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  • amhawara

    Replied by amhawara January 1, 2012

    Thanks very much Coolio12 for your prompt reply and your insight. The really bad ones are those taken back in 2003 with a Sony video camera when we visited Victoria Falls. At the time I was more involved in Video than still photography. It was a spectacular sight and I hesitated before including them on the sight, I might reconsider and put something else instead. The majority of the other pictures were taken with my actual Nikon D300 and the rest with my previous Nikon D50. Thanks again and have a happy new year 2012.



  • Nir - Wix Team Wix Team

    Replied by Nir - Wix Team January 1, 2012

    Hey @amhawara!,


    Thank you for contacting Wix support.

    I would like to personally recommend asking the opinions of graphic designers on the various communities you could find on the web such as the Graphic Design Forum.

    Moreso, we weill be happy to connect you with a league of web design experts who are available for hire, and specialize in designing with Wix tools.

    You'll find them via the designer directory- the Wix  Arena .
    For more information about the Wix Arena click here .





    Wix Team

  • Coolio12

    Replied by Coolio12 January 1, 2012

    Hey, i like the site, its simple enough that it doesnt distract from the photos which is good but one thing I think you need to change is re-upload the photos in their highest resolution, when they are blurry you can not see them in their full glory,

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