James Gelinas
Web Designer

Los Angeles, California, USA
"I will beat last year's earnings by the second quarter of this year. Thank You Wix."

After many years of working with corporations as a Conceptual Art Director for new product design and development, I decided to break away from the corporate structure and try my hand at freelance work. There was one big problem: although I had directed so many amazing artists and designers on a daily basis that worked with every graphic and design programs imaginable, I didn’t have a clue how to use any of the programs myself.

I had to stand back and really think about how could I take my love of design and as many of the skills I had developed over the years, and turn them into a money making opportunity.

That’s when I remembered how challenging, yet rewarding it was creating some of the websites for the corporations I worked for. Immediately, I discovered so many opportunities for someone with my experience to work as a freelance web designer, but once again, as someone with no technical skills.

About my designs

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I had to make a decision so I asked myself: do I put everything on hold for the next three to four years just to learn the basics of the programs I would need to know for my new venture, or could there be a way to learn as I go and still put out the of quality work I needed for success. So I Googled until I had found every platform to create websites without knowing code and would hopefully allow for a bit of creativity. Believe me when I say I tried them all. But only one stood out among the rest: Wix.


Not only did Wix have the most intuitive website design editor I had worked with, they had also created a platform that allowed for unlimited creative freedom. After a couple of months of work I could design almost any website style I could dream up. It seemed like every time I was thinking, “if they only had this”, Wix would announce a new feature, and for me the flash editor was like a mini version of Photoshop so I very rarely had to go out side the Wix platform to create anything.

I posted some of my designs on Facebook and a couple of other social networks, and soon began getting request from friends of friends to design websites for their businesses. Each referral lead to anther until I had enough work to believe I could do the kind of work I love as a freelance designer and still make a good living.


How Wix helped my career

It was around this time Wix announced the start of the Wix Pro Designers program. I remember at the time thinking “what a great opportunity this could be to grow my new business even more” and all the different styles I would have the opportunity to create. I was just getting ready to apply when I received an email from The Wix Team asking me if I would like to be a Wix Pro Designer and if so, what I needed to do to create my Wix Arena portfolio. From the moment I became a part of the Wix Pro community, it has been nothing short of an amazing experience.

¬†Through the Wix Arena request for a quote program, I’ve watched my business grow every year and have been introduced to some of the most incredible clients, large and small, that anyone could ask for. Another great part of the Wix Arena is the Pro to Pro section that give us the ability to have conversations as a group to exchange design ideas and methods and even have laugh or two just among us Pros.

The support we all get as Wix Pro Designers from the Wix Team and with all the new features they are constantly adding to help us grow our businesses is truly unique and I feel very fortunate to be a part of this ever growing community. I am also very happy to say that I will beat last years earnings by the second quarter of this year. Thank You Wix.



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