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  • TJones16

    Uploaded pictures have the edges cut off?

    By TJones16 July 20, 2011

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    I am uploading photos of icons to my website so that I can link people to all my available business opportunities around the web.  When uploading a photo that has a blank background it keeps cutting off the 3-5 pixels on either side (left and right) so that the image is cut off on either side.  Any answer as to how to get the editor to stop doing this?  When I see the preview of the picture in the gallery of uploaded images on my wix editor, it shows it normally without any problems.  As soon as I click on it to add it to my actual links page, the image is cropped or cut off.

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  • TJones16

    Replied by TJones16 July 20, 2011

    No need to respond wix.  The problem is, when you get rid of the frame that automatically is put behind all your pictures when you upload them to wix, it slightly zooms the image so that it is cropped (or edges are cut off).  The answer is to take the side adjusters and the top/bottom adjusters for the size of the image and keep playing with it over and over until it shows the full image again.  Then after it adjusts itself and stops cutting off your image you can use the corner adjusters to adjust the overall size of the image.

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