlimited or eCommerce premium packages do that.

  • MegaTube

    Replied by MegaTube February 3, 2013

    i have the same problem as janvalentinsaether my facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/canalmegatube/app_129982580378550


    i have the combo plan , 120$/year and also ads on my facebook page. why? 

    Visítanos aquí http://goo.gl/mEuf9
  • Nadav

    Replied by Nadav November 20, 2011


    Checking your account, I see that you have only one premium package for a Wix site, not a Facebook Page.

    Which Facebook page are you referring to? Is it under your account?

    Pleas send us the link to the page on Facebook.


    Nadav - Wix Team
  • janvalentinsaether

    Replied by janvalentinsaether November 20, 2011

    Hi Wix team,

    I have a premium facebook wix page, but still the wix ad shows up there. I thought it would automatically disappear when it was a premium page. Anyway, I can't figure out how to get rid of the ad. Any solution to how I can solve this problem?

  • Agustin

    Replied by Agustin October 19, 2011

    At Wix, we document and learn from every feature request and bug brought to our attention. These objectives are immediately high priority milestones in Wix's product road map.

    Feel free to add your feature request to our wish list.To add requests to the wish list please type your request here 


    You can then select Wishlist tab from the menu when you type in the quick search.

    This will also let you know if other users are making similar requests.

    All this will mark your request correctly and it will be added to the list.

    -Agustin WIX SF
  • karuthedotsolutions

    Replied by karuthedotsolutions October 19, 2011

    Btw can you provide an alternative solution to this instead? 

  • karuthedotsolutions

    Replied by karuthedotsolutions October 19, 2011

    Hi Wix Team,

    Do you have any lead time on when in the future this would be resolved? It does not make my page look good....

  • Jonathan Wix Team

    Replied by Jonathan October 18, 2011

    Unfortunately the purple drop icon cannot be changed at this time. We are well aware of the need to control the icon but do not offer this at this point. We hope to do so int he future.

  • karuthedotsolutions

    Replied by karuthedotsolutions October 18, 2011

    Hi Wix Team,

    I have just recently purchased the Ads Free package. But I have a problem is trying to figure out how to change the Facebook Page Tab Icon. Hate the purple drip color on the tab... really ugly


  • Jonathan Wix Team

    Replied by Jonathan August 29, 2011

    First of all, you must be logged into a Facebook account in order to publish a site onto it. So either your clients publish themselves sites from a Wix account you transferred the ready site to or you must have access to their Facebook accounts and instruct them to change the login details once you are done.


    Regarding billing, we are not a side onto the arrangement between you and your clients, we charge either monthly or yearly, monthly for monthly premium packages, yearly for yearly premium packages. You can find additional billing information here.

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