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  • le7353

    Invalid email server

    By le7353 March 16, 2013

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    I have changed my email provider from CrazyDomains.com.au to Domain Central.  The information that Domain Central have supplied in order to get email working are:

    --- Setting up your Name Servers ---
    Important - Your domain name servers must be set to the below addresses in order for your hosting, URL forwarding, or email accounts with Domain Central Australia Pty Limited to function:

    Primary Name Server: dns1.domaincentral.net.au
    Secondary Name Server: dns2.domaincentral.net.au


    When I add the Primary Name Server into the Email (MX Records) as type Other it returns an error saying:

    An error has occurred


    Invalid email server

    Can you please help/fix?





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  • Rapido Wix Team

    Replied by Rapido March 17, 2013

    Hey Leon,


    I am sorry for the confusion. You will need to contact your email host and verify that there are no additional records that you need to update. Once you receive the reply, please include it here and I will assist in the updating process.

  • le7353

    Replied by le7353 March 17, 2013

    I don't understand your reply.  You say "please ask them...", who do you mean by "them"?  I thought I was posting a question/request for fix to Wix.   As stated, I have tried to add the MX record in the Domain Manger, however it returns the aforementioned error.

    Please clarify.  Can Wix add the MX record for me, given that I continue to get the error when trying to update it.



  • Michael

    Replied by Michael March 16, 2013

    Please ask them whether it is possible to simply update the necessary records(MX, A etc,) on Wix end.

    In the Domain Manager, you can add MX records, A records, CNAME records and TXT records.

    For more info about how to update these records, follow this link.

    -- Michael - Wix Team

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