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  • kispusiii

    Replied by kispusiii April 25, 2013

    So it means if I connect my domain like "www.pusiphotos.com" to my wix domain "www.kispusiii.wix.com/pusiphotos  then if somebody goes on "www.pusiphotos.com" he ends up on my "www.kispusiii.wix.com/pusiphotos" ? :)

    • Uma - Wix Team Wix Team

      Replied by Uma - Wix Team April 25, 2013

      If you connect your own domain to your wix site, when someone types your domain name in the browser, they will be redirected to your wix site. Your free wix url will be hidden but active you you wish to use it.

  • dinamiso Wix Team

    Replied by dinamiso June 6, 2012


    Please note: Wix doesn't support the option of exporting files created using Wix to an external destination / Hosts as we host all your Wix creations on our servers.


    You may connect your domain to your Wix site.

    Once you connect your domain the URL address of your site will be your domain name.


    In order to connect your domain you will need to upgrade your site to one of our premium upgrades which allows for this service.

    You can review all the upgrade plans here.


    To connect your site to a domain please visit our Domain Portal.


    Wix Team.

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