Jim Chadoulas
Web Designer

Athens, Greece
"Wix keeps adding many new features to ease my work as a website designer"

I graduated from AKTO Art & Design school in Athens Greece as a Graphic Designer.

About my designs

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I was looking to design a website for my portfolio based on my illustrations. This is where Wix came in. I was searching Google for a website builder and found Wix, which has been supporting me and my company Chadoulas Web Design for over 2 years now. My first connection with Wix was amazing and I have been in love with the Wix editor ever since. It provides me with many beautiful choices and tools for my work.

chadoulas santaentrega

I started by just creating a simple portfolio for myself, but it evolved in a real full-time ┬ájob when Wix approached me to become a Wix Pro. This was the perfect moment for me. I’ve been watching the progress of Wix and how they keep adding new things to ease my work as web designer. The other good thing is that Wix is following all the trends and developments and that’s how I know my work has a lot of potential.

Being a member of the Wix Arena helps me find new customers and improve my job every day!



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