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  • ka6561

    Facebook Page vs Facebook welcomer

    By ka6561 February 12, 2012

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    In your list of templates to choose from What is the difference between a facebook page and a facebook welcomer. I did both thinking the welcomer would be on the landing site and when you hit like you would then see the page template one? But it doesnt seen that that is the case. What is the difference with the two templates?

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  • Jonathan Wix Team

    Replied by Jonathan March 26, 2012

    You are very welcome :)

  • i78620

    Replied by i78620 March 26, 2012

    Exactly the answer what I was looking for. Thanks for the clarification!

  • Jonathan Wix Team

    Replied by Jonathan February 13, 2012

    The differences between a Facebook site and a Facebook Welcomer are superficial, they are actually the same type of site, the difference is that a welcomer is one page only and already has a button on it, a Facebook site has several pages and a menu to control navigation between them. 


    You can edit each of these and add buttons, add pages, move objects around and more so in fact once you edit your site there is no difference.

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